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8th September - Fighting Evil by Flashlight

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by mollygos, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. (0_____0)

    (0_____0) Void-Bound Voyager

    How about reload animation for gun ?
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  2. TheFudgement

    TheFudgement Ketchup Robot

    Sooo... Unstable just got an update. Any of these new features in it?
  3. Lintton

    Lintton Supernova

    I like that caves are getting some more love with this, cobblestone can be awfully lonely to dig through. some variations with the cave hazards would be great too
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  4. Sick Sad World

    Sick Sad World Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Nice! The alt abilities should be a sweet addition.

    Lovin' that underground background! Very Super Mario-y (o-io-io-io-y even!) Much cave. Very pretty.
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  5. Varixai

    Varixai Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    No, that is a hotfix that will come to Stable very soon is now on Stable!

    Filename,Folder,Comparison result,Extension,Left Size (Short),Right Size (Short)
    client.config,,Text files are different,config,2.93 KB,2.93 KB
    lighting.config,,Text files are different,config,1.74 KB,1.74 KB
    server.config,,Text files are different,config,996 B,996 B
    lighthelm.head,items\armors\biome\bioluminescence\lighthelm,Text files are different,head,1.46 KB,1.46 KB
    wizard.head,items\armors\decorative\costumes\wizard,Text files are different,head,2.48 KB,2.48 KB
    shroomdisguise.head,items\armors\decorative\hats\shroomdisguise,Text files are different,head,2.49 KB,2.49 KB
    shroom.head,items\armors\decorative\hats\shroomhead,Text files are different,head,2.52 KB,2.52 KB
    shroom.head,items\armors\decorative\hats\shroomhead2,Text files are different,head,2.52 KB,2.52 KB
    shroom.head,items\armors\decorative\hats\shroomhead3,Text files are different,head,2.52 KB,2.52 KB
    shroom.head,items\armors\decorative\hats\shroomhead4,Text files are different,head,2.52 KB,2.52 KB
    shroom.item,items\generic\produce,Text files are different,item,274 B,290 B
    shroomblock.matitem,items\materials,Text files are different,matitem,347 B,363 B
    mushroomsword.sword,items\swords\biome\mushroom,Text files are different,sword,2.47 KB,2.46 KB
    flashlight.flashlight,items\tools,Text files are different,flashlight,487 B,485 B
    greenflashlight.flashlight,items\tools,Text files are different,flashlight,519 B,516 B
    mininglantern.flashlight,items\tools,Text files are different,flashlight,536 B,535 B
    redflashlight.flashlight,items\tools,Text files are different,flashlight,537 B,534 B
    yellowflashlight.flashlight,items\tools,Text files are different,flashlight,528 B,525 B
    base.npctype,npcs,Text files are different,npctype,20.7 KB,20.6 KB
    hazmatscientist.npctype,npcs\biome,Text files are different,npctype,2.11 KB,2.12 KB
    apexceilingtv.object,objects\apex\apexceilingtv,Text files are different,object,1.97 KB,2.00 KB
    toxiclamp1.object,objects\biome\toxicplains\toxiclamp1,Text files are different,object,1.68 KB,1.70 KB
    toxiclamp2.object,objects\biome\toxicplains\toxiclamp2,Text files are different,object,1.68 KB,1.68 KB
    plantdesklamp1.object,objects\floran\plantdesklamp,Text files are different,object,1.50 KB,1.52 KB
    copperceilinglight.object,objects\generic\copperceilinglight,Text files are different,object,1.73 KB,1.75 KB
    floodlights.object,objects\generic\floodlights,Text files are different,object,1.88 KB,1.90 KB
    gunchest.object,objects\generic\gunchest,Text files are different,object,1.85 KB,1.86 KB
    weaponchest.object,objects\generic\weaponchest,Text files are different,object,1.27 KB,1.30 KB
    windchime.object,objects\generic\windchime,Text files are different,object,1.76 KB,1.76 KB
    mysteriouslight.object,objects\hoard\mysteriouslight,Text files are different,object,4.57 KB,4.58 KB
    bunkerceilinglight1.object,objects\human\bunkerceilinglight1,Text files are different,object,1.68 KB,1.70 KB
    bunkerceilinglight2.object,objects\human\bunkerceilinglight2,Text files are different,object,1.78 KB,1.80 KB
    prisonfloodlight.object,objects\human\prisonfloodlight,Text files are different,object,5.61 KB,5.63 KB
    prisonfloodlightbroken.object,objects\human\prisonfloodlight,Text files are different,object,5.25 KB,4.86 KB
    displaylight.object,objects\hylotl\displaylight,Text files are different,object,4.01 KB,4.04 KB
    displaylightbroken.object,objects\hylotl\displaylight,Text files are different,object,4.08 KB,3.82 KB
    studylamp.object,objects\hylotl\studylamp,Text files are different,object,1.65 KB,1.67 KB
    outpostceilinglight.object,objects\outpost\outpostceilinglight,Text files are different,object,1.61 KB,1.63 KB
    lamppost1.object,objects\themed\outdoor\lamppost1,Text files are different,object,1.64 KB,1.64 KB
    lamppost2.object,objects\themed\outdoor\lamppost2,Text files are different,object,1.73 KB,1.73 KB
    lamppost3.object,objects\themed\outdoor\lamppost3,Text files are different,object,1.51 KB,1.51 KB
    retroscifilight.object,objects\themed\retroscifi\retroscifilight,Text files are different,object,5.36 KB,5.37 KB
    tutorial1.questtemplate,quests\tutorial,Text files are different,questtemplate,724 B,723 B
    chef_apex.tenant,tenants,Text files are different,tenant,392 B,392 B
    chef_avian.tenant,tenants,Text files are different,tenant,395 B,395 B
    chef_floran.tenant,tenants,Text files are different,tenant,398 B,398 B
    chef_glitch.tenant,tenants,Text files are different,tenant,398 B,398 B
    chef_human.tenant,tenants,Text files are different,tenant,396 B,396 B
    chef_hylotl.tenant,tenants,Text files are different,tenant,398 B,398 B
    bones.tenant,tenants\sub-biome,Text files are different,tenant,375 B,374 B

