Your farmer's backstory?

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    I always like to give my farmers their own stories and personalities, my two favs are:

    Celeste is a grumpy albino woman who at first didn't like the idea of farming, but enjoyed the peace and quiet as she was 1. a loner and 2. often outcasted for her albinism, as well as wanting to honor her grandfather, whom she was close to. Then she eventually got around to meeting the town, and was still a loner, but was surprised how accepting and kind everyone (mostly) was, leading her to be a little more social. She liked the beach, but had to wear a sunhat and sunscreen due to her paleness, so she usually just showed up while it was raining. One of the few villagers she got truly close to was Elliott, she wasn't sure why though. She didn't know what to do first meeting him so she meant to give him a lobster, which she learned that he loved, only to accidentally hand him a rock she was holding...she was mortified, but he found funny it and they joked about it (Much to Celeste's embarrassment, I guess you can say it was a ROCKY start /shot). She has a sort of "tough love" personality where she'd often nag him for not taking care of himself and working too much, while also bringing him fresh food from her farm because of his lack of money and coming to visit him daily. She has a love for gemstones and is never seen without her trusty scarf. She married and had a single daughter with Elliott named Elis, who didn't end up albino, which she was glad for, knowing how she was bullied for it growing up. On their first anniversary Elliott gave her a rock and she resisted the urge to sock him, as it'd set a bad example for the daughter.
    Diana was always a tomboyish, outdoorsy woman who hated her job at JoJo Corp., primarily because she was more or less forced to by unfortunate circumstances, like a curse. The second she had an excuse to leave, she took it, and Pelican Town was perfect for her. Fresh air, nature, animals, and her favorite thing: fishing (an activity she did when she was young, before her father passed). She spends most of her time adventuring however and is a star member of the adventurer's guild (not that there's many in the first place). She isn't interested in romance, preferring to take her life with stride in the direction SHE wants to take it in.

    But I'm always curious what others' are, if anyone's willing to share :V
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      I really like Celeste, and I laughed at the pun anyways the thought of her and Elliot is sweet, Diana is also pretty cute nice independent character, gosh I can't be getting into stuff like this I'll just go on and on lol....will do it short and sweet anyways.

      I didn't have much in other files but with my current farmer, one of them, Juniper was surprised that the farm was left to her as she was adopted and her grandfather always seemed cold to her. Even though she was tired of Joja and wanted a change she asked her father for advice before choosing he showed her another letter that was left for her. Her grandfather admitted that coming from such a small family he always felt that it should keep out anyone who was an outsider, aside from his wife who he was never sure about until she died, he pushed almost everyone away. Lewis was an exception, he wasn't even close to his own child, however watching his son after his wife passed he changed his mind. Seeing him so devoted to his only child made him feel hope he decided just once he wanted to see what his granddaughter could do. With Ras's help he got a potion to come back after three years if she decided to take the farm. He said that she didn't have to believe it but he'd prove her wrong when the time came. The last sentence on the page was pleading that she'd enjoy life and make friends, something he never did because he wanted to see her happy, no matter how he acted he loved her too and wanted what was best. He also knew her father would have just sold the farmland if he gave it to him.

      Juniper was definitely surprised she really didn't believe he would come back and wondered if this Ras was some sort of con-artist, still she took the chance to take the farm magic or no magic she wanted something different in life. Once in her new home she remembered the teary good bye with her dad and promised mostly to herself that she wouldn't fail here too. He never saw her as a failure but there was no point in arguing with her. She made fast friends with Robin and her family slowly branching out to everyone else. Now married she still can't believe the old wizard is truly what he claims to be, his ex left her a gift of a void egg, the friendly Juni's as she calls them are always happy to see her, then there's the strange Dwarf, Krobus and other strange creatures. She has no choice to believe there is more to her home than it appears, she waits to see when her grandfather will come back, she wants to show him how well she's been doing and to thank him for giving her a chance it was hard work and she still has so much to do but she's loved every minute of it. She's an optimistic, curious, happy go lucky sort of woman in the end probably what attracted Sebastian to her in the first place he's nervous about being good enough for her but he's devoted and loves her that's all that matters.

      ...Okay that's enough lol :D
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        My first character in games I never give much of a backstory as it is basically me flailing around trying to learn the game mechanics. My second character, Eva, my imagination went to town on.

        Eva was the younger of two children, born to parents who were extremely successful corporate types and expected their children to be the same. While the elder was suited to that sort of high pressure, fast paced, money orientated environment, Eva wasn't. She did her best to cope by escaping into books and writing to Grandpa. Grandpa left her the farm because he could see a nervous breakdown was in her future and was trying to give her something to escape to.

