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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

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Anyone got good coordinates they would like to share?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Day56, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. bobjomac

    bobjomac Void-Bound Voyager

    Why did you destroy the Matter generator?
    • HarbingerSB

      HarbingerSB Poptop Tamer

      Impossible to find without coords :)
      • chewfaimau

        chewfaimau Void-Bound Voyager

        I find the posting of low level planets useful, I am not that far in the game either but keep up the great work.
        • mausi

          mausi Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Ah crap, sorry bout that. My bad!

          I just tried finding it again but can't, what a shame :(
          • HarbingerSB

            HarbingerSB Poptop Tamer

            Tier one legendary eye sword (great for people who just started). Just head right of the spawn and you'll see it within a few minutes.

            Alpha 54 Leo Minoris I b

            X 40177467

            Y -93286336
            • RiseForLife

              RiseForLife Seal Broken

            • RickyTheFish

              RickyTheFish Space Penguin Leader

              If you check the "universe" folder, it keeps track of every planet that you visit. They are organized by sector and coordinates. If you change the sort to "date modified" and have an idea when you visited the planet, you could check out each set of coords you visited that day and let us know which one leads to X Alpha Tiyutauri 32.
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              • mausi

                mausi Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Oh nice, didn't know that you could do that! Thanks :)

                One dose of Alpha Tiyutauri 32 I b coordinates coming up:

                X: 8731308
                Y: 63987064
                • flameskin2011

                  flameskin2011 Space Spelunker

                  Sector X



                  Planet Name: X Yildon 030 II (Moon) You need survival System

                  You spawn in a Apex City
                  • ShiroNiKuma

                    ShiroNiKuma Poptop Tamer

                    Run around all the planet, not a single anchor .-.

                    Show Spoiler


                    • rodney hersom

                      rodney hersom Poptop Tamer

                      sector x go left as usual snow biome x fum al samakah 1161 vii --- a x 100000248 y 18172720 gun dealer
                      • mausi

                        mausi Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Rare Grenade Launcher, Targeted Blink

                        X Sector
                        X Theta Uma 501 I
                        Threat Level 10 Desert Planet
                        Found on Win7 x64

                        X: -25639068
                        Y: -40080148

                        If you head left from spawn, the grenade launcher is in the first chest after the first USCM tower (the tall ones with 2 robots in them).

                        Not sure if it's guaranteed but the one I got shoots mice :)

                        Targeted Blink isn't much further, positioned about 15 tiles down in a small surface cave. Also got an uncommon rocket launcher but didn't pay attention to where from since they are all horrible

                        • drunKenobi

                          drunKenobi Master Chief

                          No specific loot here, just a few Apex towns and several surface chest. However there are no less than 15 mini-bosses around the globe - so if you are looking for a lucky drop this is a great place to farm.

                          Don't be confused by the Gamma in the name, it is in X space and is a level 10 planet.

                          X gamma-2 nor minoris II.jpg
                          • mausi

                            mausi Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            Pink Top, Microphone, Music Box & T10 Avian Gunship seconds from spawn

                            X Sector
                            X Delta Vel Minoris VII
                            Threat Level 10 Snow Planet
                            Found on Win7 x64

                            X: -25639092
                            Y: -40080136

                            When you spawn the Gunship's anchor is ~ a screen width off to your left.

                            The Pink Top, Microphone and Music Box are all in easily visible surface chests. The Pink Top comes from the first surface chest you find heading left, the mic and music box are from I think the fourth chest you find in that same direction.

                            There's also a Glitch Mad King and a ton of kiwi fruit.


                            Edit: X Wonton Majoris II b (tiny Threat 10 Forest planet) , which is directly adjacent to X Delta Vel Minoris, has a Wedding Dress and a Nylon Guitar in surface chests along with an Avian Tomb.
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                            • tamael

                              tamael Intergalactic Tourist

                              Looking for a Gamma sector Gun Merchant ship. Mobs are kicking my ass!
                              • Ownsalot

                                Ownsalot Tentacle Wrangler

                                X Sector
                                name: X Delta and 8644 II and X Delta and 8644 II a.
                                Coords: X=-78482973 Y=-23445744
                                The first is a big arid planet lvl 10. I found there 3 legendary weapons (2 swords and 1 pistol)
                                The second is a small magma planet lvl 10. You will find an Apex Town with 2 recipies.
                                • StarboundZach

                                  StarboundZach Master Chief

                                  Are there any coordinates for a gun or a gun vender for the Gamma Sector? I've only unlocked Alpha - Gamma and I need a decent gun. Thanks.
                                  • LevelTheShodo

                                    LevelTheShodo Master Chief


                                    Took me a few minutes to find it, but found it! Thanks! :D

                                    Now I just need Rocket Jump~ l3

                                    EDIT: So I explored the other planets in that very same system you gave, turns out there's a glitch village on the level 7 magma planet, and there is an apex puzzle jump facility on the Level 10 grasslands that gave me a human mech tech (individual results will vary), a small avian merchant area with a guard, and a tech chest in a shallow surface cave with the Gravity Neutralizer in it. ^^
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                                    • argenex

                                      argenex Poptop Tamer

                                      59877410 y-70634402
                                      From another thread. 2nd planet in the orbit (level 10 one) has an airship past the tar biome to the left of spawn. There's a gun trader in there. It's a level 10 planet but you can bumrush to the ship.
                                      (Also bonus points for the Watamote icon)

                                      What sector is this in?
                                      If it's in alpha, the 'level' of the planets are 1. (Threat level at least)
                                      If it's not in alpha... how is someone going to make use of guns to defeat the penguin when they can't reach it?
                                      He does say its a level 10 planet, I'm assuming that means threat level 10, which I 'think' means it should be in Sector X, which if this is the case, then a person in Alpha (penguin unbeaten) cannot in fact go and get a gun.

                                      Sector: Beta
                                      Apex Facility
                                      Coords: x-61592550 y-54030159
                                      Planet: Beta Procyon 553 II b <-forest & apex facility to the west of spawn (like 2-3 screens away) [has matter][Also full scientist vanity items found here]

                                      Sector: Gamma
                                      Coords: x-61592621 y-54030173
                                      Planet: Gamma X Per 54 IV a <-grasslands small
                                      Found: Glitch full village west of beam down (you can see it when you beam in.)
                                      Several Food Merchants, 2 weapon merchants (the one far west side is cheaper btw, same stuff)(no guns)
                                      Clothing Merchant

                                      Note: If you goto the right, at the bottom of the hill are some caves, following them down I've found alot of titanium, at the bottom dug down a little and landed into a slime biome, which led straight down to lava and more titanium.
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                                      • tamael

                                        tamael Intergalactic Tourist

                                        What sector is this in?

                                        - It is in Alpha. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered mentioning it... for obvious reasons.
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