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CN More Farming: Revitalization v6.7.103

Want to spice up your kitchen with a multitude of ingredients, well now you can, again!

  1. ColonolNutty
    This mod is now on steam too! Check it out here: CN More Farming: Revitalization
    Now includes:

    Yes Chef: Back in the Kitchen

    What Does This Mod Do?

    This mod is an update to TheBigBlueSerpent's MoreFoodMod and a continuation of More Farming by Mackinz, which added a ton of crops and a ton of different foods to the game. CN More Farming: Revitalization does the same, but in a more polished and developed way as well as creating any recipe you can dream up (I'm open to suggestions).

    This mod adds almost 200 new meals, snacks, desserts and tons of other eatables, as well as 30+ new crops which can be found while adventuring among the stars or purchased at a local Terramart. On top of that, it also adds a multitude of appliances (Some available per race) which really fill out your kitchen. They aren't just decorations either, they are now a part of the cooking process! Have a vanilla blender lying around doing nothing but taking up space? BAM, it now has the ability to blend ingredients.

    It doesn't just end at adding new ingredients or appliances, this mod also adds loads of recipes for using your new appliances. Ever wanted to bake a Pumpkin Pie? Well, now you can!

    The intent of this mod is to match how cooking in real life works, if you know a recipe, why can't you just cook it? In this mod, there are no boundaries preventing cooking of a recipe, you know all recipes at the beginning, you just have to put together the ingredients!

    It's even compatible with Frackin' Universe!

    Now you may be wondering, "Why is it called More Farming if it doesn't JUST cover farming?" Well, my good compatriot it's ultimately because I ColonolNutty am dumb. I missed the opportunity to rename it before releasing it to the public, because of that, it is too late for a name change. There could be loads of mods dependent on this one that would need to be updated to accommodate a name change as well as a load of codex entries, and other assets that make reference to the More Farming name. If I could change it, it'd likely be closer to what the mod actually encompasses

    Your New Favorite Shopping Center(s)

    As I said before, this mod adds a fresh shipment of new items being sold at the Terramart.


    What can be found here? In addition to their existing wares, the Terramart now sells various produce and seeds from More Farming (and vanilla) as well as a few codexes which will explain in detail a few of the features, some of them even introduce you to the world of cooking!


    This is your main source for more crop seeds to expand your farms if you are not satisfied with your existing yields, and also allows access to crops which don't yet grow in the wild.

    However, that is not all. The Infinity Express was also interested in expanding its wares to increase sales. Who can blame them?


    At the Infinity Express, in addition to their existing miscellaneous items like Liquid Erchius and Processors, you can find the most important items in the universe...



    ...and cooking ingredients.


    Though there is benefit to be had in producing your own ingredients for your dishes, the Infinity Express serves as a way to obtain necessary or optional ingredients like Cooking Oil, Salt and Ketchup, as well as packages of powdered ingredients like Flour, Yeast and Sugar.

    Particularly important is the Sugar - word from anonymous sources tells us, there is a retiring bounty hunter with a soft-spot for pastries. You might need some in the future! Keep it in mind!

    For the Survivalist in All of Us

    Not everyone is keen on making trips to the grocery store to buy ingredients that can be made at home. After obtaining seeds from exploring (or the Terramart - we won't judge... much), you will need ways to shape these ingredients into food. Fortunately, you can do so with a couple of materials.

    To make some basic appliances, especially when you don't have access to the Inventor's Table just yet, you can put them together by hand (via the crafting interface, default key is "c")

    At the universally-standard Inventor's Table, you will find a new crafting station called Kitchen Crafting Table, craft it and place it down somewhere. Once you do, you will notice a unique interface, within this interface there are filters located on the left hand side for the various races, or you can choose All to view all appliances.
    Note: Some appliances are only found under the Basic filter (Keep this in mind when looking for an appliance) the Distillery is one such example.


    Each appliance, depending on the race it comes from, requires various ingredients. Hover over any recipe to view the ingredients needed. What's more, you will notice a few vanilla appliances, such as the Blender, Coffee Machine, and Microwave.

