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Modding Discussion Modding Guides and General Modding Discussion--REDUX

Discussion in 'Mods' started by cantorsdust, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. HothRaka

    HothRaka Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey guys. Simple question(I hope) here. I'd really like to inject some Animal Crossing music into this game, but replacing the music seems to be extremely complicated. The only guide I can find requires tools that aren't compatible with Windows 10, and sure enough, I don't have easy access to any version of Windows other than 10. Are there any other options at all that could let me change the music on Win10? I'm not sure if XNBNode would work, it seems to be used mostly for graphics editing. Could I use that to unpack the Wave Bank file? Am I just fucked because I'm on Windows 10?
    • Entoarox

      Entoarox Parsec Taste Tester

      Music is difficult to work with, and not in the xnb format, so I am afraid you are out of luck :(
      • HothRaka

        HothRaka Intergalactic Tourist

        Any idea if the devs are still actively working on this game? This game is practically begging for mods of all sorts and there's no reason at all for music modding specifically to be so incredibly inaccessible. I'd like to at least try contacting them about maybe adding an easier option somehow, as unlikely as that is, if they're still working on the game at all.
        • foghorn

          foghorn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          It's ONE dev, (https://twitter.com/ConcernedApe), the latest update was last month, there's no offical modding support, and I doubt he's very concerned with helping people mod out the music/audio he spent hundreds of hours creating for the game.

          Also: there is a music-modding SMAPI tool, it just hasn't been updated yet.
          • HothRaka

            HothRaka Intergalactic Tourist

          • foghorn

            foghorn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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          • Iomega0318

            Iomega0318 Orbital Explorer

            Just because it may say it's not "compatible" with Windows 10 doesn't mean it won't work, I run plenty of "incompatible" programs lol..

            You can also use the feature built into Windows to try and run something in Compatibility Mode:

            Also you can check out this for the audio files:
            I thought about modding them once but don't really have a reason to..
            That's awesome, I didn't know that existed!
            • LadyOctopus

              LadyOctopus Void-Bound Voyager

              Hello! I am a baby modder (I don't even have an icon, as I was expecting to simply lurk), and I seem to be having trouble with unpacking and repacking a certain texture.

              I've been making a custom pokemon texture pack (combining packs and editing items for my own personal use, NOT for redistribution), which means extracting pngs from the xnbs and editing them how I like, then repackaging them together. However, just when I thought I was good, I realized that, when unpacking, the lighting for the windows would somehow gain ugly black pixels (note: I was not editing this area and did not wish to edit it) I saw them in game at first, and didn't realize what was going on.

              Here is what they look like in game;


              (You can also see some of the pokemon textures, which are unaffected. It seems to only be this and snow that are affected, though the snow is mild enough that I might ignore it.)

              I found it was a problem in the Cursors file. For some reason, when unpacking even a freshly loaded original textures, these black dots appear.


              This was from the original files, after uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I ran the game before unpacking anything to make sure everything worked, and sure enough, this texture was back to normal. So, this weird texture must only come up while or after extracting the png and yaml files from the xnb files. Which stinks, because there was a lot of edits to the cursor file that I really wanted.

              What is the reason that this happens, and is there any way to fix it? If it matters, I am editing the png using paint.net, and I am on Windows 10.
              • foghorn

                foghorn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                @LadyOctopus Whichever XNB tool you are using contains an outdated version of XNB Node. Grabbing any one of these tools below should solve your problem:

                -Standard command line XNB Node, updated.

                -XNB Node, plus a set of batch scripts for one-click packing/unpacking. Updated.

                -XNB Node, plus a nice shiny interface for one-click packing/unpacking. Updated.
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                • Iomega0318

                  Iomega0318 Orbital Explorer

                  I was going to reply the same thing more or less :p

                  I just remembered reading that versions prior to 0.2.2 had issues with transparent images.
                  Also thanks for the interface that's useful!
                  • LadyOctopus

                    LadyOctopus Void-Bound Voyager

                    @foghorn and @Iomega0318

                    It worked! The textures are fixed now!

                    Thank you so much, I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

                    Though, now might also be time to check around. I didn't SEE anything else weird, but I might not have been looking hard enough. Now that I know transparency is what my outdated packer had issue with, it also helps in figuring out what to check
                    • Iomega0318

                      Iomega0318 Orbital Explorer

                      Hehe it happens.
                      Also good hunting ;)
                      • bakasolo

                        bakasolo Space Hobo

                        I have a thread but this looks like a better place to ask.

                        I am trying to add a new crop to the game. I have followed the directions from THIS thread, and have a little success.

                        I have checked and double checked my files and everything seems to be in order. I am able to launch the game, play the game. I can open Item Spawner with (I) and scroll through the regular stuff, but as soon as I see my custom seed packets come into view, the game crashes. Seemingly as it's trying to load the custom harvest items.

                        I am not sure what I am doing wrong at this point, so some help would be appreciated. I have uploaded the xnb files to dropbox, but I can extract them real quick if needed.

