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    Zenith Security Group limited is a private defense contractor based off Yanus IV. Established in the 7th galactic era during the Kurass VIII Rebellions the Zenith Security Group provided a strong source of martial law over the planet forcefully quashing the rebel forces and reestablishing the original government.​
    Since then we have fought in many combat zones across the galaxy including the Vamata wars the Remas rebellion the Kamrali III incident and peace keeping operations on Zenlith II​
    Our Trained staff are 100% combat capable and are trained to do anything from defending a science base from hostile fauna to being used as fire support in a firefight. Zenith Security also provides the latest and greatest in arms manufacture and defensive security systems.​
    Services We Provide:​
    • Defense of hazardous locations examples: Defending Supply Deports from Hostile wildlife, Protecting Command centers/Military installations from hostile forces, providing security to corporate structures.
    • Providing assistance to military campaigns, skirmishes, engagements.
    • Providing assistance in locating and apprehending fugitives.
    • Providing security to endangered individuals.
    • Acting as a private army for invasions or occupations.
    • Providing weapons to Military groups, Private buyers and Law enforcement agencies.
    Prices vary between different Services
    Please contact for details.

    Our Products
    Z86 Shogun Laser Rifle:
    This Rifle was constructed to give the operator a source of powerful accurate firepower on the battle field. It is standard issue to all security forces. Price 2300 Pixels

    V23 Chieftain Laser shotgun:
    This gun was designed to provide deadly close range fire support against heavily armed forces. Price 1900 Pixels

    X5Z Emperor Laser rifle:
    This rifle is designed to lay down a continuous stream of suppressive fire with a bigger charge pack than that of the shogun. However it's higher fire rate is offset it's inaccuracy and lower power. Price 2300 Pixels

    GS99 Sultan Laser Pistol:
    This Weapon was designed to be used as a self defense weapon against unarmored targets.
    As the power of the weapon is not the primary concern it has been giver a bigger charge pack and is very accurate. It is used by most low risk security teams and is a popular weapon in the private sector. Price 1200 Pixels

    VS57 Hierophant Laser Pistol:
    This weapon is a beefed up version of the GS99 Sultan and is designed to penetrate reinforced protective plating and deal high damage to unarmored targets making effective in military use.
    It is carried as a sidearm by almost all security personnel. Price 1600 Pixels

    ZF37 King Laser Sniper:
    This weapon is a more defined up version of a Z86 Shogun with a lower fire rate but highly increased damaged and accuracy. It is use primarily by security on guard duties. Price 2700 Pixels

    RX43 Tyrant Launcher:
    This is a weapon was designed primarily to enhance the anti-armor capabilities of infantry units firing a deadly bolt of charged photons at a target. It's big slow to reload and Hits hard. It is used sparring by security forces in high risk areas where hostile armor is a possibility. Price 3700 Pixels

    ML43 Dominator Launcher:
    This weapon is a specialized version of the RX43 Tyrant with added lock on functionality for airborne targets.
    Price 3900 Pixels

    GS76 Controller:
    The standard issue melee combat weapon to be used by security personnel. Ir has multiple setting including Stun (Slowing/stopping the target dealing little damage) Lethal (Dealing more damage than stun also includes slow/stop effect) and ranged allowing for short ranged stuns.

    J97 Personal Body Armor:
    This suit of Body armor includes a energy displacing reactive plate as well as kinetic dampener to block linear projectile and a Respiration assist module (R.A.M) incorporating the latest and greatest in re-breather technology that allows the user to operate in any environment from an underwater cave to the cold depths of space.
    It also provides a personal shielding unit (P.S.U) to help with livability in hazardous situations.
    It is standard issue for all security. Price 2800 Pixels per whole body suit.

    KS44 Heavy Body Armor:
    This Suit of body armor like the J97 model incorporates a personal shielding unit (P.S.U) but has extra layers of Reactive plates and Dampeners. It shares the R.A.M module with it's predecessor and is used primarily in very hostile environments such as active war zones or planets with extremely violent and dangerous fauna. Price 3200 pixels per whole body suit.

    GRI32 High pressure Armor:
    This suit was originally designed for mining materials around the cores of planets but early tests showed it was effective in stopping the negative effects of re-entry. Whilst drop pods have been replaced by the invention of the teleporter it is still useful in extreme heat conditions. It provides the same level of protection as Standard Body armour. Price 2900 pixels per whole body suit.

    DTIS597 Was originally developed as a method to insert agents into hostile environment without detection but was incompatible with heavier armor systems.
    The wearer avoids detection via light bending technologies that render the user nearly invisible.
    Regardless of this Sniper units have taken a liking to this suit as it gives them a distinct advantage on the battlefield. Price 3400 Pixels

    CKK53 Assisted Limb Unit:
    The CKK53 Assisted limb unit or (A.L.U) is an upgrade for previous armor variants and allows the user to preform feats of super human strength. Price varies per suit.

    MLV34 Warlord walker:
    The Tyrant walker is used primarily to draw fire off less armored units and to decimated mass infantry with it's improved Emperor Laser rifle (Higher fire rate and accuracy). It is used only in military campaigns and occupations. Price 5300 Pixels

    MLV38 Master walker:
    This mech is a variant of the MLV34 Warlord armed with a Dominator launcher. It is used only in military campaigns and occupations. Price 6800 Pixels.

    ZX43 Centurion hover bike:
    This Bike is used to get to objectives at extremely high speeds. It is used only in military campaigns and occupations primarily by patrols. Price 4100 Pixel.

    Our Code Of Ethics
    • We place the lives of our patrons above the lives of our employees but our employees above everyone else.
    • Our security will use lethal force only when instructed to or if attacked.
    • Our services will never be bought out by another party until the end of our contract.
    • We do not serve both sides of a conflict.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any contract.
    • We will terminate any contract that breaches any of our rules
    We have no moral concerns about oppressing native species or genocide and will assist in these activities if payed correctly.

    We eagerly await your patronage.
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