Wyrd Order of Furries Episode 4 - The Order of the Fennecs

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  1. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    That's right! The only furry clan on Starbound there ever is! ...Or maybe was!
    You get the idea...

    Hello there You have entered upon the humble W.O.O.F. Clan! This is a clan that's specifically made for the furry/animal-loving guy or gal! Or maybe you just like this clan for no reason! We hope you find this clan appealing to your interests and ideals! Why we chose WYRD ORDER OF FURRIES? Well, Wyrd is a concept that roughly translates into a meaning of fate or destiny.

    And this is our fourth time around!
    Yeeey! :DD

    IRC: ##Wyrd (chat.freenode.net)
    Steam Group: W.O.O.F.

    Our awesome leaders and members!
    Jonesy [Kangaroo | Engineer / Technician]

    OmniGeoff (RETIRED)
    Cappucino (Co-founder)
    Bonabopn (Co-founder)
    Daxalog (Co-founder)
    Arretez (Co-founder)
    1: Ozymandias [Arctic Fox/Wolf | Miner (All of the Above)]
    2: Klever Kitsune [Arctic Fox | Pilot]
    3: Doomy [Cat | Medic]
    4: BASE_SEVEN/Christopher [Pilot | Tech]
    5: Segolia [Snow Leopard | Engineer]
    6: AuraKnight [Lucario|Bounty Hunter.]
    7: Left [Wolf | Guard]
    8: Shippo [Grey Fox | Explorer]
    9: Kyrohe [Wolfbax | Pilot]
    10: Percival Ashbourne [White Squirrel | Spelunker]
    11: Auddie Fox [FoxFox in a BoxBox | Beyond tank in his BoxBox]
    12: Redux [Red Fox | Researcher]
    13: Zand [Raccoon | Being Adorable]
    14: Linkthegamer [Rouse | Computer Technician]
    15: Alucard [Dragon | Animal Tamer/Whisperer]
    16: Xrace53 [Fox | Raider]
    17: Kareth [British Red Fox | Specialist]
    18: Insaniac [Arctic fox | Merchant/Adventurer]
    19: Core [Wolf | Miner]
    20: Pseudoboss [Dragon | Weapons Engineer]
    21: Tvk [Pony | Specialist Fighter]
    22: Torrle [Wolf | Engineer]
    23: Marianne [Pseudodragon | Commando]
    24: Will [Human | Treasure Hunter]
    25: SuicideRey [Cat | Sniper]
    26: Maverick Xavier [Green Wolf | Snack Engineer]
    27: Mitchell [White Tiger | Unassigned]
    28: Showlen [Dark Wolf | Unassigned]
    29: Wolff [Wolff | Adventurer]
    30: Alxetora [Hyena | Tactician / Strategist]
    31: Dark Feline [Toyger | Artistic Scout]
    32: Folium [Fox Squirrel| Warrior]
    33: Cathriana [Android Wolf | Major]
    34: Segas Wolf [Dragon | Explorer]
    35: Mystic Wolf [Wox | Cookie Scavenger]
    36: Haku [Wuffamute | Explorer]
    37: ZedVolke [Wolf | Anything]
    38: Krieg [Dragon | Chemist]
    39: Jackie [Wolf | Adventurer]
    40: Wormwood [Cat | Dancer]
    41: W.A. [Fox | Frontline]
    42: A Dog IRL [Wolf | Unassigned]
    43: Goikiens [Red Fox | Marksman]
    44: ImmortalFrog [Cat | Not a Clan Leader.]
    45: Kindle [Western Dragon | Treasurer]
    46: Tobias Amareth [Red Fox | Miner]
    47: Iradium Piros [Fennec Fox | Roving Mercenary]
    48: Grolar [Bear | Scientist]
    49: Phlosioneer [Delta Tiger | Computer Engineer]
    50: Novo-Cross [Fuzzy Dragon | Wanderer / whatever he feels like at the time]
    51: Demetric [Werewolf | Unassigned]
    52: Sabashi [Kistune | Spelunker]
    53: Venya Aven [Silver Lioness | Mega]
    54: Jenn [Human | Ninja]
    55: Shephard Kingstone [German Shepard | Explorer]
    56: Hazebeast Ena [ Manticore | Devourer of Pastries]
    57: MikeyTwoGuns [Foxtaur | Miner]
    58: Cassandra (Natewall) [Mantis | Architect]
    59: Jackie [Lioness | Cartographer / Explorer]