                        The process I used to make and add my crops:

                        -Extracted data/crops.xnb, data/objectinformation.xnb, tilesheets/crops.xnb, maps/springobjects.xnb
                        -Add custom sprites to crops.png and springobjects.png (made sure all measurements were correct in positioning)
                        -Edited objectinformation and crops to add the code for new: crops, seed packs, harvest items.
                        -Repacked all edited files, replaced in original Content folder
                        -Launch game, open Item Spawner with no issues
                        -Scroll down until I see my two custom seed packs, game crashes



                        ETA: I noticed when I posted this that my crops slipped a line, so I have corrected that in the png and repackaged. Now the game only crashes when I mouse over the seed packets. Maybe it's something in the coding? I am going to post my code here. Does anyone see anything wrong here?

                        CROPS.YAML CODE

                            797: "1 1 3 3 3 3/spring summer/42/800/3/0/false/false/false" #!String
                            799: "1 2 4 4 3/spring summer/41/798/3/0/false/false/false" #!String

                        OBJECTINFORMATION.YAML CODE

                            797: "Cannabis Indica Seed/15/Seeds -74/Indica Cannabis Seeds. Plant in the Spring or Summer to produce hefty bushels of Indica Buds!" #!String
                            798: "Indica Bud/100/Basic -75/A beautiful, fluffy Indica bud. Can be used in many different ways!" #!String
                            799: "Cannabis Sativa Seed/15/Seeds -74/Sativa Cannabis Seeds. Plant in the Spring or Summer to produce stalks of heavy buds!" #!String
                            800: "Sativa Bud/100/Basic -75/A huge, bountiful bud of Sativa! Smells like Christmas!" #!String
                        THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP!


                        I have successfully managed to make things work until it comes to harvesting. I can't seem to get the crops to grow to the point of harvest.

                        NEW WORKING CODE
                            797: "Cannabis Indica Seed/15/-300/Seeds -74/Indica Cannabis Seeds. Plant in the Spring or Summer to produce hefty bushels of Indica Buds!" #!String
                            798: "Indica Bud/100/-300/Basic -75/A beautiful, fluffy Indica bud. Can be used in many different ways!" #!String
                            799: "Cannabis Sativa Seed/15/-300/Seeds -74/Sativa Cannabis Seeds. Plant in the Spring or Summer to produce stalks of heavy buds!" #!String
                            800: "Sativa Bud/100/-300/Basic -75/A huge, bountiful bud of Sativa! Smells like Christmas!" #!String
                            797: "1 1 1 3 4/spring summer/42/798/4/0/true 1 2 6 0/true/false" #!String
                            799: "1 1 1 3 4/spring summer/41/800/4/0/true 1 2 6 0/true/false" #!String
                        No matter what I do, I can't seem to make my crops produce any harvest. The harvest items are there and saved on the png, as you can see above. They are linked by their numbers, 798 and 800. So I'm stumped.

                          Attached Files:

                          Last edited: Nov 23, 2016
                        • B0undarybreaker

                          B0undarybreaker Intergalactic Tourist

                          I'm on Mac, and I'm really hoping more tools for installing/managing mods come out for Mac soon! I'd try to install them in something like Parallels but I don't know how well that'd treat the Mac file structure.
                          • BinaryDelusions

                            BinaryDelusions Space Spelunker

                            I wanted to edit the health and energy effects that's recieved from cooked foods, but I'm looking at the code and all I'm seeing is the sale price and health buff in Object Information (and stat buffs but I'm not really focused on them right now). I've looked in other yaml files to see if I could find them, but so far I can't find anything relating to food's energy effect.
                            • Entoarox

                              Entoarox Parsec Taste Tester

                              It is the edibility combined with the quality of the object that controls how much health and stamina it refills, on non-consumable objects this value is always -300, on consumables it is some positive number.
                              • BinaryDelusions

                                BinaryDelusions Space Spelunker

                                Oh I see. This also means that the items will always give out more Stamina than Health too then correct (without using SMAPI coding or some mod that changes how edibility is calculated I mean)? I was wondering why everything gave so much more Energy than Health now I know. ='D
                                • Entoarox

                                  Entoarox Parsec Taste Tester

                                  Yes, health is "multiplied" by a 0.4xxxxx value, I have not got the source open to give you the exact number, but assume around 40% of the stamina is how much health, rounded down to a whole number, the item will give.
                                  So a item that gives 100 stamina gives around 40 health, as that is how the hardcoded math for them works.
                                  • lightsourced

                                    lightsourced Orbital Explorer

                                    Editing an existing map to be a custom map... I just have a question regarding the map custom properties window. I understand how the Warp works as explained earlier in this thread, however, can someone please explain the Debris, Arch, Fish, and Spouse parameters? Thanks! :)

                                    Additionally, if I were to clear all debris using a save editor, is there SOME way to have it respawn as if it was day 1 on the farm? So that I can keep my resources (logs, stone, etc) without having to bother moving them all around with the save editor?
                                    • Entoarox

                                      Entoarox Parsec Taste Tester

                                      No natural way to have that happen, although a SMAPI mod could relatively easy be made to do it....

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