        So Eva grew up, the inevitable happened, she had a nervous breakdown and decided to be a farmer. She parted with her family on acrimonious terms as they were furious that she was going to do something so unprestigious in the middle of nowhere instead of "fixing herself" so she could go back to her job at Joja Corp at stay in the city. Some of the cut throat corporate, money based ethos did come with Eva as she hurled herself into farming, fishing, combat, mining and foraging as well as making high profits, not to mention networking. Her father did unbend enough to write a few letters after he discovered from a magazine she was doing well at farming, but Eva's brother and mother were too angry to make any contact.

        She was drawn to Elliott pretty quickly due to the 'Wow, a real writer of actual books' factor and because they both could complain to someone about how everyone told them they'd never succeed at their new chosen careers. Her family were horrified when she wrote a letter saying she was marrying him because they'd convinced themselves this farming thing was just a phase and she'd come crawling back to them and get a real job soon, plus she picked someone with a job as worthless as farming. So they don't communicate at all now.
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          My character is an evil genius that's looking to make Pierre's life as awful as possible! First, I took his'll take his business...THEN...I'LL TAKE HIS WIFE, MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

          Seriously, though...I don't really delve too much into this sort of stuff, normally. Maybe I should... :rofl:
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            My char is.. Uh, as you can see. I thought "Wow, there's duck beak on accessory?" and roll on with it.
            char1.png char3.png

            I'd like to think my character is the missing link in the Duck family (Disney TM). The background is similar to Scrooge McDuck (written by Don Rosa). Starting from nothing, work extra hard, living in many failures during youth yet full of exciting adventures, and ended up in riches. Also I eventually think that my character is an orphan. Penny is like Scrooge's Glittering Goldie, and unlike Scrooge, the Farmer ended up choosing the love instead of riches.

            He also looks mighty fine with Sailor's Cap.
            char2.png char4.png
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              Well, I am writing a fic with my farmer, so I won't explain very much on that end since I don't trust myself to not spoil. I will happily say her personality, though!

              Jade is the name of my farmer, who (away from the canon of the game) I imagine to live in a rebuilt house in the heart of Cindersap Forest (more to the Secret Woods end). Farming is her new passion, and she loves her rabbits more than anything else.

              While nervous and shy with meeting new people, she can quickly warm up to others and is easy to open up about her own thoughts. Because she easily trusts people, she ends up being pretty gullible and is fairly easy to trick, both on joking and non-joking terms. Despite that, she has a pretty good sense of humor and loves to poke fun at others. Jade's hobbies outside of the farm include hiking in the mountains, exploring the mines, and of course, vidja gaems. Them dumb stupid dang arcade games are too hard tho, man.

              Family is extremely important to Jade, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. While killing a slime isn't that big of a deal, she's the kind to use an entire box of tissues while watching a pixar movie and eat a cake afterwards
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                Couldn't bother taking a screenshot, but just imagine your average male Harvest Moon farmer clothing (Shirt with overall pants.) with darkbrown hair and a majestic beard. The name of the old chap is Yngve.

                Hailing from the northern lands, Yngve was forced from his beloved country at the age of 15 along with his mother to the Ferngill Republic because of an invasion by the Gotoro Empire. In Ferngill Republic, Yngve had no option but to start working at Joja Co in order to be able to pay the bills due to a depression his mother got by the loss of her husband. Several years later, Yngve's mother were fully recovered and got a job on her own. It was around this time, after years of tiring and boring work at Joja Co, that Yngve remembered the letter that he recieved from his grandfather many years before the invasion in his old country. Yngve was told that his grandfather moved to a village in a faraway land when he was young, but who would have thought that it was right here in Ferngill Republic? Without hesitation, Yngve quit his job at Joja Co, sold his apartment and left for hopefully a better future...

                Yngve is a really cheerful person who tries to see a positive thing in any event. And after living just two years in the village, he's already beloved by the local villagers, aswell as he's happily married with Leah and have two children, named Freya and Thor. Always a jug o' milk with him, he happily bends his corners of his mouth upwards while he puffs away on his pipe, ready to take on a brand new day.
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                  I had no idea it was a duck beak! I thought it was a weird mask, neither bothered to turn the character around :rofl:
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                    Aw, Jade sounds so cute! (And I agree on the arcade games, I feel like Gus rigged it to be wayy harder than it should be, so his loyal customers keep wasting their quarters :V )
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                      I really like your farmer:up:. He kinda reminds me of the mighty ducks cartoon which I used to love so much when I was a kid. :love:
                      Oh, the good old times. ;)
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                        Emma is a tiny girl, who left her family in the city for a life at a farm. She enjoys animals and takes care of her prized hens. She has short brown hair, and warm brown eyes. Freckles cover her face, neck, and shoulders, and she dons a leather jacket from her father who gave her the farm. She's a quiet, reserved person, who doesn't go out much to the town, other than to sell things that she needs to. Emma has a southern drawl, notifying that she's not from the Valley by birth. She tries not to talk to much, and usually is only heard talking about buying and selling foods and animal products to Pierre.

