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    So, Starbound have a lot of player contents. People make cool builds. Some are posted in this forum (in Screenshot board), some others are posted in Starbound subreddit. The subreddit also hosts a weekly themed builds where users are encouraged to make cool structures. Some people such as @quiqksilver even make interesting dungeon challenges!

    It's unfortunate if these cool builds gone to waste. At the moment, if someone wants to share their builds to other people, they have to do it manually: copy the .world file, upload it somewhere, and then the file can be downloaded by other person and this person has to rename the .world file matching with one of the .world files in their storage folder. It's a bit impractical.

    I think it would be nice if Chucklefish can facilitate this .world file-sharing by making some in-game hub. Maybe this hub can only be accessed on the ship or Outpost. Through this hub, users can upload the planet/builds they want, and then other users can download it and the new planet will replace a planet they are on.

    Other games have tried this, and it works flawlessly. Fight the Dragon, for example. They have an in-game hub to share and play maps created by the community. The GUI looks like this:


    I think this feature alone would incentive more creativity and more users to play. Thoughts? :)
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