    60: Terwin [German Shepard | Cook / Treasure Hunter]
    61: Cider [Fox | Field Researcher]
    62: Tonyman20 [Owl | Explorer]
    63: AceTheDragon [Dragon | A lot of things...]
    64: Cockatoo [Swainson's Gryphon | Voice Actor]
    65: FoggyPaws [Dog | Builder]
    66: TDoonan [Human | Adventurer]
    67: Anew [Maine Coon Cat | Mixed Role]
    68: Itami [Timber Wolf | Adventurer]
    69: Telles0808 [Wild Beagle | Civil Engineer]
    70: Charnael [Cat-like Chimera | Explorer]
    71: WPBloodwolf [Wolf | Explorer]
    72: mattataki [Wolf | Adventurer]
    73: Cell Materia [Bruno Dollars| Artist]
    74: Chakat Blackstripe [Chakat | Item Collector]
    75: friskydeath [Skunk | Scavenger/ Hoarder]
    76: Daxesh [Bunneh | Morale Officer]
    77: Kuhler [Shark | Writer]
    78: cyberspy:rofl: [Cyberspy | Cyberspy] much cyber, very spy, wow.
    79: Jimbo [Human | Musician]
    80: AEykzel [Avali | Miner/Researcher]
    81: HoodieNinja_7 [Red Fox | FennecC Hybrid | Hunter, Writer, Explorer]
    82: Guz (Guzilla) [Cat | Programmer / Party Starter]
    83: Milly [Milly | Milly]
    84: Ehksidian [Jakkai | Ehksisting]
    85: cole4110 [Avali | Computer repair technician]
    86: Shooshy162 [Jackalope | Cartographer]
    87: Shinxy-Chan [Shinx | Train conductor]
    88: Kiio [Goat | Newbie]
    89: FoggyPaws [Dog | Miner, he thinks?]
    90: Silverotter [Otter | Scientist]
    91: Kahtzworth [Bengal Tiger | Builder]
    92: Timeheart [Dragon | Minerfighter]
    93: Feathery Dust [Avali | Explorer]
    94: Comito [Gryphon | Paladin]
    95: Fleeting [Goodra | Explorer]
    96: Intrebute [Avali | Engineer]
    97: Igeloi [Ditto | Scientisit]
    98: Saberuneko [Fox-cat-bird | Merchant/Smuggler]
    99: Tj (a.k.a. xNocturnalKittenX) [Cat | Explorer/Scavenger]
    100: WillRock (a.k.a. DoctorProton) [Panther | Bodyguard]
    101: Diana Winters [Leopard/Cat/Fox | Explorer/Infiltrator]
    102: Macky D. [Human | Turbine Man]
    103: Pyanfar [Cat | Explorer / Runner]
    104: Drakarus [Arctic wolf / Silver fox hybrid | Explorer]
    105: Kentaro (a.k.a. Resistingflame) [Gray Wolf | Bounty Hunter / Mercenary]
    106: Umbra (a.k.a. TheTrueUmbrakiin) [Umbreon | Box-Maker]
    107: Emaria Killface [Floran | Adventurer]
    108: Bellshazzar (zander_chimes) [Rat / Dragon Hybrid | Explorer]
    109: Twila (Mega Flapper) [Ragdoll | Emissary]
    110: CaptainNope [Falcon | Starship Captain]
    111: ((TheLoveKnight)) Tr3p / Trep [Ocelot | The Guy]
    112: Flarezerker [Gray wolf-Eagle hybrid | Combat Engineer]
    113: Silvercat [Katra | Researcher]
    114: miao (LOL BALL) [bunnyfox | Engineer | Inventor]
    115: Firepaw (Firepaw Da Cat) [Cat | Cat]
    116: Nezun Skyfire (Gilligan Lanley) [Avali | Pit-fighter, cook, youth combat instructor]
    118: Rogue (roguephoenix64) [Avali | Bounty Hunter]
    119: NiamhNyx [Fox | Overlord]
    120: Jhony Luchs (Commander Scout) [Snow Lynx | Commando]
    121: Clair (Jirky-Kake) [Pikachu | Bounty Hunter]
    122: SlyTheUltraNerd [Sergal | Author / Professional YouTube Surfer]
    123: Mort "Fox" Faux [Catgirl | Actuary / Berserker]
    124: Leafblade [Fennec! | Scavenger/Pirate!]
    125: QQQQ [Space Tiger | Archivist]
    126: Dracyoshi [Furred Dragon | Explorer]
    127: Carn (BlueShard) [Wolf | Cosmic Explorer]
    128: Witch Cat [Feline | Witch]
    129: Silver Valdez (a.k.a. flibergdde) [Wolf | Field Medic]
    130: Lizeros Spanhart (a.k.a. Magament) [Snow Leopard | Dimensional Spec. Ops. Soldier]