                        Pharron is an upbeat man, who's always talking to everyone. He came to the Valley when he recieved the will to the farm through his grandfather. Pharron's hair is short, and a bright red. He has bright green eyes. He enjoys growing plants, and taking care of the few animals he has. Pharron always tends to overdo at the town fair, bringing in the best crops of his haul. Pharron also tends to try to take life easier, by fishing, and collecting unique rocks that he finds on the ground. He's dedicated to finding out the mysteries of Stardew Valley, starting with the community center. He participates in every event that the town hosts, and enjoys them completely.

                        Cecil (Netherson) is a weird being. He sits on the edge of Pelican down, on his farm. Every once in a while he comes down to the town to see what's going on. People who venture onto his farm are greeted with a peculiar site. His coops are filled with black chickens that have speckled red dots on them, and a weird, purple building is in the corner of his farm. Netherson grows some more peculiar things, as well. Ancient fruit grows in his greenhouse, no one is sure how or why it's growing there. His face and features cannot be described, if he has any hair it's hidden under a fedora. A long trenchcoat covers his body, and no one can see him farming in the day. Often times he goes to the desert, and comes back with a bag of heavy materials, sometimes a painting or two. Pam discovered that he carried back statues before, and she could not believe he got them in that barren desert. She followed him into Sandy's shop, and was marveled to see him pass behind the curtains. Sandy kicked her out soon after. No one is really sure about Netherson, and they begin becoming concerned when he talks to the bachlors/bachlorettes. Some of the older towns folk think he's a demon, a shadow person. Others claim he was sent from Yoba, to stop a great evil from this world. No one is sure when or how he got onto the farm. He's just there. He's always been there. (he's roughly based off of my obsession of welcome to night vale)
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                          Rith is a pretty introverted girl, but she does her best to get out there and talk to people. Still, there will be days that literally no one in town will see her, usually when she goes down to the mines or during the change of the season. She enjoys fairly nerdy stuff, including anime. She had one of those embarrassing weeb stages when she was younger. She gets along fine with Alex and Haley, but her main group of friends is Seb, Sam, and Abigail. She really gets into video games, and has spent hours trying - to no avail - to master the ones in the saloon. She's the type to fearlessly face an infested floor in the mines or ride her horse around at extremely reckless speeds, but yet completely freeze at the sight of a spider.
                          She gets along best with Sebastian, and eventually married him. Rith has some issues with social anxiety that she's still working past, so she understands where he's coming from. Plus, she's delighted that there's somebody that she can completely nerd out with. They'll sometimes have conversations that only they can understand. They have two kids, Avery and Max.
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                            I was just gonna do something funny, but started writing and didn't stop for the longest time, lol. Old writer is coming back out in me, though this is extremely messy and pretty simplistic without much detail and no actual dialogue. Definitely not my best work, but character and the origins before that would shape who and what he became this day. You're welcome to say "GOOD LAWD!" when you click the spoiler. Lol. Yea, bit lengthy. Hope it's not too much of a bore.

                            Oh, and make sure to check out the Spoiler within the second Spoiler C:< Pierre has a nightmare.

                            Long ago, before Atrias was born, a young aspiring mage, known as M. Rasmodius, traveled throughout the lands with his beloved newlywed wife and his closest friend. During their ventures, they would go to those who were in need of supernatural assistance, but one fateful call had them arriving at this quaint little town in the middle of seemingly nowhere, hidden away from the closest city with no highways coming near it, besides one almost invisible road. There was a sickness going about the village, unexplainable and non-treatable. The victims withered into lethargy, slowly turning a pale purplish color and deepening as they receded closer unto death.

                            Despite their spells of healing magic, the trio could not rid of this sickness, only slow it down. So, they decided to find the source of this sickness and began to investigate the outskirts of town. To their utmost surprise, a small mine shaft laid just north of town where they ran into two fierce-looking young men who went by the name Marlon and Gil, who warned the two mages and sorceress that the mines were being overran by vicious creatures. After some time of getting acquainted in a small home just east of the mines, the three spellslingers decided that whatever was going on in town must have something to do with the rise of monsters deep below the surface. Marlon informed them of a rather curious creature that had taken home within the entrance of the mine, a dwarf that meant no harm to the surface dwellers. The trio learned of such races within their schooling and went to speak with him at once, using a spell for both to understand each other from the language barriers.

                            Afterward, from speaking with the dwarf, they learned that he had ran from scourges of Shadow Brutes and their leaders, the Shamans; both Dwarves and Shadow Brutes had a hate-filled history of war and slaughter on both sides. The dwarf had been in the area, on a task by the remaining few of his people that settled elsewhere, to investigate a very rare ore that seemed to only be found under the little human town called Stardew Valley. His way was blocked from the corridors that would lead him home, though a fierce warrior, he stood no chance against so many. He also informed them that he had came from a secret passage that lead to another, seemingly endless multiple leveled, mine and that there may be another way for them to search for the source of the sickness without having to battle hordes of Shadow Brutes.

