Tool X-loc : Extra localizations manager - French available !

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    Extra localizations/translations manager

    Hello there !

    The last update provide some localizations, but there is a lot of languages missing !
    So I decided to make this tool.
    Basically, it just replace .xnb files which contains localization related text, with a backup, just in case.

    What languages are supported ?

    French translation files are availables ! They replace Russian files.
    I'm looking for other languages, so if you manage a translation or know someone who do it, please let me know !

    Links and downloads:
    Source : Github
    Download : Github, NexusMods

    How to use it ?
    1. Download the lastest version here
    2. Launch the app
    3. Patch !
    As easy as one, two, three

    What does it look like ?

    I want to understand how it work

    That's a good thing ! Let's do this step by step.
    Stardew Valley is developed with the Monogame framework, so all the assets (images, sounds and texts) will be stored in .xnb files.
    1. It will read all .xnb files presents in the X-loc ./static/your_LANG/ folder.
    Theses files will replace thoses in your game folder.
    2. It will rename the files that will be replaced in your game folder by adding .xloc_bak at the end of the name.
    3. It will copy the files from X-loc to your game folder.
    4. The RESET button will rename all the .xloc_bak files to their original names. This will erases translations files.

    So, can I use it for my XNB mod ?
    It need to be tested, but yes. If you try, let me know !
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      A french translation have been added.
      Hurrah !

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