    The Destined Ones.


    Application Form:
    Name (Username will be put in parenthesis if you decide to use something other than your username):
    Class: (As in Miner, Researcher, scientist, etc.):
    Likes/Dislikes (Optional):
    Why do you want to join us?:

    Applications may be PMed me, but it may be preferable to post it in the actual clan thread. That way, other members will welcome you, and you can get acquainted.

    Note that all standard forum rules still apply.

    1. Cursing

    Not strictly prohibited, but keep it within reason. When it's used excessively, or directed at someone/s as an insult, that isn't acceptable.

    2. Multi-Clanning / Activity
    Discouraged by the previous leader. A user in BBTS, ABOL, The Space Pirates, and Infinity Clan might not have had their application accepted. At the moment, it's not considered a big deal.

    If you join the clan, we expect a reasonable level of activity. We've had many users register here, only to never post again. As a result, we're cracking down on this behavior a bit more now.

    3. Suggestive Content
    Standard forum rules apply; keep it PG-13 on the forums. I know we furs have a not-so-good reputation on the Internet, so keep the nasty stuff private in PMs or the ##Wyrd IRC, and no one gets yelled at.

    I am not responsible if you happen to stumble upon the IRC chat and find unpleasant stuff. You assume this risk each time you enter the chat. You have to be 18 or older to enter chat. (Or depending on how your country/province/state handles unpleasant stuff.

    4. Spam / Double-Posting
    Double-posting really grinds my gears, but as a moderator I can easily merge double-posts. However, I expect you to make a reasonable effort to avoid double-posting (or worse) yourself. If it is done excessively, it may not be tolerated and I'll bring the issue up with you.

    Spam posting (i.e. posting with quantity over quality) is also frowned upon. Please try put some effort into your posts, and avoid low-quality, high-frequency posts where possible. Doing it now and again isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if that's all you do it might be an issue.

    5. Trolling/Flaming
    The 'fun' kind of trolling, where it's worth a good laugh on both ends, is OK. But you are accepting the risk that at least one party may not be aware the trolling is in good faith. It happens, and it changes the dynamic significantly. If it's deliberately unkind and annoying, it will not be taken lightly.

    Flaming is prohibited, and keep interpersonal conflicts at a minimum. If you have an issue with someone, discuss it in private, or get a third party to mediate. As a forum moderator, this is a service I can offer.