                            As they prepared to leave the mines, to follow the dwarf over the surface once night fell, Marlon and Gil requested to join their quest. Having no reason to deny them, the trio of spellslingers thought any extra sword or axe would be very welcomed. Onward the unlikely group went, following the road that would take them through a desert and onward, out of the valley, if that were their destination. But, the dwarf ventured off the road within the desert and took them to a small underground entrance behind a pond, almost hidden by palm trees. Without hesitation, they descended into the haunted caverns, battling off fierce creatures, stumbling upon ancient writings that neither mage, sorceress, dwarf, or fierce warrior could decipher. Dread hung thick within the air, every level they descended to, it seemed to only thicken. After taking a few hours to rest and eat, they set off once more, and within hours, they found themselves on a floor glowing with intense magical prismatic light. Within the center of this room floated a massive prismatic orb, slowly rotating in place. Every now and then, the air would crackle as a bolt of energy shot out at seemingly nothing intentional, yet when it struck, the fabrics of reality distorted, revealing a shimmering image of nebulae and galaxies within space, far far away.

                            The three spellslingers dared to get closer, in awe of such magic and power, yet the two mages halted as the orb reacted to their advancement by an array of crackling energy tearing into the cavern walls, floor, and ceiling. Always having been ambitious and thirsting for more power, the sorceress was not daunted. When she reached out, and through the crackling energy, to touch it, tiny bolts of electricity traveled across her skin, around her entire body, filling her with both agony and ecstasy. Rasmodius reached out to pull her away, in terror as he watched his beloved darken to a hideous green, but the other mage stopped and held him back, saving him from a similar fate. Within an instant, the orb returned to its former behavior of when they first arrived, yet the sorceress still remained changed and when she turned her gaze upon them, the other five knew she was forever changed into something dark and full of malice. With a cackle and a gesture of her hand, she threw a burst of searing purplish bolts towards the adventurers, most were able to avoid the assault, but Rasmodius' mage friend took a hit that sent him to his knees.

                            The mage was able to return to his feet, seemingly unharmed, but both suspected something ominous from such dark magic, perhaps a curse or a cancer. Rasmodius returned the favor, hating what he had to do to defend them from his beloved, but he held back his more lethal magic, sending lances of light to stun his wife. They would not reach her, though, for an invisible barrier absorbed his magic, and before he could yell for his companions to stop, the three warriors charged forth, sending their blades to the sorceress, but they, too, bounced back from that barrier. The other mage went into a fit of coughing as he tried to get Rasmodius' attention, who tore his gaze from the warriors distracting the green abomination to his friend. He merely pointed instead of waiting for the fit to be over with and Rasmodius saw that he pointed at the orb. Of course, he thought as Marlon was painfully rocketed into a wall but the tough young man was up in an instant, though his free hand was covering one of his eyes. Rasmodius quickly understood that the prismatic orb was the source of her power so he leveled his most lethal spells towards it, raining down fireballs and lightning strikes, whirling blades of energy and explosive blasts. Yet, the orb was without a scratch, but the sorceress realized what he was up to and began chanting her own spells to cast at him.

                            Without giving her the time to complete her casting, an extreme idea jumped into his mind and before he could think about using caution, he already went through the motions of his quick casting, a displacement/teleport spell, upon the orb.

                            The cavern grew dim, everyone halted in their place, turning their gaze upon the orb that began trembling and flickering in and out of existence. It was rejecting the spell, for the magic could not find a true hold on something that existing in many different places across universes. An unearthly groan emitted as a loud crack sounded, a spiderweb fracture slowly weaving down upon the face of the prismatic orb. Everything began to shake, as if an earthquake was transpiring, and before Rasmodius could shake himself out of his fixation of the orb and his wife screaming in denial, despair, and rage, the dwarf grabbed him by the arm and roughly pulled him away, causing the mage to follow his retreat. He glanced back to see Marlon and Gil put an arm around their necks of his friend, helping him along.

                            The tremors became worse, it was difficult for them to walk and keep their balance, much less run. But, they reached the shaft that would take them upwards, though they all feared there wouldn't be enough time to escape the massive underground before collapse. Blessings were upon them, though, for they continued to progress their ascent to where they reach their old campsite, but to their dismay, they were caught off guard by a Shadow Brute shifting through a few things they had left behind. The creature leaped in surprise as the gang stumbled upon him and yelled in fear as the dwarf hoisted his axe and prepared to charge. The Shadow Brute screamed for mercy, yelling in desperation that he could show them a way out. Rasmodius halted the dwarf from his charge, sensing that this creature was different than his kin and decided to trust him enough, their only other option was a long path ahead and with the tremors lasting long and with shorter time in between the spasms, he knew they wouldn't make it.

