A question about genders.

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  1. Seroph

    Seroph Aquatic Astronaut

    I just wish they'd add a meat-popsicle race. Maybe that's why the game is taking longer than expected...
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  2. Steam Pirate

    Steam Pirate Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Tell me this: Why does ever male version NOT have breasts?
  3. Steam Pirate

    Steam Pirate Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Well then, that is sexist. Portraying the opposite gender as rutheless, meat-eating predators....
    Oh wait, they are unisex. But they did seem to have differences.
  4. Perhaps we must change our views in regards to this slightly.

    The gender selection may work as it is to humans, apex, avians and hylots. But perhaps to robots and florans, instead of truly selecting a gender, maybe the selection implies a choice between a personality/anatomy/design with more masculin characteristics and another with more female ones.

    For instance, this unreal tournament character is a robot, not a female, but bears female characteristics. :)

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  5. zooey

    zooey Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    This is a good point. To the OP as well, "why are there female versions..." that signifies that male is the default. I think that there ought to be choice, but unisex doesn't imply "all boys". Why not have all florans be female in appearance?
  6. zooey

    zooey Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    It's all well and good to say that those boy looking aliens are really girls, but we are humans and to us, a male humanoid body she signifies a male.

    IRL I'm all for body diversity, I'm just speaking about the microcosm of the game tho.
  7. zooey

    zooey Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I can't tell if you're just commenting or disagreeing with me...
  8. zooey

    zooey Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Yeah but in one, you're describing the attitude of expecting breasts as sexist, and in the other, you are saying I am sexist, :p
  9. Mokunen

    Mokunen Void-Bound Voyager

    How long 'til someone makes a game that uses a slider instead of absolute binary for gender choice?
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  10. Zody

    Zody Weight of the Sky

    Saints Row 2
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  11. RexMori

    RexMori Industrial Terraformer

    For the unisex Florans and Robots they might just identify themselves with one gender or another and (as both plants and machines can adapt to needs) adjust their bodies to the other races ideals of gender.
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  12. zooey

    zooey Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Yeah this is a neat point. I mean sex =/= gender anyway, so if there is no differentiation in terms of sex for the robots and florans, who's to say there are no social genders.
  13. Mokunen

    Mokunen Void-Bound Voyager

    Went and read a bit about it; my head a splode.
  14. zooey

    zooey Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Yeah that was a cool way of going about it in that game. I don't think sliders would be an easy thing to implement in a game like starbound though.
  15. Dagorlad

    Dagorlad Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Gentlemen, you all skipped the most obvious reason towards having gender in Starbound.

    Remember Kirk's goal in Star Trek, to explore all females in the universe.
  16. Bismuth

    Bismuth Cosmic Narwhal

    I think we are being too sensitive about this.
    In reality, the players are going to be one of two things:
    A human male
    A human female

    Wouldn't it make sense to have these distinguishable inside the game?
    And wouldn't all the varying body types be tedious to make all those armors for?
    I think the two-way body shapes make more sense than any.
  17. FreshSheet

    FreshSheet Pangalactic Porcupine

    I personally think that most girls will want to play as a girl and most guys will want to play as a guy, so why deny them that..? I mean if you don't wanna play as a girl play as a boy, or vice versa.
  18. DakoShark

    DakoShark Pangalactic Porcupine

    Because Floran's are packing heads of Cabbage in their shirts to eat later, and Robots need extra storage space. There, that summed it up pretty well if I say so myself.

    Frankly, it's just a cosmetic choice. Just cause something is unisex doesn't mean it can't have a definable difference between two different sub-races, such as breasts. As for the Robot thing, I believe in the customization, you could have a 'skin' type thing so it would be an android, and they could just be made that way. It's a bloody Sci-Fi game, if they want to give the Hylotyl people three breasts then all the power to them. It doesn't impact anything at all aside from people raging about Robots or Unisex races having breasts as opposed to not having them.

    It adds an easier way to define male from female, some girls wanna play as girls, and it's not noticeably a girl unless it has breasts. It's not that hard to understand.
  19. Argthrond

    Argthrond Oxygen Tank

    ^This is it.
  20. Farathil

    Farathil Ketchup Robot

    You had me at boobs. :megusta:

    ALSO: The reason they added genders to unisex races is because some people like to play as their gender/ or the opposite gender. Iv'e met guys that rarely play as a dude.
    And lore wise, us Florans have a mate to cross pollinate with, Glitch sort of have a mate they pick someone to build a child with, and Apex/Avian/Human etc. is just normal.
    I guess the reason for different genders for unisex races is mating rituals. :alien:
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