RELEASED 2CUTE GREENHOUSE v2 out NOW. updated 1/20: Pretty nature/animated tiles!!!!

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    UPDATE JANUARY 20 2017:

    this is for all the people who wanted a cute greenhouse to have atm to wait for @BoffoBoy 's macked out one (originally to cater to a mod I am working on with people, but w.e.) that's kinda on the DL, but will hopefully have a second trellises room, etc. But in any case this one is still wicked cute to use.


    I also made the tree room a less lame, stagnant area. Like, I get people play industrially, but there's so many possibilities released and still coming out for storage that the perimeter around the soil in the green house in my opinion should not be used for that.

    ***I did not originally put the map together, @BoffoBoy did.
    He just helped me put this tile sheet on there so I could go crazy****
    You can find the original three-room greenhouse here:
    • Some items I used were originally created by @addy468 . Like big pink bear and the design of the small bears I recolored. As well as some other pink knick knacks in there.
    • There are also images of my dogs that was done by @Dawn (although the pug is(?) still w.i.p. technically)
    Besides that, everything else is stuff I found, re-arranged and colored myself.

    Now with animated tiles! Butterflies! And a few of frogs and small birds poking around too!



    other screenshots:

    EDIT 6/5:
    -ANIMATED TILES: LIGHTS, BUTTERFLIES, ANIMALS (mostly all in tree area)
    - Regular Greenroom has working microwave

    I have versions both with and without the animated tiles.

    [[ NEW ]] VERSION 2

    hi. it's been a while.

    Second Map of the Greenhouse I made! I'm kinda proud of this because it was a whole new canvas instead of just an edit. Not a big deal but ran into problems I wouldn't of remembered if I hadn't. I learned something new, and that's cool!!!! Kinda big, but w/e. It's mid-smaller range compared to the massive greenhouses I've seen.


    - Plenty of watersources (including kitchen sink)
    - Animated fountain tiles
    - Working radio / jukebox
    - Working kitchen

    Visual Changes from v1:
    - Less Cutesy, like I've really toned that down, this time around, lol. But still very cute.
    - Greenery abundant

    - - It is recommended that you use @Entoarox 's uiFramework (SMAPI) mod for complete immersion. Otherwise, with the way SDV is coded your farmer will be dropped into the middle of the greenhouse (for the original vanilla positon).

    If you don't use SMAPI, don't worry about it. Just think of the greenhouse as magical and when you walk in, you're in the center of the greenhouse and ready to farm.


    - Place 2cute.xnb in your contents folder.
    - In the maps folder: Backup your pre-existing Greenhouse.xnb and paste my Greenhouse.xnb in there.
    - Then be happy and smile!!!!

    screenshots provided by @aurnj .

    more links to be found here: post no. 34

    map layout:
    2cute greenhouse v2 map.PNG

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    • taintedwheat

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      feedback is welcome... will post updated screenshots when i get onto my own computer, later.
      • SKKN

        SKKN Big Damn Hero

        Great work! It is indeed cute lol. Great take on Boffoboy's map. I too have some edits on his map, i love how he made the map but I needed more space so I added much more space to it. Maybe I should upload it one of these days.

        PS: I REALLY LOVEEEEE THE TREE MAP!!! :) :) :) Great job.

        EDIT: Btw, why dont you try spliting that 20x20 map into 4 parts which would give way to a cross-intersection. You could go crazy with nice tile patterns, I know it would take away the farming space but it should would look much nicer.
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        • taintedwheat

          taintedwheat Master Astronaut

          Sweet! yeah, this was difficult, particularly because tIDE specifically hates me --so usually I'm just delegating where I want stuff to be. Hopefully later with ALL, jinxie would want to released the farmstand we put together near the shipping crate near your farm.

          I'd like to see it! Also, if anyone wanted they could just extract the 2cute xnb and make edits and to it and it'll show up inplace of like the hearts and stuff. xD
          The kewlio greenhouse in the works would probably have a more desired colortone that is well received by everyone --I try hahaaha. ((or who am i kidding, they're would probably a cutesy-ier version for people hahahah))
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          • SKKN

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            Here's my take on the same map you did. Sorry there's no pictures but its pretty much the same map, just that I added much more space for farming. I have no idea how warps work so I made the first floor of the greenhouse with a basement(with stairs leading downward).