                            Not hesitating, the creature took off, gesturing for them to follow. They took after him, only to gape in surprise as he ran straight into a rock wall, and through it. Cautiously, they approached it and slowly went through it, coming into a small corridor. The creature nodded eagerly as they entered and took off again. After some time traveling, the tremors seeming weaker and weaker as they distanced themselves, they came into another cavern of different stone. Around a corner, they halted as they reached a strangely out-of-place elevator standing open for them. The creature gestured towards it, telling them that it would take them up to the surface and a quick thanks for sparing him of the dwarf's wrath. The weary band took the elevator up and soon found themselves taking deep breaths of the cool valley air.

                            After some time of resting, the band of adventurers gathered back to discuss what to do, but were interrupted by a young man, who called himself Lewis, that excitedly told them that the sickness seemed to have vanished while they were gone. Once he left, the others sighed in relief, none of them were eager to return underground, except for the dwarf. Speaking for a time, they had come to decide to seal off the caverns in the desert, Rasmodius planned to store away the key to the seal deep within the first mines, believing that at the bottom, through hordes of monsters, it would remain safe. Marlon and Gil decided to keep guard over those mines, calling themselves the Adventurer's Guild, though it was the first time the mages noticed that he had tied cloth around his head, as a makeshift bandage. That blast he took in the caverns had turned out to blind one of his eyes. The dwarf said that he would remain in the area to return to his study of the rare ore in the area. They departed from each other, Rasmodius and his friend (who was feeling much better) strolled out towards the main part of the little town and talked about how to precede with their plans.

                            Both of them came to the conclusion that, even though, Marlon and Gil were to protect the mines, they'd feel much better remaining here as well to keep a watchful eye out. After the tremendous power from the prismatic orb and how it perverted his beloved, whom he was just now feeling the pangs of grief after everything was settling, they wanted no one to ever find it.

                            And, so, the days became weeks, weeks into months, months into years, where the two friends had started a new life at Stardew Valley. Rasmodius took up a tower near a strange woods, but not too far south from his friend. His friend had had enough of the supernatural and turned to the hard work of farming, though he never ended up very good at it. His friend courted a lovely young lass from the village, but it didn't end up working out, for while he was intent to remain, she desired to see the rest of the world. But, as fate would have it, she was with child, though she was not aware, when she went off to pursue her dreams of seeing outside of Stardew Valley.

                            Rasmodius stayed to his studies, his grief turning him into a recluse inside his tower, eventually coming to be a wizard, wielding far greater power and knowledge than before, as the years passed on. He was surprised, bewildered, and concerned how involved he had been in his studies, when it finally dawned on him that his old mage friend standing before him was telling him that he was going to have a grandson. With a tilt of his head, Rasmodius saw how old his friend had gotten, yet the wizard only looked to be middle-aged. His magic was keeping him young, but not immortal.

                            He decided to venture out a bit around town, get to know the people he protected. That young man, who had told them that the town's people were no longer sick, had now became a man in his forties and also the town's new mayor. But, what caught his eye was a spriteful young woman, though he later found out there were some obstacles, but the two had come to take up talking one evening. He found her enchanting, she found him strange but mysterious and interesting. Soon, the both of them got caught up in passion before wisdom, and sometime later, she was with child.

                            The young woman, distraught, pleaded with him to remove the unborn child, but the wizard offered her an alternative of a spell of persuasion, where all but him would know the true lineage of the child. She stormed away, but the wizard already took it in his own power to solve the issue, casting the spell that would drift over town like morning dew. The next morning, everyone assumed she was with child with whom she wanted to be with and the wizard remained on the sidelines, watching the days go by as his daughter slowly grew.

                            Then, one day, as he was brewing some magical properties, he sensed dark magic afoot. With a quick spell, he teleported to find himself on the farm of his friend, who sat withered on his rocking chair, very near death and with his complexion a strange, but familiar, purple hue. As he rushed to his friend, he heard a cackle from the roof. A quick glance stole his breath away as he saw his former beloved, shrouded in black and holding a broom, her face still that haunting dark green. At the sight of his attention, she cackled again as she gestured toward his friend, informing him that this one was long ago cursed with undeath. The wizard turned back towards his friend, who vaguely noticed him with a shadow of a smile on his face. Years of friendship flashed through that ghost smile. He knew he was slipping away but he glanced back towards the roof to find her gone and with he quick look around with no sight of her, he knew her business was gone. For now.

                            Within the hours, the wizard made his friend as comfortable as he could. With healing magic to numb the pain, but no magic could make the old young once more. A moment of clarity hit his friend, who slowly pulled out an envelope with a small note attached to it. He couldn't speak, but the wizard took the envelope and note and saw that he had written down instructions. He was to give his farm, and all that was possessed on it, to his grandson. With a nod, the wizard stroked his friend's hair and told him that he would see to it and to watch over him, if his grandson were to take his offer. Within minutes, his friend slipped away into death...and to undeath beyond, where he knew that his friend would haunt the spirit world on earth, forever tied to it.

