Bug/Issue 1.2.14 list of small issues

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    Hello and big thank you for the game, have played it multiple times already and had a great experience.

    Will provide a list of small issues which I encounter during my playthroughs.

    1. Mission one: Engine Room: old-backup-cryo-tanks (on Mode+ only).
    If you went to the bridge and trigger the cut-scene before meeting Linda the other enemies will be active and your whole mission will be in action mode.

    2. On multiple places and occurrences.
    Hovering 'open container' is not where the actual container is, but a bit skewered (to the bottom or top of the container) and usually very narrow.

    3. Bonus mission: Medical Bay.
    There is incorporeal crates/obstacle (see attached image)

    4. Sometimes enemy health bar disappear and cannot be seen.
    It usually appears when manually (mouse click) changing the target for active abilities, most often Josh's Shield Overcharge.

    5. During enemy turn keyboard is inactive.
    Escape is the only key which should be active to bring up the menu, but it is not responsive.
    Menu is accessible with mouse only.

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