    It is mostly performance fixes, but it also fixes several bugs or balance issues:
    • Combat colony tags have been added to Weapon Chests and Gun Chests
    • The Bonesmith tenant will now spawn correctly
    • Racial Chef tenants now spawn correctly (not random races anymore)
    • Agaran merchants now correctly sell their wares (the items have a sell price now)
    • Other items also got a sell price (Fluorescent Helmet, Wizard Hat, Mushroom Sword, etc.)
    • Small description fixes on a few items, such as ship walls
    • Hazmat NPCs now say "unidentified microorganisms" instead of "unknown bacteria"
    • Tenants catch fire less (less fire interactions with items like hand dryers)
    • Fixing a small visual bug on Apex feet
    • Lighting tweaks on most light objects (not sure how they were changed, but they were)

    Kyren said this hotfix has many small performance/modding fixes, such as:
    • The people who had bad performance and then fixed it by resizing the window should now have better performance all the time, without needing to resize the window
    • Stagehands can have UUIDs set now
    • "The tech parent state bug thing is fixed, which is to say the SECOND part of it is fixed - there were two bugs, one on top of the other."
    • (many other tweaks)
    • "Any assessment of performance changes is welcome - good, bad, or indifferent."

    The Heck mini-biome got renamed to Flesh and put on the surface of Alien planets.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2015
  6. rush116sx

    rush116sx Void-Bound Voyager

    it all looks very cool!

    #yummy cookies :lickitung::cookie:
  7. DragonsForce

    DragonsForce Pangalactic Porcupine

    I have not seen any gun chests... Are they not being generated.
  8. Daldril

    Daldril Subatomic Cosmonaut

    underground parallax ... now I finally dare to remove background ores, as I couldn't stand leaving holes in the walls which would reveal just another set of rocks.
    Lovely <3
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  9. Varixai

    Varixai Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Yea, they don't spawn anywhere in the world just yet. But you can spawn them in with the /spawnitem command.

    They are just another option for combat decorations. A lot of people wanted more high tech options for spawning guards instead of Glitch or Floran ones. The main one used will be the Weapon Chests I think, as those are found on every planet with weapons in them.
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  10. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Master Astronaut

    Does this mean more naturally-occurring holes in the background wall underground so we'll see said parallaxes?
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  11. Hey! Are you guys perhaps looking into more area specific exploration music? Music is number one when it comes to atmosphere! <3
  12. Lintton

    Lintton Supernova

    @Varixai Heck biome and Flesh biome have different materials and items.

    I'm gonna have to put metal beds for all the guards. Too bad theres no monsters in space. Maybe next time on a harsh lava planet. :p
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  13. hoboshoe

    hoboshoe Astral Cartographer

    I think the other gun is doing a charged shot
  14. Scival

    Scival Master Astronaut

    So, when are all these weapon changes going to actually happen?
  15. MindExplorer

    MindExplorer Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The underground parallax looks fantastic.

    Hearing the news about the Gunchests is a big relief for me. ;)
    (Having to use a spear or sword rack to spawn high-tech tier 5/6 guards using assault rifles is a bad joke!)

    I hope they also can fix the following bugs for the next "hot fix":
    Avian and Hylotl guards ALWAYS spawn with a Crossbow as ranged weapon. (For Glitch this seems to be an obvious choice ;) )

    - Florans correctly spawn with a Needler.
    - Humans and Apex correctly spawn with a random pistol or assault rifle.
    - Avians should spawn with one of their special pistols or assault rifles, shouldn't they?
    - Hylotl I've not played so far, but think at least the same as for Humans and Apex should be true, if there are no special Hylotl ranged weapons. Crossbows simply don't fit, imho.
  16. Mackinz

    Mackinz The End of Time

    Mainly in the next Stable update. Some smaller changes may be pushed to Stable. but new weapons require the new item system in Nightly, which is still in development.
  17. LOL BALL

    LOL BALL Existential Complex

  18. NeoFoxx000

    NeoFoxx000 Big Damn Hero

    That sword... I'm really feeling the Monado's power! Or is it the Schwartz. Either way, beam sword special is awesome! I hope the effect is slightly different for the each of the sword-based elemental types. (ie: shock, poison, etc.)

    The underground parallax... I really like it. It feels like a bunch of bats will fly out of there any minute from now. :rofl:
  19. Titanium

    Titanium Existential Complex

    Oh thank GOD, those underground backgrounds from before (flat rock wall parallaxing a few feet away? what?) just did not make any sense. Thank you, Supernorn. Thank you.
  20. Biirdy Daysleeper

    Biirdy Daysleeper Pangalactic Porcupine

    Wow the new undergrounds looks quite more immersive. \o/

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