                            After a small funeral the next day, which everyone from town had gathered to pay their respects, the wizard gathered with Marlon and Gil, who have aged greatly over the years, but still had that fire left in them. Rasmodius asked of their help to erect a small shrine for their friend, a place where the tormented undeath could anchor to and find rest and peace. They agreed and within a few weeks, the shrine was constructed in a remote part of the farm, hidden from curious eyes by overgrowth.

                            The wizard returned to his studies while somewhat becoming more social with the town, coming to their events and helping them with one of the fall festivals. Then, one day, he sensed something strangely new yet oddly familiar. His closest friend's grandson had arrived to Stardew Valley...

                            Atrias was seemingly nothing special, other than a hardworking young adult who spent most of his time out at his grandfather's old farm. He loved nature, being outdoors, and wasn't afraid of manual labor. Atrias found it to be paradise compared to sitting in a cubicle five days out of a week. To anyone that would visit, and if they had known his grandfather, they'd instantly see he put him to shame by the success he was having by clearing out the entire property and building up wealth within the end of each season. The times he ventured out to the town's festivals, he would chit-chat with the folks there, but nothing long lasting. Then, after they ended, none would see him for quite a few days to a week, before he had a reason to come into town and that was only for the blacksmith or getting supplies from Pierre. Atrias ignored the interests some of the other folks had in him, preferring to keep to himself and his work.

                            After the old mine was cleared from a strange rock slide that occurred right after he arrived, he had ventured inside for some simple ores, but lately, he had begun to spend more and more time there, going deeper and deeper. None of the vicious creatures within could detour him from his expeditions, he was quite skilled with the blade. He always found it strange that the elevator only appeared to take him back to the levels he had already been to, almost as if it either had a mind of its own or something supernatural was trying to restrict him from exploring the lowest levels. He eventually found his own way below, coming across great treasures, but also more and more creatures, some much stronger than those he was first acquainted with. Yet, as he juggled his mining hobby with his farming work, one evening, he finally reached the lowest level of the mine, discovering a chest containing a strange key. Upon leaving, he decided to keep this discovery to himself until he, at least, found out where it went to.

                            He remembered that he might secretly get some information out of the wizard, after all, he did need to talk to him about the weird creatures that he saw at the Community Center. The day after, he spoke with the strange wizard, who didn't stray from topic, and told him about the Junimos. Atrias returned to the center and discovered that they had tasks for him to complete. Curious, he began to gather up some supplies to see what would happen if he completed one. Returning, he brought back the supplies for a simple one and in front of his very eyes, the room was instantly and magically restored to its former glory. Awestruck, he left and decided to spend his days gathering what was needed. As the seasons progressed, he completed more and more bundles that the Junimos rewarded in different ways. Then, one day, after completing one and as he slept, he woke up to find the old broken down bus had been repaired overnight. No one was sure what happened, but Pam had returned to driving it back and forth, so he decided to go for a ride.

                            She drove him out to the desert, where he began nosing around and meeting Sandy, but more interestingly,, as he searched the desert, he found a small underground entrance. A sealed door blocked his path, upon entering, with a single keyhole. Immediately, he knew that this was where that key he had found went to. Never one to wait, he quickly unlocked the barrier, entering into a haunted cavern that held more history that related to him than he would have ever known.

                            Deep within these caverns, he found strange purple ore that made him feel slightly strange when he touched them. But, he knew they were worth a lot and could be very useful for many things. He gathered what he could, slaying strange new creatures and some more familiar ones. Just as he was about to ascend to exit, he stopped to mine one last rock. And when he did, he found something very strange, yet extremely beautiful.

                            A prismatic shard.

                            It appeared as if it once were apart of something larger, but that only made him think that there were more out there. With his newest find, he made his way out, holding onto the shard the entire time. As he was rushing out into the clear night, he realized how late it was and how exhausted he was. Stumbling around in the dark, he lost his bearings and found himself venturing into that strange area with three large pillars. Something felt out of place, he thought as he looked around, his steps coming hesitantly as he reached the middle of the area. Suddenly, lightning flashed, the air hummed with awesome power, the sky rippled and wavered. The prismatic shard burned his hand as it vaporized into thin air and before he realized what was happening, a sword appeared in his hands.

                            But, something else appeared as well. A dark and evil formless entity that hovered before him for a moment before lancing out at him and into him before he could react. As the body convulsed and shuddered, the new inhabitant of Atrias breathed once more. With a dart of those stolen eyes, he gazed upon a familiar blade that he once spent years killing anyone that stood in the way of him obtaining this powerful weapon across universes. With this blade, he'd become powerful once more, this sword of the galaxy.

                            This world would know darkness, this world would know fear...this world would know what a Nightmare really is. And who he is.

                            With a turn of stolen feet, he ventured off toward the road, to the town ahead, where it would all begin. Starting with one individual, the one who the stolen memories severely disliked.

