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Anyone else feel like ships remove incentive to build?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Garfield67, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Zuvaii

    Zuvaii Heliosphere

    ^Pretty much this. Limiting player choices is almost always a bad idea, especially in a sand box game like this. Leave it an option, if people want to restrict themselves, let them, but don't go telling me how to play the game to have fun, if I find using the ship in it's upgraded form as storage to be fun, then let me use it as a giant storage bin, especially considering all the effort that went into upgrading ships to begin with. Hell, two of the biggest mods, Fully Customize-able Ships and madtulips Spaceship were so big because you could create these amazing custom ships that could, eventually, store a great number of containers filled with stuff.
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  2. Chickendoodles

    Chickendoodles Phantasmal Quasar

    Edit: Tiy or any of the other devs, seriously consider the following ideas. Free content for the community for a game I love!

    They should allow you to be able to enlarge your ship though, build hull blocks that need to be used on the outer shell (The system could check if the aircraft is enclosed by a hull material) then using the MM to recolor it however you like. Then having a chain of different hulls that can change how you want to play, which opens up a lot of different content possibilities but ill get to that later on. Then having an endgame Hull material that after putting it through a Manufactory of some sort, it would inherent the visual characteristics of what you put it through with.
    Ex. Advanced Hull Material w/ Obsidian Block = Advanced Hull Material (Obsidian Block)

    Then once you have a certain size, you would have to upgrade your engines to keep them efficient with fuel usage because lets face it, having the size of a battleship on the engines of a zippy cruiser makes no sense. So if you don't upgrade your engines, expect high fuel costs since the size of your ship correlates with the efficiency of your engines.
    Now to get where I was going from earlier, there would be different hull types:
    • Speeder Hull - Lightweight, allows more to be used before fuel efficiency gets low. However, low armor rating
    • Standard Hull - Standard fuel efficiency, standard armor rating
    • Reinforced Hull - High Armor Rating, however it is heavy and lowers fuel efficiency
    • Advanced Hull - Can be melded with any visual characteristic of any block. Can also have Speeder, Standard, and Reinforced versions respectively.
    In order to upgrade and build out your ship, you would have to go to an outpost and get the help of your penguin friends at the shipyard! Your ship does not have to be exclusive to one hull type. You can build the ship with whatever combination you'd like of hull blocks whether you want to have Reinforced, Standard, or Speeder.
    Now I'm sure you are wondering what I am coming at when I bring up armor rating, Well it would be insanely cool if you were able to fight other players with your ships, allow players to board ships and be pirates if they think you have sick loot. This would make an incentive of making a planet base to store your valuables OR if you think you have the defenses, be able to fight off intruders. It is up to the player to choose. Your ship won't be destroyed, just badly damaged to where you won't be able to leave a star system until it is repaired. (Basically like the beginning of the game)

    Of course this would be a MP only feature (However NPC boarding would be very interesting to see on SP) and would be the decision of the server operator to allow (AllowPiracy = True/False)

    This would satisfy everyone who is saying "Don't limit how I PLAY!" as well as opening up a new branch of gameplay for players that love building and combat.

    Just imagine a server with this on, A player builds a cargo carrier to be able to sell his wares to different planets in the area. However, the area is dangerous and is known for pirates and so as a precaution the merchant hires Mercs to help defend his stuff. Pirates show up, and a space fight goes on. They damage his engines so he is unable to leave. the pirate crew board, and a fight goes on between the Mercs and the pirates, winner takes all.
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  3. Garfield67

    Garfield67 Sandwich Man

    While I very much like this idea, it doesn't provide an incentive to build planet-side, in fact, why would I ever build on a planet if I've just built a badass ship? Now, if your ship was constantly looted in single player, then I'd build planet-side, but more likely I'd find a good place to stash loot and only go there to dump gear.

