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Android] Ext. Controller performance (missing actions). +Request for important Settings feature.

Discussion in 'Support' started by TheArcofDescent, Apr 18, 2019.


How important for you would the addition of keybind options in the Settings be?

  1. Absolutely necessary, I'd die without it.

  2. Helpful, but not too big a deal. Yessiree.

  3. I don't use a game pad, so grrr leave me out of this.

  4. Jefferson Starship was so underrated, for serious. Ow, I just walked into a wall.

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  1. TheArcofDescent

    TheArcofDescent Void-Bound Voyager

    • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    • Android 8.0.0
    • SDV Version 1.19
    • Logitech F310 (physical connection via USB on-the-go adapter)
    First of all, let me say thanks and give major props for bringing this game to mobile, I love it and so far I've yet to experience any bugs - I said as much in my 5-Star review on the play store

    My only issue is the controller performance...learning this feature would be supported was absolutely one of the things drawing me to purchase and play this version and after playing via touchscreen for several days I finally tried hooking up my external controller and it is DEFINITELY a richer more rewarding experience playing the game this way. Having said that, there are a few MINOR control events I was hoping could be solved, and I believe they are for external control period...not only for my Logitech F310.
    • A dedicated cancel keybind (traditionally "b" on most controllers) is needed to cancel commands and back out of menu panes/inventory. Right now, the only way to back out of the inventory or any other menu is via the "select" button, on most gamepads this is obviously to the left of the traditional start button. However, "select" seems to share functionality with the back button on my phone, and whenever it's pressed to exit inventory or whatever it spams the press rapidly causing the popup asking me if I'm sure I want to exit or not to flash on and off. So I end up having to repeatedly tap select until the spamming popup ends up landing without the popup visible on the screen. Screenshot_20190418-143951.jpg
    • Despite playing with the game pad, the only way to advance or exit conversation text boxes is tapping the screen.
    • One arguably minor thing the game would benefit from would be the ability with a button-press to select/de-select (or highlight/un-highlight) items or tools on the toolbar so you don't have to switch to screen-tapping just to prevent the mistake of using an item erroneously.
    This is where I will BEG for a prioritized effort to add external controller editing to the Options screen.
    Right now, the two rear shoulder buttons, both analog stick presses, and at least one of the four main front right buttons are unpurposed, so there is plenty of real estate to assign actions. It appears that external controller support was and remains to be one of the big drawing features for gamers choosing this title, thus your attention to its successful implementation would be an effort greatly appreciated by many of us.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, hope you got through it. Thanks for your time and hard work, I love this game!
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