Y1 Spring 2 Fishing - Training Rod and Trout Soup test

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    TL;DR: FickleRhubarb tested not moving the green bar all day on Spring 2 (two runs) at the Fish Shop, with the Training Rod, alternating Trout Soup and alternating short and long casts. Green bar is 1.3 ticks (joints) long irrespective of Trout Soup. Run 1 (summarized here) had 4 perfect catches, xp 208, level 1 on entirely long casts and run 2 (logged here) had 10-11 perfect catches, xp 418, level 2 on mostly short casts.

    I just ran a baseline fishing test on Y1 Spring 2 all day without playing the mini-game (no green bar movement). The results on that aren't too impressive, but I learned one good hard fact.

    Location: Fish Shop front door
    Time: Y1 Spring 2, 7:00am to 2:00am. (No training rod until 9:10 am, of course.)

    • I made four Perfect Catches.
    • I leveled up to 1 almost immediately but only made 208 experience for the day and fell asleep still at level 1.
    • Trout Soup does not increase green bar length beyond Training Rod (1.3 ticks) at Level 0 and 1. So Trout Soup is only useful at that level for energy (and to save time vs. going to fetch other kinds of energy).
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      I wold be interesting in this testing and analysis but I 'm losing something in the translation.

      Where was this test preformed and during what time frame? The ocean 7 am to 2 am? The mountain 10 am to 2 am?

      If I understand this properly, both the training rod and trout soup was purchased and both were consumed?
      Then the casts were made but no attempt at catching fish was made?
      4 perfect catches were obtained for 2.4x xp. which fish were those?
      Other catches were made, but only enough to bring the total to 208 exp? (roughly 108 worth of xp worth ~ 9 carp?)

      One these questions are answered I'll be in a better place to discuss this further.

      -Assuming some things and working from my experience on others I will comment so far this.
      I have used day 2 trout soup strategy a lot. It gets me the larger (then level 0) catch bar length to start with. I believe it increases the cast distance a hair. It doesn't limit my fish to base quality. And while it costs 10x the amount of the training rod, this is realistically only 225 more and comes with a sweet energy boost.

      My strategy takes time from the fishing day (I can't fish with the soup until after 9am), but I would burn 100 e in watering and chopping trees / clearing the farm morning of day 2 then run down to Willy's to be there at 9 when he opens to buy the trout soup. I could be at the mountain lake by 11 am eat the trout soup and be fishing with lvl 1 catch bar and getting fish of good quality nearly right away. Especially with the ability to increase what would have been a silver catch to a gold via perfect, I have always liked the trout soup as a start day 2 plan. It makes carp almost no trouble to perfect catch. Bullheads much easier to perfect catch, and makes it easier to catch the largemouth bass and chubs. I've found on carp or bullhead heavy days the fishing levels rise quickly because at 2.4x you only need to catch 5-6 perfect carp to pass level 1. Or 3 perfect bullhead. There have been days where I have fished effective level 3 before the soup wore off. There are gold fish in those catches, and maybe iridium carp or bullhead.
      I would also believe that it makes catching the ocean fish easier, but I don't like to deal with the darting fish that often. Plus they are not as valuable as bullheads or largemouth so tend to fish at the mountain lake getting the fiberglass rod on day 3.
      It is possible with the addition of flounder that a better plan might be to get to the beach early and fish with the bamboo pole until 9am, then sell those fish and buy the trout soup and then either fish the ocean until the halibut are gone at 11am, or head up the mountain lake then. I suspect I'd head for the lake since perfect carp are so nice and then you also can eat the trout soup earlier in the day after travelling to the lake.

      The training rod gives the benefit of the catch bar increase without the cast increase or ability to catch quality fish. For very little cost. I don't see how adding trout soup adds anything to the equation other than the energy.

