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    I know suggestions regarding children and late game balance are as numerous as dig spots when your hoe is at the smithy. Yet I thought I might dare a suggestion that hopefully differs a little bit - at least from the perspective of development.

    The other suggestions regarding children are all great in my opinion and I wish any of them could become part of the game. Many of them, however, might simply be a little difficult to implement in the game. For example, any idea where the children grow up into characters or several new mechanics come into play is no easy task for a developer.

    For me a simple event like sending your children to an off-map school would be fine. A choice in how expensive you want the school to be (with recurring charges) could also be a great drain to the late game cash overflow (though it need not have any effect). I think it's just nice with the feeling of providing for one's kids.

    I'm one of those players that optimize everything on the farm for profit (not really good at following the spirit of the dear town I fear), so having events where I can donate money (like building Pam a house) are truly welcome and wonderful.

    I will admit - counter to the very suggestion I've just given - that it would break my heart to see the children move out for school...


    Please, don't hate me... too much... :D
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      Pretty sure it's been suggested that they go to school with Penny... why not give the player the option of upgrading part of the Community Center to be a school, or building one near the Playground? Then they would sleep in your house. Has anyone played the game for 20 years? Does college need to be an option?
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