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    Okay. So I know this would take a massive amount of work, and you guys didn't buy a farm life game just to go back to the city, but please bear with me - I'm really proud of this idea.

    So we all know about Zuzu City. It's mentioned many times throughout the story, and it's pretty much the New York City of this game. And, as the bus destinations seem fairly limited (at least to me - one stop in the middle of nowhere seems like a rather ineffective way to run a company, even at 500 coins a pop), I figured why not expand these destinations to include the major metropolis of the world? There are four regions I've thought of for the city, which might as well all be around the same place.

    Location 1: The TV broadcasting center
    The broadcasting center would be a place to go, meet those behind the TV shows (or at least the Queen of Sauce, since the fortune teller whose name I can't remember hangs out at *undisclosed location*), and maybe put in an ad of some sort? It could boost profits for a day, or if food/meal quality became a thing, could be a place to get your food taste-tested by the Queen of Sauce herself! This is the location I've thought the least about, but I feel it has potential - and if anybody has an idea about it, it'd would be welcome!

    Location 2: The Jojacorp Distribution Center
    This distribution center would serve little function before the endgame, but I figure that it could progress along one of two paths (I mean it's jojacorp - it has to!). At the beginning, before all of the community center is completed, it'd be a construction in progress (and maybe even progress as the community center paths did!)
    The first path, siding with Joja, would lead to it becoming a successful Jojacorp distribution center (thanks to the nearby town's highly successful Jojacorp program which I cannot remember the name of) In which the player could get longer, bulk quests for supplies from big Joja locations (and maybe even see some of the deposit-box crops they sold sitting on stands or in displays?).
    Path 2, the one everyone loves, is siding against Joja. Because of a busy nearby town's withdrawing from the Jojacorp line, the company would begin to suffer, and the Jojacorp distribution center would have to be canceled halfway through. Thus it could open up to become a farmer's market! The player could still get challenging, season-long bulk jobs, but they'd be from other farmers and local companies!

    Locations 3/4: The Park/Defunct Storefront
    This place would have a lot of potential. There could maybe be events set up in the park, and in the day-to-day, it'd be a great place to meet Zuzu City's various residents. The defunct storefront could be used as part of a mystery or puzzle (that's obviously up to whoever makes this). There could also be some apartment buildings around (like the Stardew Valley houses, where you could meet/hang out with citizens), and maybe an office for more worldbuilding. It would be cool if this park would also serve as some sort of Jumino or Jojacorp
    meeting place, but that would require a lot of extra story work, so it's unlikely, especially as the Distribution Center/Farmer's Market would be the questgiver for the city anyways.

    Okay, that's everything! I know this is unlikely and rather ambitious, but this game is amazing and I'd love to see it grow like this in the future. Anyways, if you've made it this far, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment if you have an idea!

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    • NikkSword

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      I think this should be a separate game, like Stardew City or Zuzu City or something. This really would be a massive project, and I think it warrants being a separate game (maybe you can use your Save File from Stardew?)
      • Aeryc

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        That would be cool! But my idea was just four zones, so I didn't think it'd be that big a deal... although I suppose the NPC's could be cumbersome to make for a whole new town.

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