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Easier Fishing (Standalone) (1.1) 1.1a

Easier Fishing Standalone

  1. Xylia
    The Easier Fishing Mod, officially uploaded to the Mod Repository.

    The original mod was created by @steffjes and is located here:


    But it was never officially uploaded to the Mod Repo that I am aware of, so I'm uploading it (and also, the original creator has not been on the forums since July).

    If there's any sort of problem with this, a moderator can remove the mod.

    This version of the mod is updated for Stardew Valley 1.1.

    This mod does not require any API tools, and is a stand-alone mod.


    1). Navigate to \Stardew Valley\Content\Data\
    2). Rename Fish.xnb to something like Fish_old.xnb or Fish_Backup.xnb or whatever.
    3). Download and open this .zip.
    4). Choose which .xnb file you want: easier_Fish.xnb or super_easier_Fish.xnb.
    5). Copy which file you want.
    6). Paste it into \Stardew Valley\Content\Data\
    7). Rename it to Fish.xnb. <--- VERY IMPORTANT, Your game will crash upon fishing otherwise.
    8). Enjoy!

    This mod makes most fish significantly easier, but does not remove the fishing mini-game entirely. Some of the Legendary Fish might be mildly difficult still, but much more reasonable than vanilla.

    The super easier version makes it much, much easier.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. MarshaDecamiro
    Version: 1.1a
    I'm not terrible at fishing, but this mod is making it so catching those last few difficult fish is now much, much easier.
  2. rhiannonblwr
    Version: 1.1a
    brilliant! makes the game much less stressful
  3. jessicajames1991
    Version: 1.1a
    love it
  4. wonderfulakegg
    Version: 1.1a
    easy to follow the directions Thanks!
  5. nnari
    Version: 1.1a
    Great mod, made fishing a lot more comfortable! :)
  6. Bellscarlet
    Version: 1.1a
    As a very unskilled fisher in Stardew Valley, this has made fishing finally possible and much more relaxed for me. Great mod!
  7. JavaJr23
    Version: 1.1a
    This really helps make the fishing more fun and relaxed 5/5
  8. Twye
    Version: 1.1a
    Definitely helped me out with fishing! So much easier now. Thank you.
  9. Derptactics
    Version: 1.1a
    Does exactly as advertised, much to the benefit of the impatient and unskilled (myself).
  10. merankorii
    Version: 1.1a
    Makes fishing a lot easier, thanks!