    The devs have already said they won't have ship battles by 1.0 :( sounds like it's on the books after that, but that could be 5 years-never...
  4. whipping post

    whipping post Cosmic Narwhal

    same same same same same same same.

    there was another post in another thread somewhere from tiy but idfk what it was and i can't quote it directly

    but the gist of it was that ship upgrades are gonna change a lot w/ the penguin bay and that it'll be a lot more modular

    hopefully this also means we'll be able to maintain the same smaller-ship aesthetic b/c it sounds like certain upgrades will become optional
  5. Chickendoodles

    Chickendoodles Phantasmal Quasar

    What incentive do you have to do anything? That same view can be used in the opposite way. Why build is huge ship if I can make a planet base and not have to worry about invasion, refueling my ship all the time, or wasting my time upgrading it a bunch? Each area has it's own Pros and cons for different content depending on how the player wants to play. You for example seem like the one that doesn't really build bases, which you don't have to because you have the freedom to just use your ship. Same goes for building a home.

    Also if you can imagine, with my idea, most of the hull pieces would be decently expensive especially once you got into the advanced hull blocks. Building up an advanced ship is definitely going to cost a lot more than building a log cabin in the woods. Again, another reason to build a home planet-side. So once you have your home and explore different planets, you now have an excess of material to build up your ship a bit.

    And yeah I remember the idea of ship battle coming up here and there a while back, but they have a lot of different things to be worrying about atm so I'm not surprised they have this in the back end. However I do see the "Spaceship Update!" being a thing a while down the road. I will be so bold to say that I hope this becomes a thing before stupid Hunger/Temperature...
  6. Silverforte

    Silverforte Spaceman Spiff

    It has been a commonly repeated complaint since the alpha launched that building is pointless beyond someone wanting to build something because they think it'll look cool. It has zero functionality because of the ships. If we had a way to protect land and it required upkeep from pixel currency, then it would matter more. Especially online. Expand your territory.
  7. TrueEdge

    TrueEdge Phantasmal Quasar

    Would carrying around a lunchbox invalidate the need to eat at a restaurant?
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  8. Zuvaii

    Zuvaii Heliosphere

    I really love Hardee's and TGI Friday's, so that point is meaningless to me.
  9. Garfield67

    Garfield67 Sandwich Man

    Whoa, not inviting a shot at my personal interests. I do like building bases, I like doing it a lot, but if it feels worthless to build a structure when I can't practically use it as my headquarters. I build bases at a point I often return to, next to a spawn point or some resources, I don't build them somewhere on the fringes I never need to go back to.

    The point I always return to is the ship. I'd like to build my own ship, but I'd also like a good reason to build planet-side. Bring back hunger and make it so plants can't grown in space? If between each world I don't go "Oh man, gotta head back home to (something...)!!" then I don't have a reason to have a base, then I don't have a reason to build a base because I won't go back there other than to potter around like a derp.

    And another thing... When I do build planet-side I just commandeer existing structures. They're often abandoned and I just patch up a wall to keep the rain out, dump some chests there to put all the garbage I found in there. There's no urgency, there's no push for me to refine base building skills... just, what, some annoying NPCs I can enslave?

    They're bringing back hunger before they touch the ships. I thought they were bringing it back this update, but it must be the next one. It's on the books 100%. The way they had hunger was pretty stupid, but the game does need some driving elements and if they pull off a good hunger system then you'll like it. Have you played Don't Starve? I hated hunger mechanics until that game, but man, they got it right.[DOUBLEPOST=1440984894][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Pretty much... I mean, why would you go get more food when you have a packed lunch? Maybe sometimes you'd eat out but you'd feel like an asshole for not eating the delicious meal your wifu (or mother) packed you.
  10. Kirumaru

    Kirumaru Pangalactic Porcupine

    Because the game forces you to do this!
    Man, I wish it didn't. I hate upgrading my ship!
  11. Darkath

    Darkath Void-Bound Voyager

    It would be cool if you were allowed to build more freely on your ship, and by that i mean the external parts.

    I think that keeping with the spirit on the game, everything on the ship should be made of blocks you can destroy and move around up to a certain radius around your ship's modules. If we're ever to see space combat this seems necessary to me.
    Each race would have a different supply of blocks to place in addition to the ones that would be already in place on your ship.

