You can now preorder Treasure Adventure World... for 20% off?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hollow, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Hollow

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  2. Klaimen

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    Yeah, spread the word around, this might pull the trigger on some people who have been considering but needed another argument. If I hadn't already, now I certainly would have ;)
    • badra100

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      Huh thats great I guess people on GOG aren't used to indie games. This game is a true gem of an indie game. It is exploration at its best. I won't deny that it is obviously building on past advances in the genre (metroidvanias), but it still stands out as one of the better indie titles.
      • Vession

        Vession Title Not Found

        How odd that you say almost the same things as one of the top reviews on the game's GOG page.

        Regardless, hopefully TAW will breathe some renewed public interest into the free version on GOG to be used as a trial for the updated version and so looping around in an interesting way. I should hope that the original's description on GOG is updated to bring attention to this idea, or at least TAW, when it is released.

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