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Notice Your Feedback on a preorder

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Tiy, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. WarDriver

    WarDriver Big Damn Hero

    me too, I would pre order it now, I totally understand that you guys are needing the cash and all. the fact that you changed the release date is probably because something didn't go as planned and in the world of software that means a cost increment. so yeah I would back this project for up to 100USD seeing as it is a game my clan has been expecting and if there is any chance at all they'll get a pre-release/beta version it makes it my responsibility to support this project.

    Regarding the payment method add a paypal/googlepay option seeing as those services are widely available.
    I don't really think you guys should charge less, I mean the game is the incentive in itself its not about the money, in fact it should be noted that you have a great community with many active members that know your work from previous titles its a safe bet that this game will be at least enjoyable.

    Also I don't understand your reasons for asking I think you should have just made it available regardless, you need the money, we'll gladly give it to you and in exchange we would still get beta/prerelase and the game itself, it should just be noted that you need to be careful when transferring your clients that bought the game on the website to steam as it could be a problem with steam since they do take commission for every sale made on their website, just check with steam first, see what they have to say on the subject and thats that.

    I hope this post contributes in some way to your decision.
  2. WarDriver

    WarDriver Big Damn Hero

    so you get a physical copy and a roll of paper (like those huge ones used in ancient egypt) with all the developers signatures yay
  3. El Matador

    El Matador Void-Bound Voyager

    I love this preorder idea. The only ideas I have for reward tiers are the basic things: about $5 for music; definitely some posters or something for an extra $20 because you guys have beautiful artwork. I've seen some games that make personal notes for people around the third tier. I would just try to make as many tiers as possible, because some people can be very generous. The game 'There came an Echo' received 4 $3000 backers and they got to be flown out for a launch party, and they got signatures and Hi resolution artwork of anything from the game. They also got unlimited hugs which made the $3000 dollars really worth while. I'm so excited for this game I'd buy just about anything you guys are willing to offer.
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  4. BurlCato

    BurlCato Aquatic Astronaut

    I would personally drive to your house and give you a crispy new c-note right this second.

    But if you'd rather have ten bucks, I guess I would be okay with that too. I am def preordering this one asap.
  5. Hellemans Maxim

    Hellemans Maxim Yeah, You!

    Been roaming this forum and website quite often over the last year and all I can say is I look forward to preordering this game. The features Tiy enlists are kinda great and the only thing the starbound team shouldn't do is implement micro transactions or just like in the recently released Tomb Raider et cetera, lock away gameplay for the ones preordering. In Tomb Raider you got like a couple of dungeons extra from the day of release when you preordered ( if I'm correct ) and I would not like to see an extra playable race limited to those who preordered.

    So basically I think the idea of a preorder is great. You get a fair amount of information about your fanbase and they get rewarded for their anticipation and patience. Therefore a beta with a "report bugs section" would be perfect along with a headstart like in Guild Wars 2.

    Keep up the good work
  6. Patrick Scott

    Patrick Scott Void-Bound Voyager

    I will admit to not reading 63 pages of replies, sorry if I repeat any ideas.

    I've been lurking http://playstarbound.com/ and these forums for ages since a friend told me about it. I can't even guess how big your actual community might be due to people such as myself not being 'on the radar' so to speak.

    Your opening post seems to cover all the bases as far as making sure people get a deal. Even just getting Steam keys and win/mac/linux versions are a good start. As for rewards tiers there's often worry about special content that gives players an unfair edge but I think that only depends on the content given. Giving out unique content is harmful as it separates players right off the bat, but you can give out existing content as long as anyone could earn it over time. The danger (backlash?) is further lessened if any special pre-order content can bring players together sooner. As an example you start one tech upgrade ahead in a particular field or something and you can give/trade this with others or it lets you travel to a friends planet sooner or even take friends to advanced places sooner. As long as other players can access that same tech upgrade through regular game play there is no harm in the end.

    If it's a few hours head start play-time wise it doesn't upset any major balance but it's still an ok incentive. If you start handing out 'I Win' buttons then you are on the wrong path.

    All that being said, just tell me where the preorder bandwagon is and I will jump in it and ride it like I stole something!
  7. PadocholikPL

    PadocholikPL Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Great preorder . I must buy this game :)
  8. Chaos Llama

    Chaos Llama Void-Bound Voyager

    I will preorder two copies given the opportunity! I absolutely have faith regarding the quality of the release, and when it comes is no concern to me. I would rather wait however long it takes for y'all to be satisfied, rather than get it sooner yet less complete. I probably won't even play the beta much, so as to be more "fresh" when the game is fully polished. Far more than early access, I would really love to be able to track y'alls progress via the roadmap, so that would be a big plus for me (though I'll preorder anyway, regardless).

    I'm glad development is going well and that you're enjoying yourselves. Keep up the good work, and thanks for being so open and awesome!
  9. Musadriff

    Musadriff Void-Bound Voyager

    I never preorder games, really. Been spending money on steam keys for a long time now. I buy like 2-4 steam games every month, but never preordered or kickstarted.

    But i would preorder from you. Just make sure you keep up the good work (im expecting stardew valley too)

    I've been anxious for this game like i never was before since i first saw it last year.

  10. JohnnyRage

    JohnnyRage Void-Bound Voyager

    Do it do it do it! :)
  11. Cimino12

    Cimino12 Orbital Explorer

    is a very good idea, i preorder as soon as possible xDD
  12. Sandalwood

    Sandalwood Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd preorder the second it's possible, no matter the payment method, but since i already used it often my favorite would be the humble store. as for tiered rewards i'm totally clueless, but the mentioned digital artbook and soundtrack would definitely find some takers imo.
  13. JezuzGumball

    JezuzGumball Space Spelunker

    I would gladly pre-pay this game in full if given the chance. A $15 pre-order sounds like a great deal.

    MRLEMONADEZ123 Big Damn Hero

    If you pre-order on the site what payment methods will you be able to use???
  15. Draconano

    Draconano Pangalactic Porcupine

    I've been waiting for this! I am for sure pre-ordering. Maybe the pre-order could have some vanity items that wouldn't actually affect gameplay, just funny things like a unicorn helmet or something that doesn't give them an advantage over other players.
  16. Fauznaut

    Fauznaut Big Damn Hero

    Being someone who has been following the game for a looooooooooong time, I am very anxious. The fact that it could be this close, well.
    What do you think my answer is? :rofl:
  17. Sousuke Kuroda

    Sousuke Kuroda Spaceman Spiff

    "I am not your whore! You can't do this to me! I'm sick of the promises, give me proof of your devotion!"
  18. AtlasKnight

    AtlasKnight Void-Bound Voyager

    Yes, as long as it is PayPal - acceptable.
  19. Arch-Mage Zandor

    Arch-Mage Zandor Space Kumquat

    But having a unicorn helmet is an advantage, even if it is a vanity item, people will be blinded by its pure unicorn-ness
  20. Sousuke Kuroda

    Sousuke Kuroda Spaceman Spiff

    They should give people who preorder a huge downside, for example, their character stops to puke every few minutes.

    I'd still preorder even if this was the case.

    EDIT: They could puke rainbows! :D
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