    Thank you to @Zenuel for making these beautiful Signatures for us!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The alerts are NOT reliable if you decide to follow this thread. We assure you, this thread will not die. Make sure you check on us regularly, even if there are not alerts. Thank you.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2017
  2. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    sorry i had to

    also i haven't seen zootopia yet because i am allergic to public spaces, no spoilerz pls
    also also i like the title pun c:
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  3. Mystic_Wulf

    Mystic_Wulf Existential Complex

    In seriousness yay another thread!
  4. Ehksidian

    Ehksidian Spaceman Spiff

    time for some hella sweet front page real estate.
    i was wondering if another thread would get made. took a long, long time for thread 3 to go by...
    ...wait it was made almost a year and a half ago. wow.
  5. TheTrueUmbrakiin

    TheTrueUmbrakiin Existential Complex


    Also, Jonesy, are you aware that this isn't the third time around anymore?
  6. unownplyr

    unownplyr Big Damn Hero

    well, new thread, new start, right?
    Name unownplyr
    Gender: male
    Species: umbreon
    Class: drone specialist
    Likes/Dislikes (Optional): likes: drones and cute things. dilikes: the phantoms on the defcon nations methrp server
    Why do you want to join us?: as somewhat of a furry, I myself can say that I have found my true home
  7. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Ah, thanks for that.

    I don't know. A good number of your posts tend to garner a negative reaction. The only reason you're still allowed to post here is because of Bonabopn's request, and nothing else.
  8. unownplyr

    unownplyr Big Damn Hero

    well, it WAS kinda a longshot for my applicateion to be accepted. and most of my posts garner a reaction of "wtf are you talking about" but now that I have been well informed that no one here has heard of the miracle that is known as megaman/rockman , I have blacklisted it from the things I am allowed to talk about here. the only REAL negative reaction that was a problem was the one that almost got me permanently banned from the order of furrys
    plus, I know a lot about UAV's. that will help dureing roleplay raids that almost never happen
  9. The Gamer Fox

    The Gamer Fox Void-Bound Voyager

    Aww damm, I missed the end of the world party. Oh well.. Time for a whole new beginning for us all eh, here's to a good one~
  10. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I think I'd like to see some improvement before I accept you into the clan.
  11. LOL BALL

    LOL BALL Phantasmal Quasar

    Name: miao
    Species: bunfox (bunny fox)
    Class: Engineer and Inventor

    never really applied
    no bunfox in my profile picture yet
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  12. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Added! Welcome to the clan, WOOFian!

    On a side note, would anyone object if I start to clear out some of the inactive users from the list?
    LOL BALL likes this.
  13. TheTrueUmbrakiin

    TheTrueUmbrakiin Existential Complex

    Nah, go ahead. But I don't really have a say because I only joined in last thread <w>
  14. Firepaw Da Cat

    Firepaw Da Cat Cosmos Killer

    So uh, I was thinking of joining the clan
    Would that be okay?
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  15. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Sure, go ahead.
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  16. Mystic_Wulf

    Mystic_Wulf Existential Complex

    I don't see a problem, just follow da rules like everyone else, and then you should be fine.
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  17. unownplyr

    unownplyr Big Damn Hero

    will do.
    does anyone know why garrys mod crashes after 10-20 mins of gameplay when you have a addon freshly installed ((mounted on for the first time))?
  18. Mystic_Wulf

    Mystic_Wulf Existential Complex

    I haven't played Gmod in awhile so I wouldn't know, does it affect gameplay at all or anything?
  19. unownplyr

    unownplyr Big Damn Hero

    it crashes my game usually in the middle of a raid on gmod methrp, which is annoying
  20. Firepaw Da Cat

    Firepaw Da Cat Cosmos Killer

    Well, here's my application then I guess. I hope it's okay
    Name : Firepaw
    Species: Cat
    Class: Cat
    Likes (Optional): Art, cute things, music
    Why do you want to join us?: Well, I wanted to join because the people here seem nice and I thought it would be cool to get to know some of them
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