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Discussion in 'Mods' started by lambui, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Elrohir_of_Rivendell

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    Thanks McMagnus, this is great! I can finally plan my farm properly :)
    • McMagnus

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      You're welcome. Of course, thanks to @lambui for making this awesome map! Also, I've updated my original post because I missed a few things (bushes and whatnot).
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        So, this is an odd one. Summer of my first year, plenty of copper ore in the quarry (too much, to be honest. might want to turn down the spawn rate. lots of gems too, including diamonds. see screenshot). I'm at the limits of exhaustion due to chopping trees, but I have a couple of cherry bombs from my last mine trip, so i decide to blow up some deposits and reap the ore.

        The exploded deposits gave stone. Not copper ore, not gems. Stone.

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        • Xuomi

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          I'm fairly new to editing maps and I had a question if anyone is able to answer. I want to move the warp point from the Farm > Bus Stop more towards the tunnel rather than a few tiles ahead of it, but I am not sure how to go about that.


          Currently the warp point is around the red tiles but I want to have it where the blue tiles are. I looked at a guide on how to create warp points but I don't think they're the type of warp points I need since it's just editing tile properties, but that would be pointless because they are still behind the default warp spot... :V

          Edit: I think I figured it out! Never mind. :)
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          • demonhunter352

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            Married Leah, and her outdoor sculpting area wasn't added to the OmniFarm map. So she's trying to sculpt thin air.

            Screenshot 2017-05-21 21.41.28.png
            • kingbertie

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              couple questions: 1. does the hilltop quarry work without any other mods, is there a forage area?, i see you added mountain and river fish to the lake, and it is the monster map so therefore it is everything :), but wat are the extra caves for are there routes to other areas or multiply bat/shrrom caves? looks great will use tonight :)
              • kingbertie

                kingbertie Intergalactic Tourist

                Hey do u have a file for this as would like this aswell would be great if so
                • FieryChaos

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                  I guess I've had a couple people ask about my edited version, so here it is:

                  This is what it looks like newly generated (ignore the large grass field on the lower left area; this is where my grass spawn is in the Omnifarm SMAPI config). I've made a few changes to it since I've lasted posted a pic of my actual farm; replaced the area on the right with more hills/mountains, added some darker water in some spots, but most importantly I edited in a few more warps right behind the farmhouse to get to some areas faster.

                  The left door teleports to the bottom left area, the middle door teleports to the middle of the right side of the map, and the right door teleports to the mining area. You can either click on the doors to teleport to and from spots or just walk up through them; I made this change for this release (made the bottom of the door passable) because IIRC, I edited my FarmCave to fix an issue of being stuck in the door when returning to the farm.

                  Anyways, I'll update this if I ever feel like making more changes or to fix any errors I miss, but as it's a personal edit, I won't be changing/adding anything unless I like it and am going to use it.

                  Also, as a note, if you change to my map edit, make sure to clear around the areas that I edited so you don't have anything in unwanted/unreachable areas, like trees or paths or whatnot; mostly I've freed some little bits of extra space, but there might be a few spots (ex the mine area/hill at the top) that might give you trouble otherwise. Also, if you're using this on a current save (new saves shouldn't have any issue), it might be best to have Entoarox Framework installed and to use the command "ef_bushreset" in the SMAPI console while your save is loaded to have the bushes in the correct spots.

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                  • Coolwyngs

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                    This looks very cool.
                    • SpringsSong

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                      With the new SMAPI 1.15, for some reason, the warp point from the ranch/forest into the farm map resets to the default map size's entrance/exit point. I have tested this with both SMAPI 1.15 and 1.14.1, and while it works as intended in 1.14.1, for some reason, it does not in 1.15.

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