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  1. SurrealSadi

    SurrealSadi Void-Bound Voyager

    Another report of this bug:
    Summary of issue: Started a new game and villagers give me their first round of "normal" dialogue before they give their "introduction" dialogue.

    Expected Behavior: Introductions before starting into normal dialogue.

    Actual Behavior: One round of "standard" dialogue before the introduction dialogue occurs.

    Steps for Reproduction: Begin a new save file and introduce yourself.

    What Operating System are you using: Windows 7

    With so many people reporting this bug, it's easy to copy/paste and edit the operating system if you need.
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    • Risukage

      Risukage Giant Laser Beams

      Wow, this is properly impressive. I'd love to help with the bug hunt, but I'm rubbish at that, I'm just good at breaking things. :D

      That said, hugs and coffee for everyone taking the time to look for and identify these issues; you people are made of awesome and win. And a plate of cookies (...from someone who can actually bake...) for CA for all of his hard work making everything happen in the first place. I am right chuffed about all this. :)
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      • Riguel

        Riguel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Summary of issue:
        Shane is working even though not at work

        Expected Behavior:
        To be able to actually talk to Shane

        Actual Behavior:

        Shane's work dialogue randomly pops up

        Steps for Reproduction:
        Go to Saloon around 6:20pm, talk to Shane while diagonally from him near the fireplace like in the picture I posted.(Doesn't always happen)

        What Operating System are you using:
        Windows 10 64 Bit

        Picture of the bug happening:
        • Rainbow Dash

          Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank

          i feel like this should abit "cleaner" [​IMG]
          the river should curve abit becouse it seems abit too artificial

          thats just me being a nitmicky jerk tho lol

          also i was able to clone the burlap rug in the house but have no idea how i did it
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          • SteampunkAndroid

            SteampunkAndroid Orbital Explorer

            Yep! Took me entering and re-exiting the dialog box from Robin entirely, but eventually she let me put down a shed! Just wanted to make sure it was known! ;v;
            • 6xLord

              6xLord Yeah, You!

              Summary of issue: Sunfish caught in the rain

              Expected Behavior: Sunfish, as the name says, is only supposed to be caught in good weather

              Actual Behavior: Sunfish was caught on spring 3rd first year in the town river

              Steps for Reproduction: it was my first fish with the tutorial thingy in the mini-game because i had skipped willy's cut scene and no energy to try the rod right away. as far as i remember spring 2nd was sunny though, so maybe that's it.

              What Operating System are you using: windows 7 64 bit

              i'm also loving my little forest farm, thank you so much for the great work!
              • MysticTempest

                MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                Summary of issue: Glazed Yam recipe can't be read.

                Expected Behavior: Text box expanded to fit the long recipe description.

                Actual Behavior: It cuts off the word "flavor", to show the Energy & Health.

                Steps for Reproduction: Linux system, upgraded home so you have a kitchen, and learn the Glazed Yams recipe.

                What Operating System are you using: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

                Originally reported here by another user:
                • RKade8583

                  RKade8583 Void-Bound Voyager

                  Summary of issue: Missing 2 villagers from introduction quest even though I've met them all

                  Expected Behavior: Quest completes and follows up with the gift quest

                  Actual Behavior: Even though my relationship panel states that I've met everyone save the wizard on day 2, I'm still missing 2 people in the quest proper.

                  Steps for Reproduction: Start new game on the hill-top farm, watch the introduction all the way through, talk to everyone as per normal until all conversations are exhausted, be amazed at the lack of a quest complete noise.

                  What Operating System are you using: Windows 10 64-bit

                  I'm going to try a restart to see if this was an anomaly (and to keep closer track on which NPC might be futzing this up.)
                  • PapaNachos

                    PapaNachos Space Hobo

                    I registered just to report this:
                    Summary of issue: Coffee bean duplication

                    Expected Behavior: Coffee beans should be either input or output of the seed maker, or neither. Definitely not both.

                    Actual Behavior: Coffee beans are both the input AND output of a seed maker, meaning that I can duplicate them by inserting them into it.

                    Steps for Reproduction: Put a coffee bean into a seed maker. Wait for it to do its thing. Out comes more coffee beans than I put in.

                    What Operating System are you using: Windows 10

                    I managed to find a coffee bean from the travelling cart just south of my farm and threw it into the seed maker to see what happened. Turns out I got more. This is way more efficient than growing.

