RELEASED Yandere Events for Jas

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  1. randomAnon123

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    This is gonna turn into a bloodbath guys.

    Youtuber Darkovika Gaming has recently started a let's play of Stardew Valley 1.1 with this mod installed.
    Follow her as she discovers the terrors of this mod and rethinks her life choices, starting with the following episode.

    - Expanded portraits!
    - Events (1 heart, 2 hearts, 3 hearts, 4 hearts, 5 hearts, 6 hearts, 7 hearts, 8 hearts, 9 hearts and 10 hearts)!
    - Expanded dialogue!
    - NO Dating! NO Marriage!
    - FAIR WARNING, THIS GETS CREEPY. And be prepared to also romance Penny, it's part of the requirements.

    Original portraits by NongDarn.

    Make a back up of your Content folder and of your savefile. Extract the rar in your game folder and overwrite everything.



    • 1 Heart Event
    Location: Forest.
    Requirements: 1 Heart with Jas. Jas must be present.​
    • 2 Hearts Event
    Location: Town.
    Requirements: 2 Hearts with Jas.​
    • 3 Hearts Event
    Location: Museum.
    Requirements: 3 Hearts with Jas. Jas must be present.​
    • 4 Hearts Event
    Location: Forest.
    Requirements: 4 Hearts with Jas. 8 Hearts with Penny. From 9 AM to 4 PM.​
    • 5 Hearts Event
    Location: Forest.
    Requirements: 5 Hearts with Jas. Jas must be present.​
    • 6 Hearts Event
    Location: Farm.
    Requirements: 6 Hearts with Jas. Sunny. From 6 AM to half past 9 AM.​
    • 7 Hearts Event
    Location: Farm.
    Requirements: 7 Hearts with Jas. Sunny. From 10 PM to half past 11 PM.​
    • 8 Hearts Event
    Location: Farm - Museum.
    Requirements: 8 Hearts with Jas. Read the mail.​
    • 9 Hearts Event
    Location: Farm.
    Requirements: 9 Hearts with Jas. From 6 AM to 7 AM. Sunny. You must have been featured in the "Stardew Valley Tribune" (Reach 27000g).​
    • 10 Hearts Event
    Location: Farm - Bath House/Pool.
    Requirements: 10 Hearts with Jas. 10 Hearts with Penny. Read the mail.​

    Mirror (Mega)
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    • sinnoaria

      sinnoaria What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

      Well then... This looks... Interesting?

      WIll it work properly if you already have her at 10 hearts or will you see a lot of jumping around like with current events if you overshoot (like when you give them a loved gift on (as example) their birthday, it can shoot them up 2 stars or more (iridium loved gifts can add quite a bit) and if you do a loved gift on their birthday and don't meet with them until say the Luau or the winter gift event, it can go up a lot more).
      • randomAnon123

        randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

        The events are written in such a way that you'll only be able to trigger them in order, so no worries there.
        You might find her dialogue a bit weird though, since it references previous events.
        The mod also modifies one of Penny's events (the field trip one), so if you've already seen it issues might arise.
        • sinnoaria

          sinnoaria What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

          Yeah, already saw that one.
          • randomAnon123

            randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

            I actually checked, and it seems like I also changed the event ID for Penny's edited events.
            So they should trigger even if you've already seen them in that savefile.
            • XaviiKinz

              XaviiKinz Space Penguin Leader

              Well, this looks extremely creepy.
              But creepy's my jam, so I'll probably take a look :nod:
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              • xxgothxx

                xxgothxx Void-Bound Voyager

                Is there a list of what triggers the events? I've gotten up to the studying scene but I've not been able to trigger anything beyond that so far.
                • randomAnon123

                  randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

                  I actually had a sort of walkthrough already up on stardewmods when the site was still up.
                  But the wayback machine doesn't have it archived, nor does any other archive on the internet... so I guess I'll have to write it again from scratch.
                  I'll add it to the OP as soon as I'm finished.
                  • randomAnon123

                    randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

                    *Added walkthrough to the OP.
                    • xxgothxx

                      xxgothxx Void-Bound Voyager

                      Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :) Great mod.
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                      • randomAnon123

                        randomAnon123 Orbital Explorer

                        You're welcome! I would have needed to write a walkthrough anyway, considering how weird some of the event triggers I came up with are.

                        *Added a Let's Play video to the OP.
                        I can't wait to see her reaction to some of the events. Especially the tenth one :rofl:
                        • kokonoe

                          kokonoe Orbital Explorer

                          I really hope this isn't a spoiler, but word of warning, if you plan to getting Married to Penny make sure you do it before you trigger the bathhouse event, just saying.
                          • JCHG

                            JCHG Intergalactic Tourist

                            Can some one give me a step by step on how to get this into my game? I've never modded anything and I'm not quite sure how to do this.
                            • elikike123

                              elikike123 Aquatic Astronaut

                              the mod works in the version 1.2.4?
                              • Gluttonace

                                Gluttonace Void-Bound Voyager

                                I got the letter for the 8 heart event but accidentally went to bed before I activated it and now it wont work. Am I thoroughly screwed or is there a way to activate it on another day?
                                • cottoncandyshark

                                  cottoncandyshark Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Dude, this is so beast. As it was very interesting, I wish I had the patience to do this, haha.
                                  • BuddyRich

                                    BuddyRich Void-Bound Voyager

                                    My game crashes and it seems to only happen when I'm standing near Jas or trying to talk to her? Sometimes it crashes out of nowhere though. Anything I'm doing wrong?
                                    • falsewall

                                      falsewall Big Damn Hero

                                      Seem to have an index out of bounds exception crashing the game when the hotbar swaps back or forth between the top and bottom, followed by the user mousing over something in the hotbar.

                                      I heard this is probably due to files in the XNB files not being in the right format after the 1.2 update. I am adept enough to edit the contents, but does anyone know what the new format changes are for these?

                                      EDIT: Default recipes in ObjectInformation were set to old file paths. Fixed them, runs fine.
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                                      • Katzvielle

                                        Katzvielle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        i really wish i knew how you fixed that i dont know enough about modding to do that :(
                                        if anyone knows please let me know

                                        Edit: i figured it out. Im so proud of myself right now lol
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                                        • junimotherese

                                          junimotherese Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Great. Jas in the video even referred to my name. Thanks for that. o_O

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