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Bug/Issue Animals on Ship Stopped Producing in self-hosting.

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by ChaosInClarity, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. ChaosInClarity

    ChaosInClarity Aquatic Astronaut

    Hi there, as the title mentions all the fluffalo's, mooshi, and chickens on my ship refuse to produce ANYTHING AT ALL. I purchased, and hatched them on another persons server while keeping them in my ship

    Me and two friends have been playing one of the mentioned friends server. While playing on Friend 1's server they are ready to harvest and recharge properly. Since he is not always running the server, I continue in my own world (with multiplayer turned on) and regardless of restarts I still can't harvest the farm animals. They show uncharged. No color change or highlight. I've also tried moving them with a relocator gun to my home planet and back to the ship.

    I've yet to test it on Friend 2's world to see if its just a self hosting only issue. But without fail each time I join the Friend 1 it goes back to behaving normally. Not really sure what to do beyond buying whole new eggs (which would kill my savings for a ship upgrade) and hope hatching them in my own world means that they'll function fine on other servers. Maybe it's a ship issue? I've seen people complain about this recently and up to exactly one year ago. Not sure how common this is.

    Windows 10, 64-bit, PC.
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  2. tehcavy

    tehcavy Ketchup Robot

    You see people complaining about it from previous year because they were introduced only in 1.0 (July 2016).
    To the point, the behaviour of crops, tenants and animals, I believe, is governed by clientcontext file, which, since you created your animals on your friend's server, is located on their computer. Try going onto friend's server, waiting untill your animals will be ready for harvest, going offline and then gathering them in your own game.
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