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EP's Shadow Expansion Fixes

Adds new playable race with themed objects, dungeons and LORE

  1. Evil Parrot
    "EP's Shadow Expansion" - is a mod, that adds new playable race to Starbound. And considering, that I'm not into introductions, let me just present you...

    ...the Features:

    - Dreadful shadow ship. Careful with it, for it can hear you.
    - Epic respawn cinematic!
    - Shadows have no need to breathe
    - Whisperis as a pet on your ship!(That thing that sleeps on one of the previews)
    - Unique ship AI lines :3
    - Dark Blessing! Silence gifted her loyal followers with ability to rebuild themselves! Now your health shall regenerate.
    - Added immunity to cold and poison and weakness to fire and electricity.

    - Quite a lot of furniture
    - Shadow weapons, melee and ranged
    - Two types of rifles
    - Three types of both one-handed and two-handed swords
    - Bomb, throwing weapon and a whip
    - Four sets of armor, each can protect against fire and electricity
    - Four sets of clothes
    - A bunch of new blocks
    - Shadow Crafting Stations!
    - Set of Knights of Nolad with the Unbearable Crown, that comes with it's own *REWORKED* status effect. Everything has a price... Buy it in Storyteller's Emporium after compliting the Hylotl mission!
    - Brand new vehicle x2
    - A mech
    - Shadow Residence shall appear on the Outpost after finishing Erchius Mining Facility mission
    - Shadow Colony
    - Shadow mines in two possible variations
    - 7 shadow buildings
    - Four monster encounters
    - Crash site
    If some dungeons refuses to appear, or appear too often, please let me know, so I could tweak it.
    - Shadow tenants.
    - New NPC's dialogues
    - Easter eggs
    - Everything is craftable. Check the Shadow crafting stations!
    - New racial descriptions! 1352/2882 objects is have now new descriptions

    To do:
    - More shadow dungeons
    - Shadow planet
    - Questline

    COMPATIBLE with Frackin Universe, except for BYOS option
    Added immunity to various FU shadow-related debuffs


    Also I have to remind - this mod requires Character Extender.
    And, of course, this isn't final so I will need feedback and some errors report if such will appear. Thank you.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. V30SH
    It's a great mod!
    interesting lore, objects and items looks good. Of course there are some flaws the previous commentator wrote about it, but i hope what author fix it.
    I liked that the race has such items as its own food and heal items and that they cant use familiar to players food and healers.
    Very potential project.
    I hope that more items and gears come soon!
    Looking forward to further development! <3
    /yep, i'm too not a english speaker and if i mistake sorry/
    1. Evil Parrot
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review<3
      There is a lot of plans for the future updates, and the more I learn, the more content I can provide, so there will definitely be more.
  2. ZeoMaddox
    Version: Nightfall Update
    This mod is one of the best race mods I've ever played, hands down. I love how the mod adds in structures and environments to the game that pertain to the Shadows that also use environmental storytelling, like the Origin warp. I do have just a couple of issues with it that could be improved. One is that the writing/dialogue of the Shadows seems kind of awkward. I'm assuming this is probably because you're not a native english speaker, which is totally understandable, but there are some times when it shines through a lot. The last thing is that the player is able to access all of the Shadow gear (armor, weapons, mech, etc.) super easily and quickly since the materials to craft them aren't too difficult to acquire, which isn't necessarily a problem, but it's super easy to get to the more overpowered Shadow gear very quickly as well. One example is that I when I checked how to make the Shadow Mech, I realized that I could make almost all the parts right then and there, since I was given a lot of the materials through the tutorial, and/or they didn't take long to craft (i.e. tenebrarium rock), and I feel like that's a bit of a problem, since I had only gotten to my second planet, and I was already able to make a game breaking mech. A way to fix this balancing issue is to maybe either add in some extra materials for higher-level Shadow gear, to prevent players from acquiring them as quickly, or, nerf some of the higher gear such as the mech so that the player can still access them fast, but it isn't as game breaking.
    Otherwise, I absolutely love this mod. I'm looking forward to see what you do with it in the future! :D
    1. Evil Parrot
      Author's Response
      Thanks for kind words :3
      I'm not a native english speaker indeed, I'm currently study the language, so I'm going to fix writings as soon as possible for me.
      Also, thank you for lighting up a problem with easy obtainable high-leveled shadow items. I'll get to fix that soon