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            • taintedwheat

              taintedwheat Master Astronaut

              ah, kay, i will when i'm on my own computer right now i decided trying to sit at my husband's would make me more productive in working on homework LOL, as if.

              I am not clear on how warps work either, everyone talks about them with always different coordinates that I do not pay attention at all. I hate numbers. You would have to rightclick on it and look at tile properties and add a warp.

              Or what I thought about doing, (but didn't have to because I wasn't trying to make a completely new place to enter in the tree room. I was concerned because I made the entrance a bit wider, but it didn't seem to matter.)
              is look at the tile properties of pre-existing warps. Copy and paste that somewhere. Figure out the coordinates of where you want your person to exit and either and mess with that to find the solution as to which means goes in and which means go out.
              • Rosalie

                Rosalie Cosmic Narwhal

                SO SO CUTE <3 love these *_*
                • Gabaw

                  Gabaw Spaceman Spiff

                  2cute4me looks p. good tho :confirm:
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                  • taintedwheat

                    taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                    yay thanks! i have to make slight edits to the tree room, i was wrong with some of the spacing, you can't really see once there's tree's there around it but it'll keep bugging me if I don't fix it eventually.

                    daww, i could make a less cute tilesheet xDDD;;

                    although like i said, bigger bolder greenhouses in the horizon xD
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                    • BoffoBoy

                      BoffoBoy Existential Complex

                      I am seriously disappointed, where is all the pink? 2cute implies at least 85% pink.

                      Superior clutter as always!
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                      • taintedwheat

                        taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                        Lolol, its too much.

                        Im trying to do pink, with greens and other jewel tones for all my stuff

                        I really want mocha and mint green color schemed items in the mix too @_@ to contrast all the vanilla wood
                        • TheSweetGemIsMe

                          TheSweetGemIsMe Aquatic Astronaut

                          Hello! This mod is really cute! :D But I have a question, I, personally, like the original greenhouse and want to continue using it- but I would love to have this reskin of the greenhouse too, is there a way you could make a reskin for the original green house like these ones? Either way, good job friendo!
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                          • taintedwheat

                            taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                            Hi thanks, uhm. If I had an easy time putting custom tilesheets onto things I would have a reskin of the normal greenhouse forsure.

                            Idk how warps work and what not so I can't just delete the other rooms from the map, but I can try to do a single room 30x30 with the same kind of reskin layout (double what you wanted, but at least it's one room and not three), although I don't know if it would work either without testing it. Considering I always have trouble editing my own maps that I have someone do it for me and then I could make the changes after.

                            I would need to try to edit my tileset for that one which is mostly only flowers and plants I made/retextured and doesn't have all this other cute stuff.

                            Or if anyone who knows how to do this easily could you DL this mod and just delete the two other rooms for me and her, would be sick~
                            • Dawn

                              Dawn Phantasmal Quasar

                              Wow, it looks so great!!! And also, I swear I am coming back from the dead to finish chompsky's animations!
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                              • taintedwheat

                                taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                              • taintedwheat

                                taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                Will upload and finish fixing when I have the time, but I made custom floors that I used in my upcoming cellar mod that has a grow area in the green house too:

                                (also a little radio)

                                grey in here to match the other rooms

                                trellis area on fleek.

                                i'm thinking of making a smaller trellis room with the rows going in a horizontal direction, or I kinda want to ask around and make a small version of the greenhouse that could be attached to the greenhouse or house area itself as another building (if it's on the greenhouse a warp to the extend area)
                                • taintedwheat

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                                  HOLLA UPDATE ON YA MOMMAS
                                  • taintedwheat

                                    taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                    UPDATE. MAIN POST WITH DETAILS AND DOWNLOAD.
                                    TWO VERSIONS OF GREEN HOUSE AVAILABLE - with or without animated tiles.

                                    IT'S LISA FRANK UP IN THIS BITCH
                                    • nyatori

                                      nyatori Void-Bound Voyager

                                      One tiny request, could you make it so that when you enter, the character shows up near the door on the far right? It took me a while to figure out that's where you exit from. This greenhouse is SO pretty though! Just the entries/exits have been bugging me lol
                                      • taintedwheat

                                        taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                        I can't, I'm sorry... D: Or it would totally be that way, trust me. I like everything orderly.

                                        That warp is hard-coded by the game and this is the only the expand the size without it CTD.

                                        Someone also requested this long before when boffo originally made the greenhouse I worked off of.
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