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Discussion in 'Games' started by Biirdy Daysleeper, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Biirdy Daysleeper

    Biirdy Daysleeper Weight of the Sky

    After the success of Starbound, here is finally the new game every fans must play :


    Tarbound is not just a remake, it's a full new gameplay experience !

    Explore an unending universe of TAR with your Tarship !

    Explore various tar-type planets, such as the tarball, tar ocean, or even asphalt worlds and much more !

    Create your own TARVATAR with one of the seven tar races available, and start fighting a bunch of procedurally-genetared.. I mean generated tar monsters with the new tar-technology, such as the tar-sword !

    Explore the deepest tar-caves to find precious ores such as Tarmethyst or asphalt gems to create the best tarmors !

    Create tar-colonies and complete tons of quests about tar and save the tarlaxy of the tartacomet ! (Maybe I should stop calling everything tar-something)

    TARBOUND : Ready for the first flight the 04/01/2018


    Hope you liked it, I got this idea a while ago before finally making it. It was supposed to be an easter egg for april but I don't want to wait so long to post it.X3
    I just hope it will not be considered as out of subject, the idea was just to remove the first letter of Starbound and do a joke about it. x)

    Credits :

    @sayter who created the Frackin' Universe mod I've been using.
  2. Enkiyr

    Enkiyr Void-Bound Voyager

    Welp, definitly buying this. Can't wait to create my TARVATAR and explore all the types of proceduraly gentared world. Too bad I need to wait until 04/01...
  3. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Master Astronaut

    I wanna be a s-Tar
  4. LuciferSam_86

    LuciferSam_86 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  5. Theory_of_Everything

    Theory_of_Everything Orbital Explorer

    Tarmazing! Lel (Laughing Extremely Loud)
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  6. Theory_of_Everything

    Theory_of_Everything Orbital Explorer

    Also you forgot about the Tarlight! It shines a 100% “visible” black light!
  7. NaiJi

    NaiJi Starship Captain

    Wanna play sTar Wars with this awesome game xD
  8. the alien dog

    the alien dog Aquatic Astronaut

    Now for the bosses
    TARius horror
    Asra Tar
    Kluex avaTAR
    Big tar ape
    Tar dragon
    The tar ruin
    TARwing the penguin

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