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Feedback A Thread Where We Can Put All Our Starbound Problems as a List

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by FoxDE2, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. FoxDE2

    FoxDE2 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I wanted to start a thread where people could discuss what they see as problem areas in Starbound. Also, potential fixes to these problems.

    For instance, the Guided Missiles in the Mech in Starbound simply don't detect enemies or follow them more than 95% of the time. I had to swap weapons from this one, after having seen it work perfectly on someone's youtube video.

    A solution to the lag may be to try to make Starbound not remember every last detail about your treks through the universe. I feel that this is cluttering up the usable data that would otherwise go towards making things run seamlessly.

    Another thing (which also causes lag) is the clumping of NPCs together, especially on your ship. The NPCs have a habit of all gathering around the teleporter and flirting with me, it's bizarre and it's wasteful. Maybe make it so that the NPCs can be assigned to different rooms of the ship, like two per room. They can leave that room and roam around the ship, but instead of wanting to huddle around the teleporter, they can go back to their quarters. Much like a tenant actually, just with the ship's crew.

    I also think it would be important to bring back some of the core elements that made Starbound enjoyable. They kind of had us fall in love with this game for years and then said 'well, time to change everything.' and left us with a game much different than the beta had been.

    Things I'd like to see return are Derrick, Legendary versions of guns like the Grenade Launcher (I know there's already a Legendary styled Grenade Launcher, but it only works for one gun slot and it doesn't work like the old ones did.), a new thread to the universe that doesn't *have* to be solved, but can simply be added to the game. The Agorans (mushroom people) were an interesting spin on the game.

    I also feel the rearranging of chests would be especially important. Weapons should be reserved for weapons chest, instead of all chests being random. That's an area where Terraria works better than Starbound, is the organization of chests.

    There should be multiple EPP slots for the techs which go in them (Heating III, Movement, Light etc.) The ones I just listed, it would be very fun to be able to use all 3 at the same time. As it is, I find Healing III to be the most important one so I leave it at that, but I miss the Light tech and the Movement tech.

    There should also be a couple of new fossils, including a Triceratops fossil. As it is, fossils are relatively lacking. There's a lot of fun qualities in the game that I feel can be utilized better, and I definitely think they should add achievements for completing everything in the game (one for completing everything, and one for each individual area being completed.) There should also be an achievement for beating the Swansong.

    I know that with the inclusion of the Swansong, that Starbound may not see any new major patch updates. However, if they gradually fix these smaller issues and add to what we already have, that would be a step in the right direction.

    Thank You for listening :)
  2. Sparklink

    Sparklink Ketchup Robot

    @FoxDE2 I am not sure if you are interested in using mods to fix problems you mention; but I could not help but notice that two of the things that you listed are related to two mod I had just published.

    https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/ship-doors-improvements.5794/ This mod has an automatic door that will only open for players meaning that all monsters, pets, and crew members are locked out. Although I have never had too much trouble with NPCs in front of the teleporter or the captain's chair as long as I have my ship full of enough objects to interact with.


    You can see in this picture I have a crew of about eleven other members and only one is standing close to the teleporter.

    https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/augment-overhaul.5801/ I made this because I felt that the augment system was somewhat mundane. This mod aims to give the augments a chance to shine.

    As for other things you mentioned, just my thoughts on it.

    I could use that one fairly effectively. Part of the trick is to fire them about where you expect your enemy is going to be, the missiles home in on targets when they enter a certain range.

    I think that Starbound has always been about exploring and building from day one. The lore and quests did not really matter to me I simply like finding whatever was hiding away somewhere or building an elegant structure. I, personally, am quite satisfied with the final project, the mission and boss fights are fun too though.

    I will agree that they should not have removed all of the extra monster parts, that does not make sense to me. When it comes to the Agarians maybe they could have been interesting, but I honestly like the new, less dark and sinister, Starbound better. The old lore was "Dark mystery this and dark mystery that; and oh a Hylotl just got unfairly abused and mistreated for literally no reason we should laugh at this." It was just all gross to me.

    I do not think that Terraria works better than Starbound in this area. Weather you find the weapon you want in a specialized chest after finding ten non-weapon chests, or find the weapon you want in one of ten regular general chests is pretty much the same thing.

    I think that being able to do something more with fossils rather than display them would be neat. Maybe resurrect extinct Unique Monsters with fossils you find (Sort of like Pokemon's Cabutops and Omastar.) New achievements for the Peacekeeper stuff would be nice too.
  3. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    How about adding a submarine and an aircraft in Starbound? Because exploring a planet with a vast ocean in it, is very frustrating without that two vehicle.

    I know there is a mod that has the thing I ask. But sorry, I don't want it to be a mod.
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  4. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    You forgot the part of the old lore where "Pretty much every Floran is a sadistic killers that eat people". Meanwhile, their introduction insisted that they eat other races because they don't understand that they're not just talking prey. The end result is that, rather than being actually shown in-game or in-lore, their portrayal in general essentially portrayed them in such an irredemably bad light that killing them on sight, including those that aren't hostile, was practically doing the galaxy a favor.
  5. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Spaceman Spiff

    Here's my top 10...

