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    I see there is still tons of animal keeping stuff that needs to be reworked (ridiculous prices, random goods getting, hearts growing too fast, no creativity in buildings).
    Personaly I think the first step that should be taken is...
    Dividing Farming into Animal husbandry and plant keeping.
    With Animal Husbandry we should be able to create feeders, auto feeders, better equipment like milking stations!

    So in my eyes you should level up not by selling animal goods but by interactiing with them - by feeding, careing, and cleaning (both animals and barn) and colecting goods.

    I would love to get a freedom what to buy at the begining - cows or chickens (I often skip the chickens in HMs) and later you can unlock animals by choosing skill paths hat fit your playstyle. Milkmaster, or Swetermaker? Egghatcher or Rodent breeder? Or maybe just focus on animals not on goods? Breeder skill is for you then!

    Ideas? Opinions?
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      I think that your spouses should have specific interactions with farming/animal husbandry. For example, Maru could build a cow/goat-milking robot, or Penny could help you double your animal's affection, so you can sell them more quickly, etc. so that each marriage would bring something new and unique to the gameplay and also give you a real benefit to marriage instead of just cosmetic pleasure.

      As for the animal skill-path, I do think that it needs a re-work, because right now the superior path is obviously farming. I would suggest something like Rancher branching into something like Animal Tamer where you befriend *all* animals faster, and breed/incubate them twice as fast and twice as often - so selling livestock would be a legitimate money-making strategy and Craftsman where animal products like Duck Feathers, Cloth, Rabbit's Feet are combined to make Jackets and Fur Coats - much to the consternation of animal rights activists - and milk and fruit can be combined to make ice cream and yoghurt, and mayo and cheese into salad dressing (or something) which would focus more on the animal *products* rather than the animals themselves.
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        Some change notes first:
        -Every animal would consume 2 grass stages per day. (Each grass has 3 stages as I noticed).
        -Every animal has 10 hearts. On 5 Hearts it starts giving Silver star items on 9 Hearts Gold/Big one.
        -Bunnies get new building Bunny hut (12000, 200wood, 10 hardwood, 10 wheat)
        -Bunnies only cost 800g, drop wool and feet quite rarely. Maxed harted ones can be sold for some good cash.
        -Animals can eat vegetables for friendship boost.
        New items: Brush (a classic item that boosts animal friendship -better star better boost)
        Animal Husbandry:
        Lv1 Crafting: Bee house
        Lv2 Crafting: Incubator
        Lv3 Crafting: Mayo maker Cheese maker
        Lv4 Crafting: Grass stater (Mixed seed + clay)
        Lv5 Crafting: Coop Master (Incubation time cut in half), / Rancher (Better friendship boost from vegetables)
        Lv6 Crafting: Delicious treat (Basic feed + Amaranth) - Boost chance for gold star item for next day.
        Lv7 Crafting: Loom
        Lv8 Crafting: Miracle potion - makes one barn animal pregnant ( 2Maple syrup+4Wheat+2Any milk)
        Lv9 Crafting: Cleaning station (Cleans animals daily in the barn), Automilker (Milks Every animal in the barn)
        Lv10 Butcher/ Animal keeper
        Butcher can sell animals for better profit(and gains 1piece of meat by mail)/ Animal keeper - Animal products are worth 30% more

        So here is my idea for skills .

        Ideas? Opinions?

        I really like idea of Cloth making and food making skills! But I think that would be great classes alone! The unique wife/husband working on the farm are great ideas too that I always wanted in HM series! Maybe our dreams will come true one day! Haha!
        • lordofdragonss

          lordofdragonss Void-Bound Voyager

          Just a little bump.
          personaly I also think BOTH Farming skill and Animal Husbandry Skill should unlock buildable shipping bin (120 wood 1 hardwood)

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