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Bug/Issue A few potential AI tweaks

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by EmperorCoconut, May 24, 2018.

  1. EmperorCoconut

    EmperorCoconut Space Hobo

    I've been playing around with the crew for a while, and I've noticed a few problems with the crew, how they interact with monsters, and how they interact with the envoronment that might be great to impliment.

    1. The crew sits in poison and lava under two conditions. 1. It's only ankle deep. 2. There is a land based monster in said pool of lava or poison that they can get to.

    This may or may not result in a dead monster, but it almost certainty results in a dead crew member. Can I suggest you change the AI's response to lava and poison to be more akin to a long pit? How they avoid falling if they can help it, but will shoot at monsters below them?

    2. The AI shoots first at monsters that phase out when they're hit once. This means my crew's piddly attacks stall my own, and I have to race them to finish off certain monsters. Also, I've noticed that some of these monsters will go intangible from poison or fire damage, which is a huge pain. Really have to time those shots.

    3. The AI does not explore the area of certain types of ships. They seem to have a horizontal and vertical limit of distance they can travel from the teleporter, or something like that. It makes it difficult past a point to find the crew members I want, especially since there are such diverse jobs they might fill. I want the blue and green medicine people when I'm on an easy planet, but I'd rather have soldiers and outlaws on a hard one, that sort of thing.

    4. The AI is kind of weak. I'd like to be able to equip them with my weapons to make them more powerful, since their default weapons aren't particularly great.

    5. I'd also like to be able to assign them to a patrol that continues after I beam back to the ship, for like a home colony. Maybe they can act as a sort of temporary teleport beacon in that case? It would also be nice to have an item to issue commands, so that when I'm checking chests I don't hit e at a bad time and command my AI followers to stand still in one place.

    6. When building a floor, sometimes these guys will step right in front of me, disrupting the beam. Is there a way to make them prefer to stand behind me while I have the matter manipulator out?

    7. Sometimes they'll find that there's a most efficient path, and both AI will take it, which makes weird things happen like... Oh. My Avian follower has a lovely set of human ponytails now. I think this is the hardest one to implement, if this is possible, can there be a setting for "most efficient route" and "second most efficient route" so that the AI doesn't stack on each other as much?

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