    1.Starbound latency in SP...
    2.Starbound latency in SP...
    3.Starbound latency in SP...
    4.Starbound latency in SP...
    5.Starbound latency in SP...
    6.Starbound latency in SP...
    7.Starbound latency in SP...
    8.Starbound latency in SP...
    9.Starbound latency in SP...
    10.Starbound latency in SP...
  6. Sparklink

    Sparklink Ketchup Robot

    I, personally, like the new Florans better than the old. I like the aspect of how their chieftain, the Greenfinger, looks out for all of them and generally tries to teach them the value of living things. I really did not like all of the other races attitudes towards the Hylotl. They often acted like they were disappointed that the Florans did not manage to kill them all. Other bits of dialog had the other races taunting the Hylotl for the loss of their planet and virtually everything else they had. I was quite glad to see all of that get tossed out.
  7. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    The old lore in terms of races essentially goes as:
    Hylotl: Stuck-up, snobbish. Mistreating them is funny, even if they did nothing to deserve it.
    Florans: Psychopathic cannibals. The only good Floran is a dead Floran. Also, they're dumb as bricks except for Greenfinger.
    Apex: So hideously oppressed that it's a miracle that they haven't commited mass suicide yet. Big Ape is also high on something all the time.
    Avians: Literally believe that they will fly if they jump off a building, in spite of large amounts of empirical evidence to the contrary.
    Humans: Their world got destroyed. A bunch of naive goofballs.
    Glitch: Stuck in Medieval times. They have a hive mind that keeps the "simulation" stationary, and kills any Glitch that notice that they're robots with medieval tech. In fact, that's pretty much their main pastime. Also, they cannot reproduce, but somehow still exist.
    Novakids: Who?
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  8. Thaddaios

    Thaddaios Space Spelunker

    This is the biggest of the issues. Everything else you guys talked about would be fine to me if it weren't for this!!!
  9. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Spaceman Spiff

  10. Wa.luigi.time

    Wa.luigi.time Subatomic Cosmonaut

    This isn't much and I don't know if anyone mentioned it before but the racial descriptions for frogg furnishing's planet models seem a little unfinished.
    I scanned them with a hylotl character but I don't know if that makes a difference with the planets.
  11. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Spaceman Spiff

    P L A I N O L D W A T E R
  12. Wiranum

    Wiranum Subatomic Cosmonaut

    There are actually many things to add to / change in the game to improve it.

    - Optimise the game to remove slowdowns in single player. I'm currently using permanent speed buffs to offset this, which is not the way I like playing a game. Also, I really want to make full use of my farms for crops, fluffalos and trees without taking 10 times there longer than normal just because "there are too many things on the screen". Crops shouldn't consume that much resources for being motionless, not animated and just changing state once in a while...
    - Improve the planet tiering system. I'm doing this great with mods but it would be nice to have vanilla generate any kind of planet at all tiers available, based on the star they orbit around, instead of the planet itself (and apply the biome debuff correctly too). So a frozen star can have a desert planet at tier 5 and apply the biome freeze debuff on that planet, despite it being a desert. The opposite can also be true : A gentle star can have a lava planet orbiting around it at level 1 with no biome heat debuff and so on.
    - Use the tiers above tier 6. As a postgame of some kind. Maybe add new stars or planets for the challenge ? Even without making more armors and weapons past tier 6 and actually not being able to get random tier 7+ weapons (tenants, chests, quests, etc.).
    - Adding events that justify making defenses for a base like the invasions in Terraria, hounds, earthquakes and giants in don't starve, or zombie attacks directly on your mothership in SPAZ.
    - Biome chests should have a guaranteed biome item (most of the time a set piece or a blueprint) to lower frustration when gathering loot from the mini-biomes
    - Rework loot probabilities for space encounters. I never ever got a single piece of the premier set. I got like 20 electro batons, 4 ray guns, 2 plasma assault rifles and 0 drill spears (and yes I almost exclusively do hostile tier 6 encounters). I never got all 4 space furnitures by myself.
    - Restore recipes for mining tools, that should make the early game better
    - Monster spawns have to be reworked seriously. They are way too low in mini biomes (caught you tar and prism) and underground. Underground mini biomes are even worse. Spawns on oceans are currently fine.
    - Give more interest to mining. I find mining erchius fuel being perfect as you continuously have to fill your ship for FTL travels. However I almost never mine ores once I craft solarium armor and I find that too bad. Maybe improve the value of other ores that you can get by mining. Make some ores that have the same purpose than chlorophyte in Terraria ? Change the recipes to require more ore to be mined ? Perhaps making something that will still keep the need to mine ores in long term ?
    - Give interest to asteroids. I don't see the point of exploring them (tier 1 only, can't use the ores there for anything useful / requiring getting too much height for nothing really valuable)... Maybe make that meteorite useful for something ? Also need to fix gravity on planet asteroid biomes. No air is fine, but why still with gravity ?
    - Make the weather unable to spawn in asteroid biomes on planets. Hey I'm at the very top of the planet and the camera doesn't go any higher. Uh ? it's raining even in space ? From where the rain is coming from ? (Terraria does fix that well in space layer)
    - Use the attacks on random monsters again, like they are still on largeflying ones.
    - Reduce the vault essence grinding. Using the terraformers is really too much expensive. Making them is only sightly cheaper. Cost for upgrading weapons is fine.
    - Maybe make more parkour ? I like the tech and mech obstacle courses, is it possible to get more of them and repeat them too ?
    - Maybe make some repeatable tournament events in the arena or such ? (like the frog furnishing, something new every day) So poor arena, visited 3 times and fogotten forever... That will be a great way to fight enemies with a tier higher than 6, minibosses, etc.

    Maybe more to come later, I got quite many ideas actually...

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