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Discussion in 'Other' started by lavaknight, Jul 2, 2017.


Would anyone be interested in this mod?

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  1. lavaknight

    lavaknight Void-Bound Voyager

    Im sure this isnt the right place to look but i've been thinking of the concept for this mod for a while now and was wondering if i could look for some people here who could make it.

    Sadly i have no knowledge of modding starbound at all, and am shit at making sprites so i'd basically be the creative director (posting references for how things should function and / or look)

    What i'd need team wise is people with knowledge already of modding this game preferably and who are patient enough to work with me since this'll be the first "big" project in anything for that matter that i've been a part of lol.

    List of people needed is as follows:

    Sprite artists, Coders, thats really it i think.

    If interested please either PM me or drop a message here with some references to things you may have had a part in, if any and i'll invite you to my discord for this since im trying to keep it organized in a strange way. i hope this is the place to ask lol... again sorry if it isnt ;-;

    Basically the goal of this mod is to take all the aspects of destiny (the whole "guardian" thing, special melee, grenades, super abilitys) as well as the guns, enemies, lore, and other things from the game, and implement them in a lore friendly way (if possible) to the game, with art directions that blends nicely with starbound base game so as to create a great experience of play.

    Literally just copy pasted that from a reddit post i made since its almost 5 AM here and im too tired to try to type out a different one lol...

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