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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by communistfarmersstarve, Aug 25, 2018.

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    There are many games where players are tasked with memorizing a detail or password in order to be used in a different area of the game.

    some games handle this quite strictly, ie the player must truly memorize a pattern or code and manually keep it in their mind long enough to get to the place where they must input it. it gives a level of challenge and immersion in a way. while other games have the character themselves completely memorize the code, ie upon reading a note the character will automatically input the code or have the hint display at the screen when at the place where its supposed to be used on.

    each approach has its uses and i personally find the second approach to be more appropriate to stardew valley since there are just so many notes to read and that they expire in your inventory upon reading. in fact i actually have a whole chest in my room just for the notes as i keep getting them from doing daily tasks but.

    i suggest adding a new item in your wallet area labelled "notebook" or something like it where all secret notes are copied upon reading, heck maybe even add a bonus drop if the player has already read the same note before
    • Chefpief

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      they're in your collections mate.
      • Zosa

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        the collections? :rofl: that is super unexpected(though i suppose it makes sense) i have just saved them up to do on 'secret note' days X''D
        • communistfarmersstarve

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          oh thanks, never mind then. im actually quite new to the game i never noticed the notes tab in the collections section

          mods feel free to take down the thread
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            Just to add to this!!!

            The secret notes tab seems missing for quite a few people (including myself) for whatever reason - if this is the case, you can actually find itin an invisible tab under the last collection category and see all your collected secret notes.
            • RPGAngel

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              I think it may not be there or may be invisible until you collect and read your first note. At least I never saw it there until after I had done that. Maybe along with unlocking the notes themselves, the cutscene unlocks the tab too and makes it visible? If it is there but invisible before that then maybe it is a bug?

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