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    Hi there,

    @foghorn suggested I repost this in a more visible location.

    I went through and ported XNBNode to run under OSX and I believe also Linux (I have not tested Linux yet.)
    All I really did was replace the compression routines to go to use the LZ4 module instead of calling the XMemCompress API. I did not do much work on this, the authors of XNBNode did a good job with the software and made it easy for a guy who has not even touched Node or JavaScript to slot in the other compression scheme.

    The fork is here:
    There is a release in there that should work on OSX that includes the node binaries + my dependencies.

    EDIT: This is busted in 1.1. It looks like the OSX build went back to using LZX compression, which I don't have an implementation for. Hopefully it's not LZX D. I'll try my hand at implementing LZX myself and see how things go. Until then, my fork is broken.
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      any update on this?
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        No, sorry. Never was able to figure out a good solution after the patch. The only way forward with that is to get the Windows binaries to load in OSX I think.

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