    The most important of all "appliances", is the Recipe Book. This is an essential part of any aspiring chefs kitchen. It can be found no matter what filters you have set. Craft it, place it, and take a look inside.


    You will find a whole load of recipes just waiting to be put together. Same as before with the Kitchen Crafting Table, you will notice filters on the left side. Only this time, these filter by the method used to make the recipes.
    As an example, select Chop and you will see all things you can make by chopping up ingredients.

    You may be asking yourself, there is no craft button!!!

    It is standard throughout the universe for recipe books to exclude the ability to "cook" from them (After all, you wouldn't poke your own cookbook at home and expect it to make the meal for you).
    A codex exists somewhere in the universe (Terramart) that explains all there is to know about the Recipe Book, it also makes mention of an alternative to conventional cooking, but we don't talk about that...​

    Even Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

    First time users of More Farming may end up confused when they initially take a look inside the Recipe Book. Don't be - it's all part of the experience (Confusion and nausea are side effects). In order to be a successful chef, you will need to learn how to experiment, try different ingredients, see what comes out.

    Just like in the real world, experimentation is key to cooking meals, new or old (Or you could just look at a recipe book, because someone else already found the recipe. Unlike real life though, you can't really fail, if nothing can be prepared with the ingredients used it means there is nothing currently existing that can be made with that combination, due to game limitations :rolleyes:)

    And, not only can you learn more tricks - so can the crops you are used to growing:

    • Sugarcane now drops sugarcane instead of sugar as you'd expect, try milling it to see what you get.


    • Neonmelons and Pumpkins now grow to their fullest potential. Try chopping them to bits, see what awaits you!


    Wait, I Can Build With This Stuff Too?

    Did I forget to mention the new blocks that have been added? I did, didn't I?


    They are Neonmelon Blocks, Pumpkin Blocks, Sugar Blocks, Sugarcane Blocks, Chocolate Blocks, Dark Chocolate Blocks, White Chocolate Blocks, as well as a few others. You can make them at any old Wooden Workbench.

    In addition, this mod adds recipes for Thatch, Bamboo and Sod Blocks. You make them in the same place as other the other blocks above.

    A Chocolate-y Affair

    Of all the basic ingredients added by this mod, Chocolate is the most complex to produce. It requires a few extra steps beyond just throwing stuff into a pot. This section will focus on refining Cocoa into Chocolate.

    Like all other crops, Cocoa is obtained by growing its plant, the Cocoa tree, from seeds you have found on Jungle worlds or from the Terramart. Ready to be harvested, Cacao trees look like this:


    To make the Cocoa Pods usable, you need to bake (All baking appliances are labelled with "Bake" in the name) them in an oven until they become Cocoa Nibs.

    Now you need to grind up the Cocoa Nibs to produce Cocoa Powder (You can grind them up using any appliance labelled with "Mill") (which can also be bought at the Infinity Express).


    Toss the Cocoa Powder back into an oven (Labelled with "Bake") to produce Chocolate Liquor (It is non-alcoholic)


    Now toss this Chocolate Liquor into a pressing appliance (Any appliance labelled with "Press") to produce... Cocoa Butter! Be careful you don't use up all of the Chocolate Liquor, Chocolate itself uses this as an ingredient, some desserts use it as well.


    And for the final step, to craft Chocolate in all it's glory, you will need to bake Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Liquor, Milk, Sugar, and Vanilla Extract together within an oven.


    What's that? How do you get Vanilla Extract? Well, my good buddy, you make it of course! You can also purchase it at an Infinity Express, but where's the fun in that? I'll leave how to make Vanilla Extract for you to figure out.

    There are quests?!

    You heard that correctly! There are now quests that will take you through some basic steps to get you started with the new cooking system, you can find them simply by locating the appropriate codexes. The Terramart sells a few codexes, some of which will provide instructions on the usages of appliances.
    The first of many quests, starts when you pick up the Protectorate Camp Guide CH1 book. Use it from your inventory and the quest will begin (If you haven't completed it already of course).

    If you're a new space explorer, you can find the chapters within your ships locker.


