Xbox One/PS4 Multiplayer?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Jack Of Shades, Dec 30, 2018.

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    So, I have a question maybe someone could answer. Now, pc received multiplayer and the base game before anyone. Then the consoles, switch at a later time, and finally ios. Multiplayer landed on pc first, understandable. But then, they decided to place said multiplayer on switch next. Which was the last console to have stardew ported over.

    But Xbox one and ps4 are left on the back burner. Now, why did that happen? Because I love this game and it was reasoned that the two former consoles would be receiving it next, not the switch. And now we're fed ambiguous information about updates. Considering the original promise was the first quarter of 2018. It's now almost 2019. I find that kind of messed up.

    So little to no information on this, and some would say 'be patient.' Kind of have been... for almost a whole year after the word was given. Don't get me wrong. I'm not here to complain, just want answers that even Eric Barone won't give. I love this game. I want to play it with my brother, my girlfriend, and my sister. We all support it and love it. But as of now, only my sister (who owns a switch) can play it. And she has no one to play with. Just a bit curious, friends. Why did we get passed up and switch was the first console to receive multiplayer?
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      Agreed, I would really like for this to have the multiplayer updateon PS4, why the switch got it before the other consoles is totally backwards...
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        Chucklefish no longer has a hand in the PS4 and Xbox editions, so I don't think you'll be finding your answers here. I have the Switch version, but I fully expect Barone to create content for those consoles that we either won't get or will be released much later than they receive them, so I'll be resigned to suck it up at that point. Nintendo is usually massively overlooked by developers, so this was kind of nice, to be honest.
        • Papathicc

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          Was under the impression that chuckle fish is now the sole handler.
          • FireflyofDoom

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            Nope, Chucklefish only deals with the Switch and mobile versions. ConcernedApe took over the others.

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