    That and eventually the ability to land your ship on a landing pad (like in Interstellaria) :p

    As for building house, i like using the existing ones on a planet and expand them into a functional base/housing
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  12. Sick Sad World

    Sick Sad World Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I did... until colonization.

    Now, I use my Space Ship as a Temple (pool of Healing Water to the left, treasure room above it, telecommunications to the right, crafting above it). Ship is for me, building on planets on the ground for ants... er, I mean, tenants.

    In response to Darkath above me:
    Honestly, I'm surprised that you can't build your own ship, piece by piece. That was one of the most popular mods on here prior to this update, and I've seen plenty of people that aren't mod savvy asking for this.

    I'm surprised they didn't just take MadTulip's work and implement themselves. The ships per race are cool, don't get me wrong, but as you said, in keeping with the spirit of the overall game, I'm surprised you can't build whatever ship you want.
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  13. Roxyn

    Roxyn Title Not Found

    Rather than the way ship upgrades are done currently, personally I think I'd rather be able to purchase new ships with set sizes. You guys have seen the Firefly mod people have made that adds the Serenity right? I imagine that as like, a mid tier or late tier ship that you could aquire, be it through questing or just buying them from merchants in the universe. You could include freighters which for instance would have the most space for storage (and decorating) or a ship designed for speed that travels to new systems faster or something. It's just an example, obviously it'd need to be refined so all ships are equally as desirable for different purposes. I just feel it'd add some nice variation and people who want to exist solely in their ships can invest in one that fits their play style, whilst folks more into building colonies could invest in smaller ships that will get them from planet to planet quicker.

    I think the current ships begin to look worse and worse as you upgrade them, as they were obviously designed to be small initially and have just had big square modules latched on with each upgrade. It's the spaceship equivalent of building a square house out of dirt in Minecraft.
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  14. Disig

    Disig Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'm really surprised this is STILL a thing people complain about. If you don't like the ship, don't use the ship. Get a teleporter and use the ship as a transit hub. Then you can have your home world with your badass base and travel to the stars and beyond. Yes the game makes it easier to use the ship, but you do have free will. If you WANT to make a base, it's not going to be useless at all. It's still going to be amazing and easy to get to!
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  15. justbeast

    justbeast Industrial Terraformer

    Oh my god, yes! That would be amazing!
  16. baltosaa

    baltosaa Big Damn Hero

    Pretty much what this person says.

    We should be free to play however we like with no limitations, if you don't want to live in your ship don't live in your ship, and vice versa.
    Very simple.
  17. Mood

    Mood Big Damn Hero

    Totally agree with the people mentioning MadTulips mod - having a feature like that as part of the main game would increase the longetivity of the game itself. How fun is it not building and expanding your space-ship more and more as you come across more resources & get new ideas.
    You start out with a small personal vessel but might end up with a giant capital ship (way larger than the last tier of the current silly template ships you can buy from the outpost). Also add a vacuum feature & pressurization so if you remove walls in a section you will start taking damage unless you got a pressure suit.
  18. khalismur

    khalismur Big Damn Hero

    Agreed. However, there should be more options to build in the ship. Not just the quest expansions.
  19. OmniscientQ

    OmniscientQ Intergalactic Tourist

    Not the right thread for this, but I'd like to echo the sentiments of others that I'd like the option of NOT upgrading my ship in order to get new quests or access to higher techs. I like the tiny little starter human ship. Looks kinda like a Gallente industrial, and I like it. My own little blockade runner.

    (And if/when this option is implemented, allow us to downgrade the huge ships our existing characters already have! Perhaps allow us to keep each version as a different ship, since we can store teleporter addresses for multiple locations already.)
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2015
  20. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    For what it's worth, heres a patch file that will enable the wire tool at tier 3 instead of tier 4.

            "op": "add",
            "path": "/enableCommandsAtLevel/3/-",
            "value": "giveWiretool"
            "op": "remove",
            "path": "/enableCommandsAtLevel/4/0"

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