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    So as i'm sure you know, in 1.3 the ability to build our own space station was implemented into the game. But when you beam down, you're given a pre-built docking bay which is just big enough for your Mech to get in, a core with a teleporter to get to it, a storage locker and console to tinker with your station.

    Normally this is not a big deal. In fact, I'm fine with that. But the down-side to this is that what you see is what you get (and what you get cannot be undone). The blocks can't be broken and moved around due to the block protection so if u want to build a better docking bay, you'll just have to build around it or away from it.

    It would be nice if there was some sort of secondary Space station you had the ability to build all yourself. Or if you could have the choice to break the blocks on the space station and build it your self. When I visit other space stations, It makes me jealous the way other stations look. It makes me wish i could build something like they can.
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    I'm sure you'll be able to find a mod in the near future that will implement this after such a high demand and concern from the community. If you look at BYOS (Build Your Own Ship), it is very popular and, whilst very self explanatory already, allows you to build your ship freely with blocks. In my opinion, don't fret quite yet.
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    To be honest, I have zero idea why chucklefish implemented the "space station" design the way they did to begin with, especially considering the game is about building your own stuff with 2D blocks to begin with. After all, it sure as hell isn't about the story or combat in the game......
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    You can modify your station by using in game commands.
    Keep in mind that any modified blocks will permanently add gravity to the tile they're placed on.


    Alternatively you can also use the Graviton mod, which gives you greater control over which areas are affected by tile protection or gravity.

    Well of course, it doesn't invalidate this suggestion at all; I'd definitely love something like that to be possible in vanilla.
    Just giving you a heads-up in case you didn't know stuff like that was even possible.
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    Wow i didn't know there was a command for destroying the unbreakable objects! that. is. so. flipping. great! I hadn't seen anything relating to that command before until now. That's extremely helpful. :DD

    Also, i wouldn't really have an issue with the ability to build a space station with pre-built options. If there was a few things;
    • More variety in the options to choose from. (Domed Rooms, Triangular rooms, Small/Large Spherical rooms, Etc...)
    • More block palettes to choose from (we had several new types of blocks introduced into the game but the space stations only come with the blue tiles
    • The ability to FULLY customize a Space Station (the worst that would ever happen if you destroyed your entire space station is that it's nothing but empty space. At least you can still beam up to your ship).
    Hopefully, in the future, maybe they'll give us more access to do whatever we want with our space stations. Maybe even add a way to destroy them when we don't want them anymore? That would be nice...
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