A ship full of idiots

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Awkward Potato, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Awkward Potato

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    Here are all the crewmembers of mine
    so first off the character im using the captain of the ship who tries to act all brave and adventurous notice how i say tries...he's in actuallity a ball of anxiety and overthinks even the smallest situations
    next we have the first mate who is supposed to be Caster's body guard. Until Caster hired a new crewmember named Scout and he fell head over heels for him. The name of this body guard is Rustwire.(honestly I only made them a gay couple cause they kept flirting with eachother)
    Next is Scout the crewmember Rustwire abandoned Caster for, Just to get sum ****. He was originally a deputy in a local saloon who wanted to be a doctor. Caster was indire need of more novakids to be around so he hired Scout to be his medic. He doesnt really help anyone that much besides Rustwire.
    Last is the cheeky lil **** floran tailor named Abria. She forced Caster to make her a crewmember of his and loves to blackmail and play tricks. Although she hated how Caster dressed and so she became a tailor and made sure he looked nice everywhere. She may seem like shes evil but...no actually she just is its just she has a soft spot for people with poor fashion sense.
  2. Shuredda

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    I love your coloring.
    My favorite is the second one, with all those little shiny details, also it looks really clean and professional. They all have very lively and warm colors and I like that.
    The first one is different, it has more cold and "turned off" colors, and it looks foggy wich makes me think of an eerie place. It's the second I like the most because the dude looks so classy.

    I am learning digital drawing and the coloring gives me sooo much trouble :nuruconfused:
  3. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Hey, hey, hey looks pretty good. Keep it up, friend!

    My favorite is the third one. It looks exactly like my little brother's character.

    While the second one... hmm... it remembers me of a manga character. Oh yes, it looks like Alaidelon from the manga Beelzebub. His pose is exactly like that, it is perfect (well, more or less).

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