      I can't speak too much towards day 2 fiberglass rod purchase as it requires too much deviation from my preferred day 1 activities and behaviors to be able to make that purchase so early in the day 2 I don't bother. But I have read many pages of farmers who do really well buying the training rod instead of trout soup. I believe that plan has been shown to do well for some.

      I just don't see how a plan buying both works <yet> .
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        FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

        Sorry. I edited my post. For time management Spring 2-4 I generally stay near chest on east side of Fish Shop door.

        Yes. Sadly I was not a very good scientist. So I did a rerun.

        Level 2 (418) from the ocean without moving the green bar. Trout Soup only worth energy (but see my complete thoughts below).

        10 perfect catches + 1 "shouldabeen". Level 2, 418 experience points. Tantalizing hypothesis that min casts (starting 1130a) give more perfect; needs further testing.
        Perfect Sardine,6+1 "shouldabeen"
        Perfect Herring,1
        Perfect Anchovy,3
        Imperfect Sardine,2
        Imperfect Herring,2
        Imperfect Anchovy,1

        Raw logs:
        Notes: Along the way there was some distraction and fat-fingering (retracted casts, accidental long-ish casts and missed bites). I did not log those. I'll blame them on playing scientist. I edited my times to remove colons to thwart the BBCode kitty :3
        0640a,Cast 1,Bamboo Pole,That fish can be impossible to catch or pass without moving the bar. So I finally moved the bar and caught it,Sardine
        0710a,Cast 2,failed
        0740a,Cast 3,imperfect,Herring
        0820a,Cast 4,Seaweed
        0830a,Cast 5,failed
        0900a,Sold fish. Bought Training Rod and Trout Soup.
        0910a,Cast 6. Forgot to equip Training Rod. Potential "Perfect",imperfect,Sardine.
        0940a,Cast 7 with Training Rod,failed
        1000a,Cast 8,failed
        1020a,Cast 9,failed,noted 1.3 ticks/joints of green bar. Ate Trout Soup.
        1050a,Cast 10,failed
        1100a,Cast 11,failed
        1130a,Cast 12. Last "long cast",Glasses
        1140a,Cast 13,failed
        1210p,Cast 14. Noted 1.3 ticks with Trout Soup,perfect,Sardine
        1240p,Cast 15,imperfect,Herring
        100p,Cast 16,perfect,Sardine
        0120p,Cast 17,failed
        0130p,Cast 18,Seaweed
        0200p,Cast 19,failed
        0220p,Cast 20,perfect,Sardine
        0250p,Cast 21,failed
        0320p,Cast 22,perfect,Sardine
        0400p,Cast 23,failed
        0420p,Cast 24. Appears there is no minimum length cast. A mere click is a successful cast,perfect,Anchovy
        0440p,Cast 25,imperfect,Sardine
        0510p,Cast 26,failed
        0520p,Cast 27,perfect,Sardine
        0540p,Cast 28. Bubbles just past minimum cast,perfect,Herring
        0550p,Cast 29. Bubbles,failed
        0600p,Cast 30. No Bubbles,perfect,Sardine
        0630p,Cast 31,Seaweed
        0700p,Cast 32,Seaweed
        0730p,Cast 33,Seaweed
        0750p,Cast 34,failed
        0810,Cast 35,Seaweed
        0840,Cast 36,Joja Cola. Ate and drank for energy
        0910p,Cast 37,Seaweed
        0950p,Cast 38,failed
        1010p,Cast 39,Glasses
        1030p,Cast 40,perfect,Anchovy
        1040p,Cast 41,perfect,Anchovy
        1120p,Cast 42,failed
        1150p,Cast 43,Seaweed
        1200a,Cast 44,failed
        1210a,Cast 45,Seaweed
        1220a,Cast 46,imperfect,Anchovy
        1230a,Cast 47,failed
        0100a,Cast 48. Green bar still 1.3 ticks/joints,failed
        0110a,Cast 49,Soggy Newspaper
        0120a,Cast 50,failed
        0140a,Cast 51,collapsed/fainted
        Overnight,Level 2,

