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    * I'm unsure if this works for users without Windows OS so apologies*

    Hello there! Welcome to my first tutorail here on the starbound forums so I hope it actually helps, the whole point of this tutorial is to show you how to access all the ingame content easily which could be useful for a number of things such as animation, custom sprite art or even signatures/avatars! This is only one method also have that in mind, check out sexualrhinoceros tutorial too in the modding section http://community.playstarbound.com/...successfully-pack-and-unpack-pak-files.66649/
    Anyhow lets get too it, feel free to ask any questions and Il try and help you out as best I can! Also this is my first time doing a guide soooo apologies if I mess up ^_^!

    Step 1.
    First thing you will need to do is locate your Starbound folder which is usually located on your Local Disk, In my case its in C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps

    Within your steamapps folder there is a folder called "Common" go ahead and open it and look for the folder named "Starbound" and open it. It will bring you to the Root folder of Starbound :D


    Step 2.
    So you've made it this far, good, good.... This is where the tutorial begins to differ as it depends on your OS, When you reach the root folder you will see something like this


    In my case, I use windows vista, so the thing I'm looking for is within win32. You're going to have to look for a batch file named "unpack_assets" , it does what it says on the label Unpacks the resources you need!


    A CMD window will appear shortly after which will look like this

    As it says, It may take a long time so... Go make a cup of tea.... or watch tv or play starbound.... all viable. In my case It took a bit of time but it's worth it if you actually have a use for it!

    Step 3.
    After what seems like an eternity you will be told its done and to press any key.

    ^ Good video guide.

    Now its time to find those freshly unpacked resources!
    Head back to your Root folder and open up your "Assets" folder


    Within it you should see a folder called "Unpacked". This is the location of the wonderful resources you will be using to create great things! Feel free to browse through the unpacked folder for sprites etc that you would like. I'm sure you don't need my help in that!
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    Annnnnd done! hope its helpful to anyone that needs it! If anything confused you be sure to ask a question so I can try help!
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    Bumpty bump.
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    Does it work for Mac?
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    I can't be too sure as Im using windows. :/ Sorry

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