NPC An Architect/Builder NPC in the outpost.

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by angusjule, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. angusjule

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    If anyone has ever built a colossal structure or an intricate one has at one point or another lost it amongst the nomad life of the average starbound player or perhaps have set up in an unfavorable planet with an odd meteor shower. Let's face it, we've done in at one point or another without checking the planet hazards beforehand.

    So to duplicate this, you'd have to take screenshots and all that ruckus and build it block by block. But What I propose here is an NPC that can take an existing build and rebuild it for you. For the sake of balance, at a price of course and materials.

    And you could be given blueprints of the build and have it on multiple planets. Like your own signature build wherever you go.

    Just a thought. It would be extremely helpful for casual and adept builders alike.
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  2. Variant

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    I'd like to see this not just as a "copy paste" structure duplication feature, but also just as a way to have colonies sort of self-expand. Maybe if a builder lives nearby have more homes or modifications to existing structures appear over time. Managing colonies is a lot of fun but I'd kind of like to see them be a tiny bit less reliant on me. OR a tiny bit more reliant, in a survivalistic sense. But mostly I want to see them grow on their own because honestly building things is not my greatest joy in the game. I usually occupy pre-existing structures.

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