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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Twilight Demon, Aug 11, 2015.

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    i was just watching some gameplay for this and i just got the game today, and from what I've seen so far you still move as a group needing to stand on a small bubble to transition between areas. the areas are small and once a group of enemies are cleared you move to another area. lather, rinse, repeat. i don't want to gather my group 3 or 4 times a minute in a game that says open world. i would love to be able to move as alone and exist in the world with all my friends. i want to group up for bigger tasks and play as a team when i need to. granted, if im joining a room with people i should be playing with them, but i would like to be in the game but not get locked in an area just because someone didn't want to go in a direction, or team wants to dungeon but one player wants to quest in the world.

    i dont know how hard what im asking is but it is a quality of life idea i would love to see in this game.
    i think it would add an immersion to the game and give it more feeling. spawning in town and having to walk to join the party. would love to hear some ideas.

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