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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jirky-Kake, Feb 19, 2017.

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    oh durr, I can count. Take those 6 points out of intelligence then
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    I think we have 3 more days... YEA!

    Unless Jirky-Kake is busy, which is perfectly understandable. I'm actually busy Friday.
  3. Jirky-Kake

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    I've got quite a bit of free time, so I should be able to finish everything up by the end of this week. :avalipretty:
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    Free time...
    *single tear*
  5. Jirky-Kake

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    I've finally done the unimaginable and pulled together the mess I've made and finished everything I need to do to at least get this role play started~! Now, I can probably start later today, probably after I get off work or I can start tomorrow if I find that I'm too tired or get caught up with other things. Granted if y'all are still interested that is. :avalixD:

    Either way, I'm pretty excited and hope the rest of you are, too. Are there any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, regrets before we start? :catwink:
  6. WarSarah

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    Nope! Locked and loaded and prepared for suffering
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    If I said I didn't have a comment that would be making one so instead I'll just remain sil...

    ... damn it!
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    Let's. Do. This.
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    It hasn't started yet, it's just ready to do so.
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    Oh....uhh, nevermind the panic then...
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  13. Jirky-Kake

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    Since I'm sure most people aren't up right now, I'll wait until the afternoon and before I go to work. I'll try to consistently aim for being online at least in the afternoon, but insomnia makes my scheduling all wonky, so (unfortunately) my most active times are probably going to be around at this time.
  14. Jirky-Kake

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    That post took me a lot longer than I anticipated! :avalixD:

    Anyways, I've made the role play thread, which may or may not notify everyone that I tagged, so I'll just post the link here~.


    I'll be going to work soon, so I'll make responses once I get back. Take your time though~. I'm in no hurry. :avail:D:
  15. Omicron445

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    I have a character I'd like to pitch for whenever you open applications again, it's a bit absurd, but has a lot of potential. I call it: "Eleven-thousand locusts in a corpse."

    Not my finest character idea, but still.
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  16. Jirky-Kake

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    Sure~! Twelve is the maximum amount of players I'm willing to have, and we technically are at thirteen (eleven in the role play now and two spots reserved for the upcoming act) so It might be awhile, but if we lose two or more people from now and then, you'll be the first in queue (technically third actually because of the two reserved spots, but that's besides the point). :avail:D:
  17. Omicron445

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    Name: Loukai (L-ou-k-ah-e)

    Sex: According to the current host corpse, Male.

    Age: According to the current host corpse, 22.

    Race: According to the current host corpse, Human (Otherwise, it’s a swarm of omnivorous alien locusts)

    Appearance: The corpse Loukai has taken is a young, brown haired human in his late twenties. Loukai wears bandages covering it from head to toe and a lab coat, both things they probably stole from the corpse to help mask the several thousand locusts within


    +Host: Loukai is able to leave behind their “body” as a swarm of locusts, able to fit through tight spaces, maneuver easily and take new hosts.

    +Multiply: Loukai can produce a sack of eggs once per day, which if undisturbed for 8 hours, hatches into locusts, restoring 15% of their health.

    =Bugs: Despite the cool tricks, Loukai is simply just a swarm of bugs. When Loukai’s leaves their host, their strength, endurance and accuracy go down, but their dexterity, reflex and vitality goes up. While Loukai is without a host, they slowly take damage due to the impure atmosphere.

    =Hivemind: Each individual locust in Loukai has a different perspective. Loukai sees them all.

    -Jittery: Loukai cannot use ranged weapons due to the lack of stability in their hands.

    -Expire: Loukai may need to change host on occasion, as their previous host may wear out.

    -Mute: Loukai cannot speak

    Starting Melee Weapon: A switchblade. (dunno why)

    Backstory: “Ahh, feels good to be a pioneer!” Yawns the human as he steps outside the spacecraft. “You guys stay inside the ship, I’ll check the place out”. The group of human scientists had planned to create a new research facility on a new planet, away from society. The world was ideal, with acceptable climates, breathable air, and no large flora and fauna to get in their way. There was, of course, a reason for the lack of animals and plants, and within half an hour, the young scientist was devoured by a swarm of locusts, and was reduced to a mere skin for the locusts to masquerade in. Another thirty minutes passes, and the entire research team is assimilated. Using the little information they found in the diagrams of the ‘spacecrafts for dummies’ manual, the locust bodies were able to autopilot their way to a popular system. “Feels good to be a pioneer” the hivemind mused, as the rippling bodies trudged off the ship and into the crowds.

    Specialization: Espionage

    Attributes: (Maximum of 80 points total! 10 is average and 1 is minimum.)
    Intelligence: 1


    Tell me if you think it's okay!
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  18. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    This is a very interesting concept and even though your character doesn't qualify as any races, I love the character idea~! (Probably cause me and my friends have been playing StarCraft and I play the zergs all the time.) If I do allow your character, it can't have any racial bonuses due to it being able to change its race whenever a new host is needed or wanted, and they couldn't be apart of the guild at all due to each time their body decomposes, the guild would think the next body they take is someone new, and if they were aware that Loukai is just an amalgamation of locusts, they would definitely not allow them in the guild, and would probably want to destroy them, since thousands of tiny sentient bugs are pretty terrifying. :avalixD:

    The only problem I have with this is the Bugs trait; while changing a characters attributes is fairly easy to do, having it change depending on health would be very, very annoying, hard to keep track of, and difficult to decide what intervals they should be applied at to lost health. In short, I do not like the Bugs trait at all because it's a lot of work on my part, but I can compromise with it having two separate attributes from when it's in a host and from when it has no host.

    I would also have to set conditions when Loukai can take a new host, as it seems like it is currently an auto-kill on whatever target. Probably something like only on dead targets, or close to death. Also, they couldn't stay outside of a host for too long, slowly losing health while without one.
  19. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    I gotta agree....that sounds badass..
  20. Omicron445

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    I've come up with a few things to help clear up some of the confusion.

    Loukai doesn't become the race of the host, it's only something they hide in. I'm okay with not having racial bonuses, since it's not really a race in itself.

    i'd imagine Loukai would change host in secret, cover itself back up with the bandages and clothes, and continue to act as if nothing changed (except their height). But I think it'd be hard for Loukai to join the guild in the first place since they can barely hold a pen, so they could probably just unofficially join in and tag along. Less legal work for the rest!

    Sounds good! I didn't really think about how much work the trait would be to maintain, so sorry about that. The idea behind that idea was that when they sustained damage, locusts within Loukai would die, subsequently lowering the overall mass. It was a good idea, but maybe not for RP purposes.

    Sorry for not making that clearer: Yes, Loukai can only infest dead or compliant bodies or hosts, because it's a lot easier to eat and remove organs when they're not resisting. I also agree with the slow damage while outside the host, it means I can't bullsh*t my way through the RP.
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