RELEASED Anime Villagers (30/30 Portraits done)

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by LumpySpace, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Costa

    Costa Star Wrangler

    Kent w/ War scars

    Well I just found kinda unfitting about Kent,
    since he was on a War and lost lots of friends, and was actually a war prisoner at a prison camp, that he was way too clean for someone that's been soo long at war, for him to be concerned about knowing his own son very well.
    So I just imagined that he would have some war scars. I also added him some unshaved beard, so he could look a lil more battle-worn, and look more cool looking( Like a GI Joe hehe :D )

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    • robtheasian

      robtheasian Void-Bound Voyager

      Thank you for these, they are amazing! esp like the Emily.

      Would you consider retouching the marriage candidates too? I am kinda ocd and would like 1 artist for all the portraits. Not saying I don't like toonyoza's or bunnerz's art, cuz they are definitely better than the original portraits. But you now cover the majority of my portrait art modifications and I would appreciate a "standard", or a de facto standard if you will, of all the portraits.

      Thank you again for the work you already accomplished and thanks for any consideration towards my request.
      • Reolch

        Reolch Space Hobo

        Thank you this what I'm looking for
        • RuiRui

          RuiRui Void-Bound Voyager

          Love this!~ Now how do I make this a reality in my game :love:
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          • Costa

            Costa Star Wrangler

            Oh sorry, You have to convert it through cmd, but hey... there you go.
            Just put the Kent.xnb inside your Portraits file and exchange it.

            ------:kitten2:CLICK ON THE HAPPY FACE!!!:kitten2:------
            >>>>>>>>>>> :poke: :disshappy: <<<<<<<<<
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            • RuiRui

              RuiRui Void-Bound Voyager

              Ahhhhh!~~<3 You are amazing! I tried doing it myself and got lost... I am so not tech savvy at all :x
              You are the best~ :party: Thank you for going through the trouble and doing it for me! X3
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              • waldorf

                waldorf Seal Broken

                I like emily
                • LumpySpace

                  LumpySpace Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  Hey! Sorry everyone for leaving you all hanging for a while. But I returned with more Stuff!
                  I didn't know about his backstory so the scars look really cool!
                  I have not plans to do that, since I think the portraits toonyoza did are way better than anything I could come up with. This mod is meant kind of as a placeholder until he finishes up all the villagers.

                  Here are the portraits for the new update. After I finish the rest of them I will touch up the ones I am not happy with (mainly gunther, the wizard, pam's hair. Also someone requested a hot pam) and hopefully this mod will be done within a few days!

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                  • LumpySpace

                    LumpySpace Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    And Done!!!!
                    As I said, I will now edit the less fortunate portraits.
                    Here are the last of the villagers. A new Download version is also available!

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                    • Superior_s

                      Superior_s Sandwich Man

                      After you rework the portraits your unhappy with I know you said you didn't want to, but it would be awesome if you did the marriage candidates. I know you said that you didnt think yours were as good as toonz but I much prefer your Caroline(mispell?) to toonz.
                      • Christ-kun

                        Christ-kun Master Chief

                        Agree with u, especially Emily <3
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                        • LadyEllesmere

                          LadyEllesmere Void-Bound Voyager

                          how do i convert it?
                          • Keychain

                            Keychain Pangalactic Porcupine

                            That Emily is mind-blowing!
                            • Inquisiturian

                              Inquisiturian Intergalactic Tourist

                              how do i install all of these? everytime i do my game freaks out
                              • Costa

                                Costa Star Wrangler

                                You can just download via the link on the original post.
                                LumpySpace updates the download everytime.

                                How do you install it?
                                Do you put the .xbn files on StardewValley/Content/Portraits ?
                                • LumpySpace

                                  LumpySpace Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  What do you mean, convert? The portraits already use the correct format. You have to download from the link. The files should all end with xnb (you cannot view them with an image program) After that put the files in the stardew valley\content\portraits folder like costa said (not stardew valley\content\characters!!!) and the images should be in the game. I tested it and it worked in my game, so I don't really know how I could help you. Best of luck!
                                  Haha Thanks, I didn't want to fish for compliments ^^
                                  Truth be told I am a little burned out on these portraits. They were fun to do but there are just sooo many, so I am glad it's done. Overhauling some of them I can do but right now I really don't feel like drawing new ones, especially since there are amazing portraits already available.

                                  Edit: Also, Preview for update
                                  Edit2: Final (?) version now available! I added some bead shading for Gil and Willy,fixed Demetrius' shading and aged him a bit and worked on Gunthers Pose, he looks less weird now. I am still not 100 Percent feeling it, but it is better than before, i think. Also, Pam has better hair now! I wasn't sure how to draw it. I took some inspiraton from this mod: and stole her hairdo. So, thanks, einari!
                                  Also, I remade the dwarf after all. since I found that 1) the shading didn't go with the rest of the pictures and 2) the original portrait was too dark to fit the sprite.

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                                  • LadyEllesmere

                                    LadyEllesmere Void-Bound Voyager

                                    I may have miss understood new to the modding scene and not really good at it VmV Im trying to find cool stuff to make my game better.....but cant figure out how to make my cat a that bad..
                                    • kmdavy

                                      kmdavy Intergalactic Tourist

                                      These are great! Would you consider doing the marriage candidates too? Your style is a little softer than the other anime ones and I love that.
                                      • kalareem

                                        kalareem Poptop Tamer

                                        Emily is so awesome <3 Love you
                                        • ShinKaigan

                                          ShinKaigan Void-Bound Voyager

                                          I absolutely love your work, thanks for all of the effort you have put into this! I know you said you didn't want to make the marriage candidates because other mods exist, but how about genderswapped candidates? I think that would be fun to have in an anime style and could go with other mods in the forums.

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