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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Vulon, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Vulon

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    Hey all,

    So I am addicted to this game, and I think it is already amazing. Here are a few things I think could make it better:

    These two have been suggested a lot, and I think that I need to add my name to the list of people asking for them:

    -Mac OSX version


    And now for a few of my own:

    -Make all the ingredients buyable at Pierre's also able to be home made, like vinegar, flour, rice, and sugar. I would for sure love to see a grindstone to grind wheat into flour or a new sugarcane crop into sugar. I'd also love rice paddies.

    -New crops that grow in different areas than tilled soil, like rice paddies or modifed cranberries that are harvested in cranberry ponds.

    -You should be able to put fish in the larger pond on the farm, like if I wanted a smallmouth bass farm, I could catch a smallmouth bass or two and release them in the pond. Then I could either fish for the bass(or other fish that I put in the pond) and have a supply, or maybe even have fish nets that I could leave in the pond and pull out every once in a while.

    -Cave carrot seeds from the seed maker

    - Customize your dog or cat's appearance to a breed, possibly on a menu that shows up when you wake up the morning that Marnie brings your pet, or possibly on the character creation screen

    - The ability to choose a nickname for yourself that villagers you are friends with will call you by, and be able to nickname villagers over 6 hearts.

    - Elevator in Skull Cavern, because in the mines I love being able to skip to whatever level I need to get frozen tears, or gold ore, or whatever. This doesn't mean skull cavern should have a limit.

    That's all I can think of right now, feel free to comment on what I've said here! Thanks for reading!
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    • Ultrason

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      I like the idea of the fish-farm but it think it's a little over kill if you can put all the fish i think the cheapers fish would be ok . .
      For the customization of the pet it will be nice to change the race .
      • Tamorr

        Tamorr Supernova

        Not been in skull cavern, as I haven't unlocked that area yet, but I thought there is a bottom to that one as well...

        Nice ideas all around.

        The only thing I can really nitpick per say would the the ingredient selling. That is a lot of ingredients...
        --I like the idea although I think maybe have a selection that is somewhat random with each day or week that will switch between. Maybe have a selection that is always there and then a few spots after that in which will be randomized ones that change daily. I think that would be an interesting way to go about it. At least I think so.

        Unsure what to make of the cave carrot seeds, but I don't see why not. Maybe having a cave expansion where you can till to plant these type of things. That will possibly expand from the bat/mushroom cave to an extended area. Even if it is small area I think would be nice for those cave items. Cave carrots being the only one I can think of though... Maybe if that is added, having more that could go along with that.

        Really love the nicknaming idea, that would be a charming approach. :nuruhappy:
        • Nurio

          Nurio Cosmic Narwhal

          Definitely this. I hate having to buy ingredients with money instead of growing them myself.
          • Nurio

            Nurio Cosmic Narwhal

            I think you misunderstood it the other way around. He isn't asking to make all ingredients buyable. He's asking to make ingredients that you can only get from Pierre's able to be grown on your farm as well, so you don't have to depend on Pierre anymore
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            • Tamorr

              Tamorr Supernova

              Quite so. Even still could be an idea added onto that.

              Yes probably did misunderstand. ^^

              Thought we could make quite a bit of those. Maybe it is setup for future things? could be. Can be hopefully in either case, whether it was already planned or taken to heart from suggestion.

              Thank you for clarifying. :nuruhappy:
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