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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by SnowHawk, Jan 6, 2016.

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    I started playing Starbound way back when it had a survival system in place. Personally I really liked it as it gave the game an interesting feeling. It felt a lot more rewarding to have to craft certain clothing/gear to survive on cold planets and the others. I also really liked the system of hunger that used to be in place. I would honestly really love to see a return of at least hunger to Starbound. I would like to see the return of clothing for certain planets instead of techs, but I doubt that will happen, but I can say the techs don't the great vibe that clothing had as you just get the techs and you're done. You can now go on any planet that's hot and you don't have to worry about anything other than equipping the correct techs. I guess the clothing just felt more real and added a certain depth to the game as well as the heat factor during the night time.
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    Hunger will return. In fact, it is one of their focuses right now in their nightly builds. Protections techs are being done away with completely and replaced with backpack items.

    Temperature is still unsure.
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    Moved to Suggestions / Mechanics, despite this being suggested repeatedly while being a planned addition.
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    Ah thanks

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