                    Edit: Apparently coffee beans sell for fuck all (~14k for a stack of 999) so this is less of a problem than I expected
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                    • Xylia

                      Xylia Tiy's Beard

                      So I started up a new farmer, using the Hilltop Farm and I can immediately see something that is going to be suggested (if it hasn't been already):

                      Could you allow us to build extra bridges from Robin's? Is that possible within the game's engine?

                      I bet the fishing farm would need them even more, but yeah, there's only a few bridges that I can even use thusfar, and I'd love to build one or two more, lol.

                      Just a suggestion to keep in mind.

                      Otherwise, I like what I see thusfar!
                      • NikkSword

                        NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

                        I am at work but when I get home I will Beta test!
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                        • RKade8583

                          RKade8583 Void-Bound Voyager

                          Yeah, it's Emily and Shane for me (and I deleted the entire folder and reinstalled just to wipe any mods I may have missed.)

                          Oddly enough, my wife (who has the exact same model of computer that I do) got that quest done fine.

                          Shane: 1st attempt was at Joja Mart. 2nd attempt in the morning before he got to Joja Mart.
                          Emily: 1st attempt in her house on day 1 around 12:00-2:00. 2nd attempt at the bar when she was working.
                          • Xylia

                            Xylia Tiy's Beard

                            I noticed Shane (I haven't seen Emily yet) did not even give me his intro speech at all, but then neither did one of the other villagers (I forget who). Oh, right, Sam.

                            First thing he said to me was "Great to see you again!" and then he said something like "see you later." ....and no intro speech.
                            • ciphermandy

                              ciphermandy 2.7182818284590...

                              Awww, I wish I could help with the beta. Silly work getting in the way of gaming. I am looking forward to the update, though. Especially coffee beans! I was not expecting that.

                              Thank you for all of your hard work, CA!
                              • Cheem

                                Cheem Intergalactic Tourist

                                Summary of issue: Shaders only apply to the left half of the window

                                Expected Behavior: Shaders/effects should apply to the whole window.

                                Actual Behavior: Shading only applies to the left side of the screen

                                Steps for Reproduction: Walk around at night. Or go inside someone's house or shop.

                                What Operating System are you using: OS X 10.11.6

                                Screenshot 2016-09-28 14.11.35.png
                                • Aquedonte

                                  Aquedonte Space Hobo

                                  Summary of issue: Introduction quest does not complete if you skip the Wizard's cutscene

                                  Expected Behavior: Introduction quest completing once you meet everyone

                                  Actual Behavior: The counter is stuck at 27/28, even after meeting everyone

                                  Steps for Reproduction: Meet everyone and then when you meet the Wizard, skip his cutscene

                                  What Operating System are you using: Windows 10
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                                  • oatscereal

                                    oatscereal Space Hobo

                                    Summary of issue: Shift + Tab crashes my game

                                    Expected Behavior: To not do that.

                                    Actual Behavior: It crashes when i use shift tab on steam

                                    Steps for Reproduction: Uhh?

                                    What Operating System are you using: most up to date windows
                                    • MarianT

                                      MarianT Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      Summary of issue:
                                      Started a new game and villagers give me their first round of "normal" dialogue before they give their "introduction" dialogue.

                                      Expected Behavior: Introductions before starting into normal dialogue.

                                      Actual Behavior: One round of "standard" dialogue before the introduction dialogue occurs.

                                      Steps for Reproduction: Begin a new save file and introduce yourself.

                                      What Operating System are you using: Windows 10

                                      I might add that both Leah and Alex gave me dialogue that usually comes later in the acquaintance. Leah asked why I came to Pelican Town, and Alex asked if I was willing to play catch.
                                      • Pudassassin

                                        Pudassassin Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                                        Summary of issue: Picking up item from ground (Eggs, crystals, etc.) always yields golden quality item with Botanist perk chosen

                                        Expected Behavior: Should only affect forage items

                                        Actual Behavior: Affect ALL items that have been picked up.

                                        Steps for Reproduction: Simply pick up item with Botanist perk farmer.

                                        What Operating System are you using: Windows 7
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                                        • benchromatic

                                          benchromatic Master Chief

                                          Furniture bug found!

                                          Summary of issue: I tried placing a table ontop of a table by accident and it literally did so. When I took it away it was just a mess of tables.

                                          Expected Behavior: Table shouldn't be able to be placed on another table.

                                          Actual Behavior: Table places on another table, causing graphic glitches.

                                          Steps for Reproduction: Grab a table (I imagine you can do this with other furniture) and place it on top of another one.

                                          What Operating System are you using: OS X El Capitan

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