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  1. KirbyKips

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    Hi, I've already whined about this monster on Steam and how stupid it is. It can travel by portals, trap you in said portals, teleport into buildings, and above all, CANNOT DIE.
    So since my computer has problems with the screenshots (And NO don't tell me how to fix this, I've tried everything and nothing works), so here they are.
    These are the weapons I used against it and yet after hitting them a million times with both, no damage.
    And a screenshot of the monster because I can never get its name.

    This monster spawns at night in a tar biome. Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.50.23 AM.png Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.50.33 AM.png THEDEVILCLOAK.png
    I would LOVE to know how to slaughter these guys. Normally I would say kill but these guys deserve to be slaughtered.
    Also, yes the gun is bad with damage, but it's a fast shooter and all I really have that's quick. Any recommendations would be nice.
  2. Jerln

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    That's not a monster from vanilla Starbound, so you might get more responses in the discussion post of whichever mod that's from.
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  3. Phoonix

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    That's a Frackin' Universe monster, I don't know its name,but it is from Frackin' Universe
    Can confirm as I looked through the files :)
  4. FireFangs

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    Sounds like a pretty obvious "Run away as effing fast as you can" monster to me. You're probably not meant to fight it, or at least not until you have very good gears. View it as a hazard like lava instead of an enemy.

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