                            HAHAHA! FINALLY! I HATE YOU, PIERRE!
                            • Gabaw

                              Gabaw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              GOOD LAWD!! You weren't kidding. Well worth the read tho :confirm: Also omfg eat shit Pierre hahahaha! That's amazing.
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                              • lilly_ampleton

                                lilly_ampleton Void-Bound Voyager

                                I just love making up some kind of backstory for my farmers.
                                my farmer Girl Olivia (you can see her in my profile pic, next to Clint) has the following backstory:

                                Olivia was born into a family of workers. None of them ever attended college and so nobody expected her to study or do something else than working as a clerk.
                                Only her belated grandpa had some different ideas for her future. He wanted her to fullfill her dreams of becoming a lawyer and maybe later settle down on his farm in Stardew Valley. But her parents never had the money to pay for her education and they also kept grandpa's farm a secret. They didn't want Olivia to move out of their house, because she was also helping the family with her income. After school, Olivia started an apprentice ship at Joja-Enterprises as an industrial clerk. She was doing quite good at bookkeeping but deep inside she hated her job. Every sunday evening she'd get those horrible stomach aches, because she was so unhappy to work there. She always wanted to go to University and study or do something entirely different, like working on a farm. Anything but booking invoices all day.
                                Her parents pressured her into finishing her apprentice ship and afterwards they forced her to stay at Joja-Enterprises. As an only child her parents always kept her small and overly protected. Olivia was becoming a shadow of her former self, then one day she accidentially found an old letter addressed to her. Everything changed after that. She immediately quit her job at Joja and decided to move to Stardew Valley. her parents were and still are quite disappointed in her decision. Therefore only her dad sometimes sends her a letter. Her mother won't talk to her. Olivia suffers greatly from her bad relationship with her parents, but she's also happy to finally live her own life. She's 25 by the time she moves to SV.
                                At first she was having a hard time getting used to living alone. Before she took off to inherit her grandpa's farm, she also broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years. Their relationship had always been very one-sided with her doing everything to please him and him mistreating her. Though he never physically hurt Olivia, her former boyfriend did quite a job, destroying her self-esteem.
                                Oliva was very nervous when she first had to introduce herself to the other villagers. It was quite frustrating to see them all so happy and easy-going when she was having such a hard time herself. Working on the farm was much harder than she'd ever expected. One day she broke her axe and had to have it repaired. So she went to the towns blacksmith, a man named Clint she'd only met once before. He'd seemed pretty distant so Olivia hadn' talked much to him back then.
                                As he was working on her axe, they started talking and Clint told her how he was pressured into becoming a blacksmith just like his father and gradfather and immediately she felt a strong connection to him. From that day on she spent more and more time around him, befirending him and secretly falling in love with him. But unfortunately her happy ending is quite off limits at the moment, for Clint only has eyes for Emily.

                                Well that's pretty much Olivia's story. A few aspects are inspired by my own past (such as the unhappy job as a bookkeeper that I also quit IRL and the wish to study law - am still working on this) but most things were made up as I started to play. ;)
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                                • Megzzzx

                                  Megzzzx Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Well Megz grew up in the city working for the man. She loved her skull tshirt and blue hair and of course listened to metal. She had a lonely life though. She worked, went home to play video games, read a few comics, sleep and then back to work. She realized she was slowly becoming a corporate robot and had to break free. So she moved to Stardew Valley where she took over the Sweetie Farm. At first she was scared and nervous to make friends. After she farmed for a bit she would cuddle her kitty cat Chu. But finally she began to open up to the all the villagers and now she has a lot of friends and three boyfriends. She finally found the happiness she was searching for all those years.
                                  • LuthienNightwolf

                                    LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                                    I saw this thread a while back but I had to think a bit on what my character's story would be, and now that I've done so, I'll add mine to the collection. :3

                                    Basic stats:
                                    Name - Luthien
                                    Farm name: Junimo Haven

                                    So, I'm an artist irl - full time, it pays the bills, awesome job. I like to think some of that would carry over to my character, so aside from being a farmer, she's definitely got an artsy side. I think before she inherited the farm, she was stuck working at Joja but what she *really* wanted to do was follow her passion and just do art for her living. She finds it very easy to relate to Leah because of this and I think the two of them would probably hang out a lot, working on art projects. While farm life does keep her pretty busy, she always finds a few minutes at least every day to sit and sketch or work on something. Since she's married to Seb, who is a big fantasy-geek and working on his own game, I imagine she probably draws some things for him. I mean, I shower my rl boyfriend with gift-art so its only natural my character would do this as well. lol

                                    Aside from art, she's a big nature-lover, downright spiritual about it if I might add (and this is why she's good friends with Linus, she finds his wisdom refreshing and fascinating). She is very into the lore of the valley regarding Junimo and faeries and seeks to keep her home and farm inviting to both at all times. She's very keen on visiting the Secret Woods and probably spends a lot of time just exploring or relaxing there (after she rids the area of slimes, of course). She probably bothers the Wizard more than she cares to admit as well, but in my head-canon he has kind of taken her under his wing and is willing to teach her a few things, since she's done so much for the village.

