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    So i finally stardew valley for my pc (had it on my IPhone allready) and just have some questions.

    1) Is there a begginers thread for moding?Also a list of mods and what they do in the stardew? I want to try it but im not sure where to start. Say for example changing NPC portriets/pictures, auto-select tool (mobile version does this when you go to chop a tree then break a rock without having to scroll or click on the tool to use it), changing what the cat looks like i.e a pokemon.

    2) Are there any good tips or tricks for remembering witch buttons on my keyboard do each action? I haven't gotten used to the controls yet and i keep hitting the wrong button i.e E opens inventory when i wanted to press W.

    3) How do i upload pictures of my farm to the forums? Also i bought stardew from GOG and i am having a hard time finding my 9 digit ID save file with my farmers name, how do i find this file? I am playing the pc version on a Dell Desktop with a windows 8.1 OS .

    Thanks for the help in advance
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      1) I don't have much info as I don't use mods myself, but https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Modding:Index has a bunch of information.

      2) Probably just practice. You can change the default buttons in the options menu if there's something else you'd find more intuitive, but it's probably just a matter of playing on PC longer.

      3) In the options menu, there's a button to take a screenshot of your farm. In Windows Explorer type %appdata% in the place that shows what file location you're in, then go to the StardewValley folder, then the Saves folder. You'll find the save there.
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        2> I would suggest deciding which you like and mapping them yourself.
        You'll find which keystrokes you use a lot, and if you can decide which keys are easy to remember for them and are easy to get to. If i were you I'd set it up that way.

        For example:
        Journal is "J" for me. Just makes sense. It's next to the "m" for maps.
        I use the arrows for moving and the number pad for the inventory slots. Chat is "Q" because I can find it but not hit it accidentally while playing. Emotes are "e".

        It's a pain that the game doesn't remember my choices on each new farm. But I quite like a different setup than the default. I've never ever liked wasd. (for some reason). Especially once keyboards came standard with arrow keys.
        • DamianKai

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          Thanks for the advice, i now use J as the journal key. I have modded but now need help with that (one of the two mods isn't working properly) and i am not sure why. The Mod that is not working correctly is
          RELEASED [SMAPI] Lookup Anything
          by Pathoschild

          Any Help is appreciated.

          I finally figured out why that particular mod wasn't working. It was in the wrong folder:lod:.

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