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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Aroxys, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Aroxys

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    You know, one thing I've thought about while playing Starbound and dreaming up ideas for a Dr. Bananapex boss mod is the fact that for all the Apex labs you wreck, all the Avian dungeons you defile, all the USCM bases you kill off, and all the Floran prisons you turn into ghost towns, all the Glitch Castles and outposts you depopulate, there's really no consequences at all for doing it. The Miniknog of the Apex apartment complexes don't shoot you on sight, no one ever tracks you down to attack you even though they have the capacity and you're giving them motivation to do so. So what's my suggestion?

    Make it so hostiles in dungeons have a unique race-specific drop that can be crafted into a boss-summoning item. While it's not an automatic thing (since I'm not sure if an automatic system is in place yet), it would let you potentially own up to (or flaunt) the fact that you've raided, pillaged, and plundered so many structures. Boss-wise, it'd be a little like Dreadwing in that a race-specific dropship would come down from the sky to attack you, but different because the dropship really can't fight on its own and is totally dependent on the troops it teleports down to do the fighting for it. Ideally this would scale to the level of the planet you're fighting on so that one wouldn't need ten different tiers of drops per offendable race to make sure that the invasion won't become irrelevant and trivial later on.

    Each individual troop would drop stims, weapons, and pixels as normal while the dropship itself might drop special material to create a tech Mech of your own, or if ship improvements go that far let you make a dropship of your own to fly down to a planet instead of just teleporting down, so you can have more immediate storage, perhaps a designated teleport point if you just jump back up to your ship, the ability to fly around a world, or even have a temporary base until you make something a little more permanent.
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    it has been mentioned before but i stil like the idea it needs to be in the game
  3. Tymon

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    Hmm... This might work provided it's a craftable optional thing. But if it was a forced thing where the boss spawned or people did hunt you down, or apex guards shot you on sight, then I would have to disagree with this. THESE ARE HOSTILE NPCS. Now, if they were not hostile initially? Then I think this suggestion would be cool. but outside of the florian prison, the rest of these are surface dungeons and could block the player from exploring. Being punished because you have to go through them and get attacked by homicidal NPCs... what... we're supposed to let them kill us? We aren't given a choice when bullets start flying towards us when all we want to do is pass through and not even steal anything.
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    I know this thread is old.. But.. I cannot resist. I'm sorry. :notworthy:

    Back on topic, though, I like this idea. I think that it should be forced, though. So that you actually think twice before murdering and pillaging any settlement you come across.

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