                                    I would say she'd probably spend less time in the mines than I do in my game, preferring to spend most of the day either tending her garden and livestock or hanging out with her husband. Not a huge technology fan, preferring to keep things simple, but not above the idea of having at least part of the farm automated (because this allows for more time to spend on art and doing things with Seb). She's got a rather impressive gem collection and she loves fairy roses the best of all the things she grows on her farm.

                                    She'd be an introvert, like myself, so not huge on social gatherings but she'll still show up and say hello, then probably duck out pretty quickly afterward. Very quiet, not necessarily shy but likes to observe more than participate. She enjoys her Friday nights to herself since Seb goes to the saloon to hang out with Sam and Abby, and when he goes out on Mondays she probably wanders off after chores to find her own things to do, and is perfectly happy to give him his space and have her own. Otherwise, a very loving and attentive wife, would do anything to make her hubby happy, even if that includes dealing with that silly Slime Hutch he wanted when they first got married. >u<

                                    I made a little ref sheet for her, just for fun. Template here if anyone else wants to use it. :)

                                      Attached Files:

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                                    • Lilliput

                                      Lilliput Supernova

                                      Lillian Lenore Hapgood is of somewhat blue-blooded New England stock, and in her youth, she had a strange penchant for the mysterious and arcane, not unlike Abigail. A rather solitary child, she became bookish and introverted, eventually earning a degree in librarian sciences with minors in mythology, folklore, herbology, geology... in short, all the things that would qualify her as a very modern and scientific witch. She was forced to take the data-entry job with Joja in the vain hopes it would lead to something in their research department, but after a couple of years of mind-numbing tedium, realized her Grandfather's old farm offered her a better chance to pursue her interests. And of course, there were rumors of some strange phenomenon in the valley that she wanted a closer chance to investigate...

                                      Lillian is very nature-oriented, but tends to view things with a slightly too-textbook eye, a slight clinical coldness that she's just starting to overcome. She's the sort who might miss the forest while examining the trees. But since moving to the Valley, she's made a number of friends who have helped her take a more spiritual and romantic approach to understanding the natural world, such as Leah (her best friend), Linus (Whom she respects as being wiser than the others in the valley give him credit for) and the Wizard (she would really /love/ to be offered that Apprentice job any day now, thank you!). Lillian can often be found foraging in the woods, and there's nothing she likes better than a day of mushroom-hunting or blackberrying in the Autumn, with the comforts of a roaring fireplace to come home to when it becomes chilly in the evening. Her trips to the mines are very much geology expeditions, not monster hunting. And she doesn't do a lot of actual /farming/ per se, most of her income is beekeeping and other low-maintenance activities. She has one pet cat (or as she calls it, her familiar) named Julian, and three pampered ducks by the names of Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Though she's had a number of flirtations with the townsfolk, she remains single so far. (Though Leah has strongly hinted at wanting a more formal relationship...)
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                                      • Lark the Brave

                                        Lark the Brave Subatomic Cosmonaut


                                        Lark was born and raised in the city. When he was young his father died in the war against the Gotoro Empire. His mother had to spend a lot of time away from home to work at multiple jobs in order to get by, so it was primarily his grandfather that watched over him.

                                        Growing up, Lark spent most of his time playing video games, reading, and staying indoors as much as possible since he is a bit of a eliophobic. His grandfather did his best to encourage Lark to go outside more often, even giving Lark an old floppy hat to "hide" from the sun when outdoors. This hat and a patched up trench coat provided enough "protection" in order for Lark to feel safe so that when he got old enough to work he was able to get a desk job at JoJo Mart to help his family with the bills. Unfortunately, this appearance combined with an extremely introverted personalty marked him as a very strange person others wanted to avoid.

                                        Lark had a difficult time handling his grandfather's death, especially since it was more like losing a second father. When he found out that his grandfather's dying wish had been for him to try to interact with others more often and to stop hiding so much indoors, Lark decided to move to the cabin and farmland that had been left to him, especially since everything in the city reminded him of the loved one he had just lost.

                                        To the surprise of no one, Lark wasn't very good at growing crops, or fishing, or raising farm animals, and most of Pelican Town didn't like him on first meeting. What he was good at, he discovered, was exploring caves full of monsters and finding hidden treasure, and is especially adept at using a sword--though he secretly wishes he could be more like a wizard.

                                        He thought that would be enough for his life, even if he probably failed at meeting every single one of his grandfather's expectations--that it'd be OK in the long run to not grow close to anyone...

                                        ...but then he met someone who also enjoyed standing out in the rain. :)
                                        • Minimanta

                                          Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                                          The only one of my farmers I have anything to tell about is this gal:
                                          But that's only because her name is Minimanta.

                                          Minimanta is my internet persona and go-to character in games. She's like a better real me, more outgoing and talkative, prettier, dresses better etc. But she still shares my overall personality and likes and dislikes.
                                          I'm not going into details about personality, background and such because that's a little too close for comfort right now xP

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