        You said a lot and I agree with it all except:
        • I prioritize chopping (foraging experience) at the expense of some fishing (I even repair Beach bridge on Spring 2). I believe this is important to the key goal of 30-ish Summer 12 kegs. I reach Fishing 5 (Fisher profession) on Spring 4 at least sometimes.
        • I lately no longer go to the Mountain Lake Spring 2-4 due to time management, and the Training Rod cements that further (no need for "easiest" fish).
        Here are my thoughts on "both" Training Rod and Trout Soup:

        Training Rod = Level 5 green bar
        Level 4 + Trout Soup = Level 5 green bar
        Training Rod strips stars from fish
        Perfect catches (no stars) are 2.4 times experience
        Quality (gold) catches (sardine, herring, anchovy) are [(2 + 1)*3 + 30/3] / [(0 + 1)*3 + 30/3] = 19 / 13 = 1.5 times experience
        If you boost Difficulty to 67 (Eel and Tuna are 70), you get the same experience with a gold star as you would with a base perfect.
        You catch fish faster with bait

        Spring 2-4 are all about experience, not money, except that a Fiberglass Rod helps you catch more fish.
        Stick with the Training Rod until you can afford the Fiberglass Rod. (This is not what I have been doing. But it seems clear from the data.) For me this is usually 4:00 Spring 3 or noon Spring 4.
        Use Trout Soup only if needed for energy until you buy the Fiberglass Road. Then use Trout Soup for buff.
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        • UnexpectedParole

          UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

          So with the training rod you are able to afford the Fiberglass rod at 4pm spring 3 or noon spring 4.
          If I use the bamboo pole, and the trout soup fishing at the mountain with not perfects I easily can afford the fiberglass rod and about 100 bait at 9am of spring 3. Worst case noon Spring 3. That is 7 extra hours of bait fishing above your best.

          I'm easily reaching level 5 fishing before the end of Spring 4 and able to sell fish with the +25% on the 5th. It seems like you are getting to the same place xp wise as me, at the cost of a ton of money. The fishing money is what funds my day 5 crop purchase if I buy crops. my tool upgrades on the 6th and 8th, and hopefully buys me the backpack upgrade too. And I am a rubbish fisher compared to guys posting here.

          I don't go to the mountain lake for the "easiest fish" I go there for the highest average sale price fish. I'll have to find my spreadsheet and re-compare the fishing averages of the two. I am pretty sure I figured in the flounder. but maybe the averages/ travel times wash.
          • FickleRhubarb

            FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

            No. This was a test. This is not what I do. I have "never" used the Training Rod. And I do not fully prioritize fishing even on Spring 2-4. I may not get to the Beach until 10am or 11am. And I am a non-gamer (terrible at the mini-game). I do get to Fishing 5 on Spring 4, but it's not "easily" because I don't get started as early each day as I could. I'm not making any recommendations, just reporting test results.

            My underlying question was, "Can anybody fish? Can anybody get to level 2 without playing the mini-game?"
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            • UnexpectedParole

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              not playing the mini game, as in not moving the bar. this is starting to make sense.

              but, if one doesn't want to to move the bar, then what does fishing level 2 get you? Or is this just the precourser to level 3 where you get traps and then level up fishing without ever casting? At that point one might just want to forage for the 4 beach items and grab the crab from the mines and claim the 3 free from the tank instead of spending cash?
              • FickleRhubarb

                FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

                I don't know that there is much practical value to the exercise other than
                • "If you aren't getting to Fishing 2 or very close on Spring 2, you may as well not be moving the bar at all"
                • "The Training Rod is a really helpful addition in 1.4 for people that couldn't fish"
                • "You really, really should be fishing all day Spring 2-4"
                • (since I formally measured the green bar) "Don't use the Trout Soup for buff with the Training Rod. And in no case keep using the Training rod past Fishing 3"

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