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EP's Shadow Expansion Grammar Fixes

Adds new playable race with themed objects, dungeons and LORE


    Evil Parrot
    Over 2000 files, over 9000 lines, fixed dialogues, descriptions, and codexes. Also added new racial descriptions for every object in the game, yay. That was exhausting, but there's still a lot more work ahead. Oh well...
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  2. Quest fixes for Update

    Evil Parrot
    - Fixed crash on "The Silent Song" quest completion
    - "Welcome to the Silent Domain" quest is now shows properly for enshaded characters
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  3. The Silent Path Update is finaly released!

    Evil Parrot
    Here is some new stuff :3
    - Silent Domain
    - New quests
    - Fix to outpost visitors issue
    - Minor fix for crafting materials
    - Ashes planet is now implemented in main mod
    - The Consumer is now a part of the Silent Domain. In the future there will be quest for obtaining it for yourself
    - New lore
    - New characters with unique dialog lines
    - USCM S7 group bunker - for future storyline
    - Commander Norton mentioned
    - Reduced price for Deodaesetyr
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  4. Small Quest Fix

    Evil Parrot
    This is just a fix, that makes "From Far Beyond" quest complitable by adding recipes, that I have forgot to put in last update, sorry about that >-(\
  5. Update is finally here!

    Evil Parrot
    - New set of furniture, to be crafted with new crafting station
    - New quest, that shall allow other species to craft shadow stuff as the reward - visit the Storyteller and buy new item, called "Base Detail" to begin
    - A portal, that'll spawn shadow npc's, for colony deed is not always understand that shadows is who you need.
    - Silence shall met your new shadow character in new prologue mission
  6. Update

    Evil Parrot Update:
    - Added racial description to all vanilla blocks and materials
    - Fixed issue with chakram
    - Devourer is now digs faster
    - Little sprite fixes
  7. Update - A little bit of new stuff

    Evil Parrot
    - New weapon
    - Reworked alternative rifle abilities
    - Reworked rifles sprites. NOW THEY GLOWWWWWW
    - Two new sets of clothes
    - Two shields
    - Hearts :3
    - Three new small decorative objects
  8. Update!

    Evil Parrot
    - New lore!
    - Two new massive dungeon!
    - Shadow Marks color is now switchable
    - A couple of new pieces of furniture
    - Two new alternative weapon abilities(just a little bit changed vanilla' abilities, need to work further to make better)
    - New monster!
    - Description of the Collector changed according to report of Sebastion "Sebby"
  9. New Balance Fix! Say "no!" to OP stuff at the begining of the game

    Evil Parrot
    Nightfall Balance Update:
    - Five new crafting materials
    - Reworked recipes
    - Decreased innormaly high spawn rate of rare items
    - Ship storage locker updated
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  10. Nightfall Update is now released

    Evil Parrot
    - New lore!(hidden in game until story update, sorry)
    - New weapons
    - Reworked old weapons and recipes
    - Ship storage locker updated
    - Shadows have no need to breathe now
    - Due to their non-organic nature, shadows cannot be poisoned
    - Added various statuss effects
    - Shadows can't consume normal food or use normal healing items - now they need to "transform" them to use.
    - New crafting station added
    - Added fire and electric vulnerability. Shadows armor can now protect from fire and...
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