    Hindsight is 20/20 (Installing, Reporting Issues and Suggestions)

    Humans are not perfect. We can overlook many things. That is why this section is necessary,

    Installing MFM:

    1. Navigate to your \Starbound\mods\ folder, usually found within \Steam\steamapps\common\
    2. Download the ZIP file associated with this mod.
    3. Open the ZIP file with a program like 7Zip.
    4. Drag the folder "MoreFarming" (or similar) into your mods folder.
    5. Play Starbound.

    Reporting Issues:

    Always post your issues IN THE DISCUSSION THREAD OR IN GITHUB you can also post it in the Steam workshop version as well. I am very attentive, and I will always respond to an issue posted in the Discussion thread and/or github (I get emails when done in github).

    Regarding game crashing: Error pop-ups tell modders nothing about how to solve any issue you may come across. A basic guide to reporting errors is here. I WILL need to see your log file before I can help you. Capisce?

    Other issues: If your issue is not crash-related, but something more along the lines of "this can't be crafted" or "I get Perfectly Generic Items from harvesting this", I may need to see your log file as well - but it's more important that you post in the Discussion thread on the matter.


    Please leave suggestions in the Discussion thread or log an issue on the github repository. I will respond to them with my thoughts there

    If this tickles your fancy check out these other mods:


    For a complete changelog, visit the github repository

    • Jaseofbase for the original Yes Chef mod
    • BigBlueSerpent for the original original idea and implementation
    • Mackinz for the initial reboot of the mod and the creation of the mega mod as well as Rattan Crops
    • rare_candy_bracelet for making a large portion of the images of objects, items, etc.
    • ColonolNutty (me) for rebooting the reboot, and the creation of the repository
    • Lord Humungus for old mods to incorporate
    • Bughunter for Prickly Pears
    • Ulithium_Dragon for Animated Fly Trap
    • Petrenko for Bamboo (renamed Great Bamboo) and Cactus (renamed Saguaro)
    • Thundercraft for Holiday Trees
    • CrispyBlockland for Crispy Food Crops and Crispy Food Stuffs
    • rosett for Farmable Fuels and Foods
    • Bestpick for More Foods
    • olaorman for Garpberries
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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  1. Cryogeist
    Version: v6.7.98
    IT'S BAAAAAAACK!!! *cries tears of joy*
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      and better than ever!
  2. Nishant004
    Version: v6.7.98
    Amazing mod. Makes the game more immersive. But brother i have a problem, everytine i craft the stone mill nothing comes in my inventory named mill( even my inventory is empty). Only a notification is shown that Mill has been crafted.
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      Reviews aren't the place for issues, I'd much prefer you leave a comment in the discussion tab. Cons are welcome, issues that can be rectified are not
  3. JT`
    Version: v3.6.72
    The mod expands the farming content substantially, but it is far more of a "cooking mod" than a "farming mod", and it radically alters the cooking process far too much for my taste (oh, a pun... well, it's out there).

    Instead of most everything being crafted at a kitchen counter with various cosmetic ovens for basic roasting, you will now have to remember the differences between baking, blending, boiling, canning, frying... which is shared for you with renames of every furnishing to further remind you of how excessively different everything is. =)

    While the roleplay aspects are phenomenal, there's just a little too much tedium, a little too much interface alteration, a little too much clutter, a little too much collectionism, and a little too little reward for it all. In other words, a little too far into "total overhaul" to the point that it doesn't feel "vanilla" enough for me.
    1. ColonolNutty
      Author's Response
      Updated, there is now an item called "Cheater's Recipe Book" which acts exactly as the Kitchen Counter, if you'd rather not go through the tedium, it may be exactly what you're looking for. (Crafting button and all) Only thing is, you need to be an admin to craft it. It isn't the intended direction or use of this mod, which is why this is.
  4. Reyghel
    Version: v3.6.68
    A mods that adds a greater amount of crops, so you can have a space farm and feed yourself well. It says the mod Revitalize agriculture. I only hope to discover the crops in time and not starve.
  5. Idemuso
    Version: v3.6.66
    Amazing mod! Love it. Hope more people check it out <3
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    Version: v3.6.56
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    love it <3
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