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Closed Having trouble with server

Discussion in 'Support' started by KillerTV95, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. KillerTV95

    KillerTV95 Space Hobo

    Hello, I'm trying to run a dedicated Starbound server, I have one issue... I've installed the game and clicked the "Launch Starbound Server" Button, The CMD props up, does a couple of commands and stops giving me a bubble that reads,

    "Error, Illegal instruction encountered (0xc000001d @ 0x6c1a38)"

    My system is a Compac Prolient Dual core pentium 3 1.3Ghz With 3GB Pc133 ram, It's running Windows Server 2003 32bit

    Hoping to hear back from anyone who can help me. Killer~
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