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Would you like to see this added?

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  1. jonathan123

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    I think it'd be cool if there was a house addon that you can get called "Store". This includes a room with a counter for selling items and a cash register.

    People from the town would come and purchase random items off of the player, giving the player gold and removing part of the players stock for that item.

    An alert should be sent to the player when a customer has entered their shop, as I don't think anyone is going to stand in their store 24/7 waiting for a customer.

    It'd be cool because it'd add a new, never ending activity to keep the player busy. It'd also add a new way to earn money.
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    • Sefyre

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      Absolutely yes and the reason I say this, even though it would give me more work, is because of Pierre.

      Basically, I want my own shop / stand / stall so I don't have to sell to Pierre.

      One of the things that bothers me most about Pierre is that regardless of my friendship with him and regardless if the Community Center has been rebuilt, he is shameless about taking credit for the things that I sell to him.

      For example, I talked to Marnie and she mentioned buying an iridium Milk from him that I had sold to him the day before. She said that when questioned, Pierre said that he had foraged for it himself and she had complimented him on his ability.

      On other occasions, he took credit for gold pumpkins, melons, and red cabbages I had sold to him on an off season.

      Even with iridium sprinklers, fertilizers, and a greenhouse, it still takes work to get good crops, and to get something like iridium cheese requires a cellar and extra time.

      I don't mind if Pierre wants to take credit on occasion, but after the milk incident, I'm just mad and I haven't sold a thing to him since.
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      • ScottPilgrim

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        Totally yas

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