RELEASED 6/9/18 FULLY COMPLETED Pencilstab's Portraits (Character sprite edits available!)

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Who's next?

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  1. Harvey

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  2. Leah

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  3. Sam

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  4. Alex

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  5. Haley

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  6. Maru

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  7. Sebastian

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  8. Penny

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  1. kaylin05

    kaylin05 Space Hobo

    So I was hoping to find out if you are going to update Shane's sprit and so one due to him now being one of the ones you can marry. Evey time it cuts to him on a cut part or even the dances and wedding he is two black lines or a gray block. Same with kissing him.

    NOTE: I just saw the past post about what the asshats have said to you. I can let you know, I love your work. I know the pain of others being assholes over your work. I did do a comic for some time but stopped due to all the ones making me feel like I'm not good at it.

    I know the need to walk away from something. I understand but hope you may one day come back to it. I love the game and I can say your mode makes it even more worth playing for me. I love how everyone looks in it. And one day hope to see a photo of Shane holding his bff Chicken! I hope you get the want to come back. <3

    Love someone that LOVES and would pay for your work.
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    • Cache

      Cache Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Haha, if we can pay to get her to return and finish - I'd be down.
      On the off chance that's illegal or something; it's just a joke, chuckletuna! :nurunaughty:
      So silly.
      • melody9836

        melody9836 Void-Bound Voyager

        Seeing these portraits and knowing that they won't be finished almost made me cry, seriously.. I'm not exagerating:cry:, this is the best mod I have found, and I have been looking for a mood for the characters of the game for quite some time... I don't blame you though, those hate comments were awful, and I can fully understand that you don't have the motivation to continue (sorry for my bad english, I'm actually from Spain...) I know it's hard to read those hate comments, but have you read the love comments? A lot of people loved (and I'm sure they still do) your art and were very upset after you decided to stop making the mod... And I was so happy that I wasn't the only one accepting your decision. I know my comment really doesn't matter, but I wanted to say that. I hope you change your mind someday, and if you don't, I completely understand.
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        • Naaria

          Naaria Orbital Explorer

          Damn. I was hoping for unbearded Harvey because he looks really damn good. I'm sorry people were so damn rude to you about your amazing work. These are the only portrait mods I wanted to use in SDV because I just love the style so much. I really am sorry bout the assholes :(
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          • xDiabolica

            xDiabolica Orbital Explorer

            I love your artstyle i hope you'll finish them someday :)
            • Minakie

              Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

              It breaks my heart to know this mod will never have all the characters of the game.
              It was the very first portrait mod I ever fell in love with (and downloaded) and I still love it to pieces to this day.
              • Kuriiyo

                Kuriiyo Cosmic Narwhal

                Awww I would have used this if it had been updated for 1.1 :(( I love the art style!
                • nevergrowingup

                  nevergrowingup Void-Bound Voyager

                  this is freaking great! I love most of the character portraits there and cant wait til some villagers are there, like robin :) I never find a good portrait for her!
                  • nevergrowingup

                    nevergrowingup Void-Bound Voyager

                    Okay, now I replaced nearly everyone with the portraits of this mod (except Jas and Sebastian, there I use another one 'cause the anime Jas is too cute and I dont really like this seb), but is it normal, that Lewis' portrait is kinda unstable when I talk to him? It's all the time moving/refreshing or so. Its also unsharp.
                    • Rachaelora

                      Rachaelora Void-Bound Voyager

                      these are sooo beautiful, such a shame no 1.1
                      • Hammurabi

                        Hammurabi Big Damn Hero

                        I'm really sad to see that this is no longer being worked on; this was always my favorite portrait mod.

                        For personal use, I threw together a quick modified Emily set that combines the existing eyebrows, eyes, and mouths of the 4 images Pencilstab made to approximate the new ones needed for the 1.1 update. They're not spot-on for what the new images need (no blushing on the blush image, and the eyes are still open in the bottom-right image, etc.), but they're better than missing images. I've attached it if anybody else is interested.

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                        • Rachaelora

                          Rachaelora Void-Bound Voyager

                          Well done! Any chance you could do the same for Clint, and shane? I found this thread in which ch4rms had permission to share theirs, but I messaged them but I am impatient and not sure I will get a response.. I know nothing about coverting stuff to XNB
                          [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
                          If you can or ANYONE can you'd be my god. Such a shame an amazing artist with unfinished work.
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                          • Hammurabi

                            Hammurabi Big Damn Hero

                            Those are way better than mine, LOL. :)

                            The Emily one was missing the shocked image (lower-left corner), and had the lower-right image in its place. I moved it back over, and replaced with a slightly-improved version of my fill-in. Also, the angry expression was shifted one pixel to the right for some reason; I fixed that, too.

                            The Shane and Clint ones were fine, though.

                            Here's the XNBs for the three portrait sets.

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                            • Rachaelora

                              Rachaelora Void-Bound Voyager

                              BLESS YOU!!!!:avalihug::avalihug:
                              • ReplacedAxis

                                ReplacedAxis Void-Bound Voyager

                                You two are gods, thank you.
                                • missashofoz

                                  missashofoz Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Beautiful! I've been using these portraits for a long time and I recently re-installed so, of course, I had to come hunt these down again. Glad to see they're still here, thanks for all your gorgeous work.
                                  • mortegai

                                    mortegai Void-Bound Voyager

                                    These are amazing but I was just wondering if they're 1.1 compatible :3
                                    • 2Scribble

                                      2Scribble Void-Bound Voyager

                                      They are and they aren't - download the original version and then download the fixes posted at the end of this thread. Replace your copy of Stardew's portraits with these files in that order.
                                      • mortegai

                                        mortegai Void-Bound Voyager

                                        oh I didn't even realise I'm sorry! But thank you for your help <3
                                        • lyiall

                                          lyiall Poptop Tamer

                                          Seeing other people, who also fell in love with this mod, help each other out is heart warming ♥

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