1.4 Update - Switch Multiplayer Lag

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Have you experienced lags after updating to 1.4?

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    First off, I would like to thank you @ConcernedApe for creating my favorite game, Stardew Valley. My boyfriend and I absolutely love this game and we play it every night! :3
    After updating the game however, we noticed that a lag that occurs quite a lot for both of us. For example, I could be at an event, mining, walking, fishing, watering crops, etc. and the game would lag for about 5-10 seconds. It doesn’t happen at the same time but it lags for both us for every game. If this lag was a one time thing I wouldn’t have brought it to your attention but it happens about every 2 minutes or so. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
    • CujoEX

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      Browsing around Google, it's somewhat common for the Nintendo switch. Host would 'freeze' while Joining Players aren't able to pick up items or monsters and NPC's would teleport.

      Some say it could be the amount of chunks (ie drops, placed materials, NPC's, players, etc) are in each player's location. The more there are, the more info that the host has to send/receive to keep the game in sync. Some mentioned to turn off features in the menu, but I haven't seen a response from anyone saying that it solved the issue.

      To me, it happens sporadically. The farm would be cleared and my team would be fishing, and it would still lag. I don't think its the internet connectivity/speed, but hard to tell. And Nintendo Switch doesn't really have a way to connect directly to the modem/router, unless you use a USB2 Port to Ethernet adapter, which limits the speed.

      If anyone has any other tips & tricks to help with the latency issue, please share!

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